Over the last couple of years, Private Investigation UK has dealt with hundreds of customers with varying opinions and beliefs about what private investigators can accomplish. People are frequently misled by films and television shows that portray private investigators as secretive, gun-toting spies who cause mayhem late at night. 

However, licensed private investigators, contrary to common opinion, cannot execute the bulk of the tasks shown in popular culture. Let’s take a look at 10 things private investigators can and can’t perform.

Trespass on other people’s property

Private investigators are occasionally expected to access another person’s property, but they might not be able to do so. The certified private investigator must differentiate cautiously between trespassing and entering. In most cases, authorisation from the property owner is necessary before the PI may visit the premises.

Can They Access The Bank Records?

Private investigators frequently use their research skills to get access to publically available databases to obtain the information they want. They cannot access anyone’s personal bank records or information.

Work With The Police

Private investigators are sometimes hired on retainer to provide a second view of a police investigation. For example, if police officers examine a possible burglary and find no forced entry, private residents can employ a qualified private investigator for a second perspective. In the circumstances like this, private investigators collaborate with law enforcement since both parties are looking for the same outcome.

Obtain Credit Information

Private investigators do not have access to a person’s personal credit information. They will be breaking the law and may be prosecuted if they do so. A professional private investigator can only get credit information if they have a legal reason to do so. Then, when criminal and judicial records become public record, they may be accessed.

Track Someone With GPS

Depending on the conditions, licensed private investigators can use GPS to monitor a subject’s car. If the PI obtains the authorisation of the owner of the vehicle that the subject is driving, GPS tracking can be used to locate and monitor the vehicle legally. This is especially useful in situations of infidelity, where the car owner accuses their partner of cheating.

Retrieve Phone Records

Private investigators cannot lawfully access another person’s phone records, just as they cannot obtain credit or financial information. Telecommunications firms, as well as provincial and federal legislation, safeguard these sorts of documents. A private investigator may discover the subject’s phone number and carrier via investigative tactics, and they are well within their legal rights to do so.

Hack Electronic Devices

Contrary to popular belief, private detectives cannot hack any type of technological equipment, including phones, laptops, email, or social media accounts. This misunderstanding originates from popular television programs that portray lies and deviations from reality. Even if a private investigator understands how to hack into someone’s computer or account, they risk being prosecuted if caught and convicted. According to the law, you can only hack into someone’s gadget if they give you their consent, and who in their right mind would do that?

Search License Plate Number

Yes, private investigators have access to and may run license plate numbers for specific investigations. However, there are limitations on when and how far this power can be used. A professional private investigator, for example, cannot run a plate number just because you’re inquisitive about a certain person. Before they may do so, they must have legal reasons.

Acquire Medical Records

Other people’s medical records are not accessible to private investigators. They can, however, examine the subject’s acquaintances, colleagues, and relatives to learn about their medical history. In other words, a qualified private investigator will obtain this information if people are ready to disclose it.

Find Information Online

Private investigators have extensive research skills and experience, and they constantly scour government documents, public databases, and the internet for information. They understand how to use social media, dating websites, and the internet to gather information for a case. In reality, the information accessible on the most popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, just scratch the surface of what a private investigator with a sharp eye may find. Experienced private investigators know where to seek and get the information they need, and they are legally allowed to do so.
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