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How a private investigator helps you trace a missing person?

How a Private Investigator can help you trace a missing person

When a loved one goes missing, the emptiness and despair can quickly set in, especially when there appears to be no leads. However, here at Private Investigations UK we have resources and tools that can help you find that missing person. From a different perspective, some people that go missing, disappear to avoid repaying debts, or because they are suspected of a crime. Although these two scenarios are extremely different, we have the skills and experience to solve both domestic and commercial missing person mysteries, and discover the truth for our clients.

The internet

Of course, the first place to begin any investigation is the internet, and you have probably attempted this method yourself on more than one occasion. However, for everything the internet can achieve, it’s not the most reliable tool to help you find a missing person. In fact, the information you can glean about a person’s whereabouts from an internet search is usually outdated.


Here at Private Investigations UK we have access to literally thousands of pieces of information, in the form of databases, at our disposal. We can search through

  • business and corporation records including executives and former executives, as well as director information
  • voter registration and electoral information
  • homeowner and mortgage details
  • public records
  • vehicle registration details including boats and aircrafts
  • legal name change information

Legal aspects

When searching for a missing person there are some legal barriers that do arise, namely the Data Protection Act and Privacy Laws. These laws and regulations are there to protect the public and keep their data secure, and so they can extend the time it takes to track down a missing person, but at Private Investigations UK we always work within the law, and we have a great record of accomplishment doing so.

In summary

Tracking a missing person is almost impossible without a private investigator with access to public databases and records, especially when you take into consideration the laws that need to be navigated. Here at Private Investigations UK we have an incredibly high record when it comes to finding missing persons, why not contact us today?

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Private Investigators help with GPS Vehicle Tracking

An invaluable method of monitoring vehicle movement, a GPS tracking device can give information regarding the location of a vehicle at all times, and even provide data on the length of time spent at specific locations. This is a great way for fleet commercial vehicle owners to protect their employees and property, but it also of great benefit to private individuals who may be suspicious about their spouse or partner’s activities. Here at Private Investigations UK, we have a huge amount of experience regarding vehicle tracking, this is our guide to the advantages of GPS.


When vehicles are used for commercial use, there is always a risk to the employer and company regarding stolen, damaged, or misused vehicles. Any of these activities can damage the reputation and ultimately the success of the company. Using GPS tracking can reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring.

Using GPS vehicle trackers, the employer can continuously monitor the location, movements and actions of the vehicle which can be especially beneficial if the vehicle is stolen. In this scenario, the police would quickly be able to recover a stolen vehicle using the GPS data.

GPS vehicle tracking can also monitor the activities of employees, making sure that they are accurately claiming for working hours and not using the vehicle for personal use.

However, cars and vans aren’t the only business vehicles. Construction vehicles, farming vehicles and horseboxes and trailers have become popular targets for thieves in recent years, particularly as they are often located in quiet and remote places. Using a GPS tracker with these vehicles can ensure that they can be recovered quickly and safely if such an event was to occur.


Using a GPS tracker on the vehicle of a spouse or business partner is a popular and effective method to monitor their location and activities, and is often useful to private investigators in establishing any wrong doing such as matrimonial infidelity or fraudulent or illegal activity.

Discrete and undetectable, a GPS vehicle tracker can provide an investigator with information regarding the journeys undertaken, the properties visited and the length of time the person has spent at the property. This can all be used as evidence against the suspected party and aids the investigator when uncovering the truth of the matter.

For further information and advice regarding GPS vehicle tracking, contact us at Private Investigations UK today.

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Help! My spouse is cheating!

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Divorce rates are rapidly rising worldwide, and often the primary cause of marital breakdown is infidelity. If you think that your partner is engaging in extra-marital activities, you can position yourself in the best possible position to get what it is you want out of the divorce proceedings, by providing legally substantial evidence of your partner’s wrongdoing. As private investigators, we have the ability to locate and provide a vast amount of evidence to support you during this emotionally wrought time, and help you make the most out of a bleak situation. Here is an overview of some of the ways a private investigator can find the evidence you need.

Vehicle Tracking

By tracking your spouse’s vehicle, we can make detailed reports on where your spouse is going during the day and what length of time was sent at each place. Of course, we know that most of these places will be entirely innocent, as your spouse will still travel to work, shops and to visit family, but if there is anything out of the ordinary we will be able to spot this almost instantly.

Address Ownership

Tying perfectly in to our ability to track your spouse’s vehicle is our ability to unearth the owners of an address. From the vehicle report you will know what addresses your partner has visited and for what length of time, but with our ability to uncover addresses, you will now be able to establish exactly who your spouse is visiting. This can give you solid evidence that their activities are perhaps not as innocent as they may claim.

Phone Number Search

If your spouse is receiving suspicious calls or using their phone a lot more, and you believe this is related to their infidelity, we can conduct a phone number search. Using the phone number that your spouse is in contact with, we can trace the address that the phone is registered to, as well as the ownership details. Coupling this with the response from the vehicle tracking and address search, if the evidence from the phone number search fits in, we will have plenty of evidence of your spouse’s cheating.

In summary

Private investigators can use vehicle tracking, address search and phone number search tools and techniques to help you catch a cheating spouse. This evidence can all be used in divorce proceedings, to help you achieve a more favourable outcome for yourself. If you think your spouse may be cheating, contact us today.

25 activities of a Private Investigator

Many people hire a private investigator for a range of reasons, from domestic to commercial, but we have found that although each case is often entirely unique, the range of activities we as private investigators conduct throughout these investigations, often fall into one of these 25 activities.

  1. Finding a current or historical address
  2. Finding a date of birth, and where required birth, marriage, and death records
  3. Identifying known aliases
  4. Locating, retrieving, and analysing bankruptcy records…
  5. …and criminal records
  6. Locating home phone numbers and mobile phone numbers, and identifying the owner of each
  7. Identifying the owners of a corporation and analysing the corporate records
  8. Locating and interviewing current or former executives within a corporation
  9. Locating and interviewing current or former employees of a company
  10. Identifying mortgage information and establishing the market value of a property
  11. Looking through rubbish
  12. Locating and interviewing witnesses
  13. Searching for hidden assets
  14. Identifying foreign assets
  15. Locating current and historical vehicle records
  16. Locating bank account information
  17. Locating inheritances and identifying a will for an estate
  18. Locating probate records and a beneficiary for probate proceedings
  19. Discreetly gathering business intelligence and competitive intelligence
  20. Identifying and analysing business transactions and related party business transactions
  21. Finding online resumes
  22. Identifying social network profiles and analysing activities online
  23. Identifying and confirming education history
  24. Identifying and confirming previous employment history
  25. Conducting background checks on potential employees, witnesses, or jurors

In summary

As private investigators, we are able to tackle a range of domestic and commercial requests, seeking and analysing information so that we can present you with the bigger picture and keep you in the loop. Despite each case being completely different, the range of activities we will undertake to find this information is often in a similar vain. If you need the help of a private investigator, why not contact us today?

Corporate Investigations

Trust is essential within any business, and with more and more employees abusing their employers trust, it is no surprise that an increasing number of company’s and businesses are looking to hire private investigators for background research and further, more detailed reports. Company’s have an obligation to ensure that their employees are who they claim to be and also to ensure that their business partners and suppliers can be trusted. There is concern amongst CEO’s that as heads of corporations, they could be held accountable for corporate offences undertaken by employee’s, and this has led to a large increase in the number of private investigators hired.

Corporate responsibility covers two areas:

Due diligence

Employers need to be certain that their employees are working legally and have any required documentation, legally. This includes qualifications and registrations with relevant governing bodies, as well as ‘right to work’ documentation and checks. Companies need to also ensure that their employees are who they claim to be and have relevant CRB checks where needed. With an increasing number of fake qualifications and other forms of documentation available, it is more important than ever to conduct background checks. Many companies are using private investigators to undergo this legwork and, hiring them to check CV’s and the background of potential employees.

International working

With the increasing benefits of globalization, many large and medium sized companies have links with overseas suppliers, manufacturers or branches. The risk with this international aspect of business is the inability to meet your partners on a regular basis, face to face. With the increased distance comes an increased risk to your company in terms of links to corruption, overcharging, illegal working conditions and even tax dodging or smuggling. Hiring a private investigator has become a popular method for some companies to avoid the fate of being tarred with this kind of activity and private investigators have been able to conduct research and surveillance to ensure the safety and reputation of their client.

If your business would benefit by hiring a private investigator, contact us today.


Private Investigations for Businesses

Money laundering and corruption are not restricted to the CEO’s of large corporations or FIFA. It is something that costs billions to business every year and since the Criminal Finances Bill was introduced for discussion as a potential amendment to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, in November 2016, it would seem that politicians and the public are looking for companies to be held accountable. This is a potentially major legal development in terms of corporate liability and could cost guilty company’s a lot of money, easily offsetting the cost of hiring a private investigator.

What would companies be liable for?

The bill would expand corporate liability to include:

Making it a criminal offense for corporations who fail to prevent their staff from indulging in or assisting tax evasion.

Provide the National Crime Agency (NCA) with more investigatory powers, while also using the Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to focus on companies that are involved in money laundering.

Enhancing the ability of courts and law enforcement agencies to claim criminal assets, especially in cases of grand corruption.

What would this mean for businesses?

A company or business could for example be held accountable for tax evasion if there were not reasonable actions in place to prevent tax evasion by employees, subsidiaries or agents.

How can private investigation help?

Businesses will need to be sure that their employees are trustworthy, honest and reliable. A private investigator can be used at all stages of the employment cycle, from providing in depth and detailed background checks on potential new employees, to  providing the evidence your company needs to fire and prosecute those employees who are potentially breaking the law. Private investigators have access to a range of resources and techniques that are perfect for using within business situations, including surveillance, vehicle tracking and under-cover work.

In summary

If businesses are to take their role seriously in preventing financial crimes, hiring a private investigator is the most effective way to go about this, catching criminals in the act, providing legally usable evidence and protecting the companies reputation and finances.

High tech private investigation solutions

With more and more people relying on the Internet and other technology to conduct business as well as their personal affairs, mobile and high tech surveillance for private investigation has never been more productive and efficient. So, what exactly are these techniques and what do they entail?

High tech private investigation relies on either using technology to locate or prove a person’s location, or finding information about the individual from a piece of technology they may use, but is this legal? Well, clearly tapping into people’s phone conversations and hacking emails and smartphones is not legal. Any private investigator you hire will need to be sure they are operating within the law at all times, and be able to make sure their evidence is collected lawfully, especially when it comes to high tech surveillance issues.

Having said that, it may be difficult to think of exactly how private investigators can use technology legally, but actually there are a range of options we can offer including:

Phone services

Searching a specialist database, we have access to mobile phone numbers, private land line phone numbers, and business phone numbers. This information can identify who a particular phone number belongs to and any other phones that are registered to the same person, and so is especially useful in cases of matrimonial investigations and general surveillance.

Vehicle tracking

With GPS we are able to monitor a vehicles whereabouts 24 hours a day, providing in depth, full, reports on journeys undertaken, locations visited and time spent. This is particularly helpful for commercial businesses with fleets of cars and drivers as well as of course domestic surveillance.

Covert cameras

Covert audio and video recordings taken from small cameras and microphones can be used to provide evidence of conversations and actions of the person under surveillance. This is perfect for both commercial and domestic investigations.

In summary

High tech private investigation techniques need to be within the law and can include solutions such as phone tracing, GPS tracking and covert recording techniques. To find out how our private investigators could help you, contact us today.

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Surveillance Private investigators

Integral to any private investigation is surveillance. The ability and capability to track and monitor a person’s whereabouts or activities without being discovered is essential to present information about their hidden habits and potential untruths. Surveillance that is discovered jeopardises the entire investigation and runs the risk of tainting the evidence presented. So, what types of surveillance can be used and for what gain? This is our guide to three common surveillance types and their uses.

Static surveillance

This type of surveillance entails observation of a location or property, recording the activities that take place in the area, including licence plates or cars and vans. For this type of surveillance, it is essential that the private investigator remains discreet. For example, if a client is aware of fly tipping in a particular area, potential culprits may choose not to break the law when they see they are being observed. This can jeopardise the whole case and result in the criminals evading justice.

Mobile surveillance

Typically more difficult to be caught in the act of this type of surveillance, mobile surveillance involves observing and monitoring the location and movements of an individual or their vehicle. This is often useful in cases of employee fraudulent activity or in cases of matrimonial issues. As it occurs on the move, your private investigator will need to be an excellent driver with an inconspicuous vehicle.

Covert surveillance

This type of surveillance requires a very high level of competence and commitment as the private investigator will need to go undercover within the workplace. Perfect for cases of commercial private investigation, covert investigators will need to gain trust and access to the workforce, listen to workplace gossip and produce evidence from the sources they gain access to.

In summary

There are many types of surveillance involved in private investigation. To find out more about the surveillance options open to you, why not contact us today?