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Hire our fast, efficient, licensed private investigators in the UK. We offer bespoke private investigator services that meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We are one of the most experienced private detective agencies in the UK. All our investigations are conducted in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We deliver affordable private investigation services with concrete proof at a competitive price.

Operating an ever-growing network of highly experienced private detectives and investigators with military and intelligence service backgrounds in the UK and beyond. We boast over 20 years of experience in intelligence gathering for clients worldwide.

Our offices are in London, Preston, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Wherever you are in the country, our private detectives can assist you and help you with any private investigations you need.

Contact us to book a free 30-minute consultation for the best private eye services in London, the UK, Europe, and worldwide. We are here to support you in finding the truth and giving you the satisfaction and closure you deserve.

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Private Investigator Services

Is your husband or wife behaving strangely? PI UK can help.

We’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting our surveillance techniques. Find out how surveillance can help you.

We believe a successful marriage begins with an investigation. Make sure you know who you’re welcoming into your family.

PI UK’s relationship expert has put together a list of red flags to look out for in your relationship.

Divorces are always unpleasant, especially if things get messy. PI UK can help.

Our infidelity investigator answers every question you could have about looking into unfaithful partners.

Nobody wants to fight for the right to care for their child. Find out about how our services can help.

We’ve perfected our number tracing strategy. Find out who’s calling you with help from PI UK.

Hidden assets can be damaging for hundreds of different reasons. Read about PI UK’s asset searching services.

If you need to find out where someone lives, PI UK’s Address Finder can help. 

We specialise in uncovering the past. PI UK offers private background checks for businesses and individuals.

Due Diligence helps you to ensure that your company is safe when you make major decisions.


Top Rated Private Detective Agency

At PIUK, our extensive network of highly skilled private investigators, operating in London, across the UK, and internationally, ensures that no matter where your needs lie, we are equipped to handle them. Our expertise is unmatched as a trusted private detective agency with a rich history of two decades. We have established ourselves as a leading name in the private investigation field, recognised for our discrete, professional, and result-oriented approach.

We understand the complexity of such private investigations and the necessity for discreet and reliable solutions. We are here to assist anyone needing the assistance of an experienced private investigator agency. Our highly skilled real private detectives conduct all your investigations ethically, discreetly and under the data privacy law. We prioritise and fulfil your needs with legal, efficient, and compelling personal investigative solutions.

Job of A Private Investigator

As a professional private investigator firm, we are often tasked to investigate individuals, businesses, and legal entities discreetly. We specialise in call tracing, locating missing persons, surveillance, matrimonial investigations, prenuptial investigations, GPS vehicle tracking, asset searching, debtor tracing, phone number tracing, infidelity investigations, due diligence investigations, background checks and polygraph lie detector tests. Whatever intelligence you may require, our affordable private eye services will help you gather it to help you make informed decisions.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Detective?

Clients are usually concerned about how much a private investigator costs in the UK, especially for public and private sector surveillance. Unfortunately, private investigations have no one-size-fits-all price structure. We create solutions to fit individual demands because each case is unique, making it difficult to set standard pricing, so we quote a price after analysing each case. UK Private Investigators aim to deliver outstanding value and exceed expectations.

Is It Worth Hiring A Private Investigator To Find Someone?

If you’ve tried using online tools like the voter roll to find someone but were unsuccessful, you need professional help. Contact us, and we can trace the person you want; multiple non-public resources enable us to find a person within a few hours. Our prices are affordable, providing the best value for your money.

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Private Investigator FAQ's

Hiring a private detective in the UK is legal if you choose a reputable and licensed private investigator. However, it is essential to hire professional private investigators who follow the law. PI UK has a team of licenced, skilled and experienced private detectives. Contact us to learn more and ensure your investigation is done legally and morally.

In the UK, private investigators can legally access public records, including arrest records, bankruptcy records, criminal records, deeds, divorce filings, probate, regulatory records, sex offender records, etc. They can also conduct background checks, interviews, and surveillance, use GPS tracking (under certain conditions), search licence plate numbers, and interact directly or indirectly with subjects.

A private investigator can help ease difficult situations by using their skills to find hard-to-locate individuals or evidence, especially in legal matters like serving court papers. They can access resources and databases not available to the public and can analyse information impartially. They help in court cases by finding important details that can help solve problems and sway the case in your favour. They do this in a fair way and usually cost less than hiring lawyers to do the same work.

In the UK, private investigators are allowed to carry out a variety of legal actions as part of their investigational activity, such as surveillance, counter-surveillance, background checks, and GPS tracking, with the owner’s consent. It is crucial to remember that surveillance must be carried out legally while respecting people’s right to privacy.

Interested in pursuing a career in private investigations. Check out our detailed guide on how to become a private investigator.

If you are finalising a new business deal or hiring a new employee and want to know how trustworthy a person or business is, a private detective can help you. You can hire private investigators to conduct background checks on potential employees or corporate investigations on potential business partners. A private detective can get results quickly and effectively using techniques and tools that others can’t.

Private investigators can gather different types of evidence legally and professionally. They can collect testimonial evidence (statements made by witnesses), documentary evidence (official documents for courtroom inspection), and physical evidence (actual objects or images from a scene). However, they must follow the law when obtaining this information, ensuring everything they collect can be used in court​​​​​​.

A private investigator can be hired with the utmost confidence as their reports are strictly confidential between the investigator and the client. However, in rare cases, the subject of the investigation might have the right to see these reports, such as if the reports are used in court as evidence.

Private investigators (PIs) are hired by a wide range of people, lawyers, legal professionals, companies, and organisations for their investigation skills. PIs have access to many databases and resources that lawyers, companies, and private individuals don’t, making them invaluable when conducting investigations such as tracking missing persons, uncovering fraud, cheating partner investigation, process serving, etc.

Trust, reputation, confidentiality, and professionalism are paramount in any investigation, so make sure to inquire about their qualification, methods of investigation, and expected timeline for delivering results before making a decision. We have been providing confidential services to clients for over 20 years, both in the UK and abroad. We can help you with investigations of all kinds, from simple trace enquiries to complex background investigations. With PI UK, your case is in capable and experienced hands.

Our private investigators are registered with leading organisations such as:

World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI)

UK Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN)

Council of International Investigators (CII)



John provided my company a brilliant service. Surveillance was needed to check if an employee was really off sick or not. We were provided with a very professional and fast service, and a very clear, detailed report. This helped the company to obtain all the evidence that we needed. I Will definitely be using John again. Thank you.
The service i received was brilliant. Very professional and discreet. I had a feeling that my partner was cheating on me and unfortunately it turned out i was right. John was very sympathetic and was very helpful with all his good advise. He helped me get through a very tough experience. I will always be very grateful. Thank you John.
I can well recommend these services John was very committed and finally got my results. Whenever you need advice or someone to listen this man is dedicated and advises the way to go. Thank you John. I.can well recommend this company.


Private Investigations UK - PIUK
Private Investigations UK - PIUK
74 Google reviews
A Google User
A Google User
"Surveillance was needed to check if my daughter was being cared for properly whilst i wasn't around or if she was being neglected. The Private detective was very good in what he did. Very discreet with the task in hand and excellent footage and reports received at the end of the task, which are perfect to use in court. Would recommend them to everyone. "
A Google User
A Google User
Brilliant service received from a great investigator. Excellent results 👏
Jordan Yeardley
Jordan Yeardley
Helped me trace a tradesman who took my money to do a job he never turned up to. The company changed their phone number and all contact details so I couldn't get in touch. The private detective team did an excellent job in finding the builder for me. Highly recommend them.
Declan Roscoe
Declan Roscoe
Contacted this agency to help me find the person who i'd given a lot of money to, as I believed we had a future together. Turns out it was all fake. The private detective did a fantastic job in finding the real person I was sending money to was. Brilliant service received. Thanks
Cameron Garfield
Cameron Garfield
Fantastic service from a fantastic agency. Thank you
Tony Adams
Tony Adams
Helped me find my grandparents. We are now reunited. Cheers John
Emilia Sanchez
Emilia Sanchez
Fantastic outcome. Amazing results for a background investigation.
Deepak Patel.
Deepak Patel.
Very good service.
Zachary Snape
Zachary Snape
Very professional private investigator agency. Helped me with a cheating partner case and now I have the evidence I need. 🙂 Thanks guys
Sangita Patel
Sangita Patel
I have an ex who was declaring no income and cheating my son out of child support for 5 years. This Private Investigator agency went undercover and obtained all the evidence I needed for court. I can't you guys enough. Great help, amazing evidence and very supportive throughout.
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