Private investigator TV shows

Private Investigator TV Shows

Private Investigator TV shows, films and podcasts about private detectives to get you through quarantine

We are, at the time of this article being published, living through a very strange period. Many of us have been confined to our homes in the hope that this will limit the spread of COVID-19, and given that many millions of people are unable to carry out their day-to-day working duties from the comfort of their house, that means there are many hours to fill.

However, fear not, for we are here to help! We’ve spent some time compiling a list of private investigator-centric podcasts, films and TV shows you can enjoy while you are doing your bit in the fight against coronavirus.

Private Investigator TV

– (Netflix) Sherlock

Everyone’s favourite private investigator tackles crimes in modern day London. Starring Hollywood duo Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, this show is as ingenious as it is beautifully shot; if you haven’t given it a go, now’s the perfect time.

– (Netflix) Jonathan Creek

First released in 1997, this show starring Alan Davies as a magician’s set designer and part-time private investigator has started to date in terms of how it was shot, but is still as impressive as ever when it comes to creating twists and turns that you didn’t see coming.

– (Amazon Prime) Case Histories

This fantastic show starring Jason Isaacs is based on a series of novels by acclaimed author Kate Atkinson and sees a private investigator scupper an array of baddies in picturesque Edinburgh.

Private Investigator Films

– (Netflix) Brick

Written and directed by Rian Johnson – he of Looper, Knives Out and The Last Jedi fame – Brick is a film that stands out as a classic of the genre 15 years after its initial release. I won’t ruin the plot for you, but it’s a film well worth your time.

– (Netflix) The Poison Rose

This is a film that flew completely under the radar upon its release, and it seems a little unfair given that it’s a thoroughly entertaining watch and comes complete with twists you absolutely will not see coming. Starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman, it’s an old-school private investigator flick that will leave you smiling.

Private Investigator Podcasts

I’m not going to give anything away with regard to these podcasts – the less you know the better – but here are 10 that will certainly help the quarantined hours pass! The world of the private investigator has never been easier to discover!

– The Mother Jones Podcast
– Without Warning Podcast
– One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl
– Blake Skye
– The Disappearance of Cedar Hills
– Synergy Workplace Investigations
– Cloak Investigations
– Down Under Investigations
– Harry Strange
– The London Necropolis Railway

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Private Investigator Near Me

Want To Hire A Private Investigator

3 reasons you might want to hire a private investigator

While it’s not something you’d care to think about, the reality is that there are far too many people in this world who are capable of awful and heinous things, and sometimes it is impossible to avoid these people. Luckily, there are ways to act if you feel threatened by such a person. Hiring a private investigator is one of the first steps you should take for a whole host of reasons.

Spousal infidelity

One such reason, and perhaps the reason you hear about the most, is if you are worried your spouse or partner is being unfaithful. In times such as this, you might not wish to confront a partner without substantial evidence of their wrongdoings or you may feel unsafe to do so. By hiring a private investigator, you can make sure you have all the information you need to take the next step. Whether that’s confronting your spouse, filing for divorce, or trying to mend the relationship.

Child custody battles

In child custody cases, it can be hard to gather evidence of another party’s wrongdoings, and hiring a private investigator is a great way to do that safely and discreetly. Making sure all the facts you submit to the court during such cases are admissible and compelling is key to winning, and as such having good, concrete evidence is the best way to ensure the result you want.

Missing people

Whether it’s a child or an adult, when someone goes missing it can have a devastating impact on the lives of those who are left behind. While the police do everything they can – they can often be slow off the starting post and miss vital information in the first 24 hours. Hiring a private investigator as soon as you realise the person is missing is the fastest way to get results and the easiest way to making sure you get access to all the information pertaining to the case at hand.

In short, if you want to investigate a problem quickly and thoroughly with guaranteed results, hiring a private detective might be your best bet. There is a huge range of different PIs out there from many different price ranges both locally and nationally. All of this combined makes private investigators a worthwhile investment if you’ve found that someone has put you into a difficult position.

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What a private investigator can - and cannot - do

What a private investigator can – and cannot – do

What a private investigator can – and cannot – do

Private investigators are, to most people, sleuths that exist in the worlds of cinema and literature. They are often hired to go to the places the police avoid, to venture into the criminal underworld, or to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to solving crimes.

However, because of these interpretations of the role of the private detective, it can be difficult to get to grips with the powers and responsibilities they have in the real world.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what private detectives in the UK actually can do, and what they can’t.

What they cannot do

If you’ve ever read a thriller with a private detective in the lead role then you’re probably used to them being a bit of maverick. They will, if the situation requires it, refrain from playing by the rules. However, in reality, this is very much not what investigators do.

They cannot, for example, hack into someone’s computer or mobile phone. They can access these devices, sure, but only with the express permission of the owner. Similarly, they are not allowed to obtain bank records in any illicit way, though they will often be able to view them if they are working directly with a lawyer who has obtained the adequate permissions.

Also, although the films may lead you to believe otherwise, private detectives are absolutely not allowed to arrest people – that power remains firmly in the hands of the police.

What they can do

Most fictional detectives are incredibly adept when it comes to tailing someone, and this is absolutely something that their real-life counterparts are also allowed to do. They are, on a similar note, also allowed to partake in surveillance operations, though they are only able to do this from public property. They cannot, for example, break in to someone’s home and glance through their private documents.

They are allowed to use whatever public records are available to garner information. They can perform background checks on individuals, which usually involves scouring records from an array of sources and databases – from various locations – to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

Quite simply, they must stay within the law.

Want to know more about how a private investigator can help you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today and we will give you an idea of the assistance that can be offered!

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When to hire a private investigator

When to hire a private investigator

When to hire a private investigator to check for a cheating partner

There are times when you might feel concerned that your partner is cheating on you. This can often lead to embarrassing moments when you start checking their phones, emails and more to verify if someone is cheating. This is why knowing when to hire a private investigator is crucial.

At times, you might reach out to friends or family, but this isn’t always helpful. If they’ve not liked your partner, they might not look objectively at your concerns. This can lead to them jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Some people turn to private investigators to check whether their partner is cheating on them. This can be a great option. Private investigators are unbiased in their approach as they will get paid regardless of the result. But are they still the right course for ensuring your partner is remaining faithful? Here are some things to consider when deciding on when to hire a private investigator.

1. Are there any signs of infidelity?

The first thing you need to do is to think if there are signs of cheating. Has your partner’s behaviour changed recently? Are they more secretive, hiding their phone, emails or something else from you? Do they suddenly have less money? Are they absent for long periods for no reason?

If you can find signs that your partner might be cheating, then you might have reason to speak to a private investigator.

2. Do you have evidence?

Cheating often leaves some sort of evidence behind that you can collect. Even if it is vague, a private investigator needs to have some form of leads to go on. For instance, if your partner suddenly gets vouchers from a shop you’ve never shopped with them at, it could be evidence.

3. Does the private investigator have experience?

Next, you should discuss with potential investigators about their experience in identifying infidelity. Getting the right investigators onto your case is important. You need to have a private investigator that you trust and personally like. They should also use methods which will get results.

While making sure that your private investigator is affordable, don’t always go for price. Those who don’t have the right experience are often cheaper. They can sometimes miss important evidence or cut corners that can mean you don’t get the true facts.

If there are any other doubts over the private investigator, be sure to check past testimonials or reviews of the investigator. And always find out how the results of the investigation will be presented to you.


If you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you, you might want to turn to a private investigator. The truth is, that more than half of people who suspect their partners of cheating are usually right. If you have the cause for concern, evidence and the right investigator, you can find out whether your concerns are justified.

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Three ways obtaining the wrong address could cost you

Obtaining An Address

Three ways obtaining the wrong address could cost you

There are many reasons why you might need to know a person’s address. Maybe you want to keep tabs on the whereabouts of an abusive ex or it might be that you want to rebuild a fractured friendship. You shouldn’t, however, take it for granted that you know exactly where a person is living. It’s often all too easy to confuse street names and house numbers from the past, and as well as that, people move house more often these days. Thankfully, a private investigator can locate a person’s address for you via the quickest and most discreet means. Let’s look at three ways that it could cost you if you don’t go down this route and end up obtaining a wrong address.


You should always have the right information sooner rather later. Even if you don’t plan to act on it immediately, it’s still in your interest to have time on your side when making important decisions. Unfortunately, if you have the wrong address you can lose the luxury of being able to contact or visit someone at a moment’s notice should you feel the need to do so.


You risk losing a certain amount of privacy when you don’t have the right address. Take, for instance, if you were to send a personal letter. If the homeowner isn’t who you think it is then your letter could fall into the wrong hands. This could leave you feeling rather vulnerable, with a complete stranger having access to information that they really shouldn’t be privy to.


It’s always handy to know how far someone is from you. After all, it might influence your plan of action moving forward. A friendship, for example, might be salvageable if someone is just a few miles away. Meanwhile, if you’re moving home then it might help you to determine that an area is off-limits if it turns out that a former flame is living nearby.

Get it right

A private detective is your answer to obtaining an address. Private Investigations UK will be able to find this information for you upon request, meaning you’ll be able to rest assured that you know where someone is living and how that affects you. Be sure to get in touch for more information.

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Are private investigators hired for burglaries

Are private investigators hired for burglaries?

Why are private investigators hired for burglaries

Burglary cases are usually dealt with by the local police force, as a crime has been committed it is essential to report it to the police first. But some people also decide to seek the services of a private investigator in these cases and this is becoming increasingly common. Here are three more reasons why victims might decide to hire a private detective if they’ve been burgled.

To re-trace stolen items

While burglary is committed for a range of reasons; the typical one is to steal items of value from private properties. Many people hire a private investigator in the hope of being able to get back precious stolen items. . In the midst of this, the private investigator will accumulate evidence that the person has committed the crime so that this can also go through official police enforcement.

To acquit innocent people

Another possible reason for hiring a private investigator to look into a burglary case is if an innocent person has been charged or is under scrutiny for potentially committing the crime. The private investigator will work to find substantial evidence that acquits the person in question and pinpoints the legitimate culprit.

This article provides information about how professional investigators can take active roles in criminal burglary cases, especially when police fail to solve the mystery of who committed the crime.

To catch the burglars

If the police have failed to properly investigate a case, many people may feel like giving up. However, for some, the loss is too big and private investigation can give victims a second chance at justice. Official police enforcement in the local area is obliged to take on burglary cases because a crime has been committed. However, for a number of reasons many burglary cases appear to be abandoned as *two thirds of these cases are closed without investigation*.

Working with a private investigator will prove to be more reliable in this case, as there will be someone (or a group of people) dedicated solely to your case for the specific time allocated. This can potentially yield better results from a police agency which are constrained by time and budget.

With an increase in burglaries over the last three years, seeking private investigation services is becoming a more viable alternative where local police have abandoned the case.

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A good private investigator

A Good Private Investigator

What makes a good private investigator?

Hiring a private investigator to help ease any worries or insecurities you have shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the problem affects your love life, family, or even your business, you want the right person to do the job. But, what makes an excellent private detective? Here are some qualities you can expect.

Accurate and in-depth

When you approach a private investigator, they should be able to give you the answers you need (in-depth ones). If they can’t (for legal or security reasons), this will be identified early on. Every bit of information should be handed to you, from the times of meetings to the locations, and the parties involved.

Non-judgemental and trustworthy

Private investigators are still human and aren’t always able to give you direct answers. Even if you are sure the evidence points to a specific thing, evidence can only reveal so much about a person, but can’t show what’s on a person’s mind. The person who will carry the work out will be honest and trustworthy to keep the information between you both.

Quick and creative approach

A private investigator will be creative and resilient when it comes to completing the task at hand. You will be made aware of the prices before any activity is carried out, for example, background checks. If a person isn’t able to be investigated in a certain way, like a lack of a social media page, a quick-thinking private investigator will consider other methods which are as effective. Their expertise will mean that the information is collected accurately, and inaccuracies are rarely made.

Knowledgeable and have a good understanding of the law

There are laws to follow when it comes to carrying out surveillance on a person. Some information can’t be accessed about a person, especially if they are a vulnerable adult or children (who could be put at risk without consent by legal guardians). A private investigator should be on top of the law and will follow the legal practice. Some of the lawful things include following the person in public. Understanding their schedule and who their connections are without looking at the sensitive stuff (keeping to GDPR) is all acceptable too. However, accessing the information on their devices isn’t allowed. Even though movies show private detectives going into a property to install cameras and hidden microphones these are illegal and there are severe consequences for those who do.

Hiring a private detective can help in so many ways. So, if you’re looking for reassurance on a matter, make sure you give us a call today.

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Why do people hire private investigators

Why do people hire private investigators

Why do people hire private investigators?

Hiring a private investigator might sound like something out of a film but, in reality, it is an incredibly common act. If you find yourself searching for a ‘private investigator near me’, but pausing to doubt yourself, consider the following reasons why thousands of people hire private detectives every day.

1. Cheating partner

Possibly the most popular excuse for seeking investigatory help, suspicions of cheating often require eye witness proof. It can be difficult to confront one’s partner – after all, if they were sneaking around and having an affair, they would hardly be honest about it. Therefore, a private detective is needed to conduct discreet surveillance. When the proof is delivered, you are able to validate your concerns and confront the cheater with evidence. Gaslighting can become a thing of the past.

2. Dishonest employee or business associate

Dishonesty can impact any business. Whether you suspect an associate of moonlighting, or you believe a background check may not have uncovered everything, a private investigator will assuage any professional doubt that you have. In addition to tracking the suspected individual, an investigator can uncover the paper trails behind embezzlement, ranging from questionable payments to fictitious assets.

3. Missing person

People go missing every day, and the Metropolitan police often struggle to find the resources to chase every cold case that crosses their desks. A private detective will prioritise your case; he or she will become an expert in your loved one. A long lost family member, a vanished friend, a runaway child – detectives will devote their expertise to locating your missing person. Detectives have the connections and the experience to conduct efficient, wide-reaching searches.

4. Court cases

A critical component of any case is evidence. A private investigator can go above and beyond the bounds of a courtroom in your quest to find proof of your claims. Child custody, business disputes and divorce are among the cases in which a detective could uncover valuable evidence in your favour. By conducting thorough interviews and extensive surveillance, a private detective is able to create a clear picture of the case and produce documentation to support this scenario.

If you want to find out the truth and do it in a manner that’s safe and effective then you’ll need to enlist a professional. You can do this by getting in touch with the team at Private Investigations UK.

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Private Investigator Near Me

A Private Investigator Near Me

Private investigator near me

A common term searched for by people looking for professional help is, Private investigator near me. Searching for a private investigator near me is advantageous as the investigator will be very well versed with the local area. Having knowledge of the local area is paramount for the success of the investigation and this is something you should never compromise on when hiring a private investigator.

Private investigator near me for cheating

In very unfortunate circumstances, you may be searching for a private investigator near me for a cheating partner case. As a professional private detective agency in UK, we cover a wide variety of investigations and cheating partner cases always seem to be on the increase. Coupled with years of hands on experience and professional expertise in this field of investigation, P.I.U.K are always available to help you with expert advice and recommendations. Our Private Investigator advice is always free of charge with no strings attached and we welcome you call us on 0800 002 9858 for a consultation with full confidentiality in place.

Hiring a private investigator near me

Hiring a private investigator near me would always be a wise choice. But where do you start? What do you need to look out for? What are the potential pitfalls? Here are some pointers for you so you don’t fall prey to the rogue, substandard organisations in your area.

• Always check that they firm has a real address and not a virtual office address
• Make sure that you check that business is a real company. You can check from the companies house website here.
• Is Private Investigator Agency a member of the following industry associations?
o WAPI (World Assosiation of Professional Investigators)
o CII Council of International Investigators
• Does the Private Investigator Agency hold a Data Protection Licence? You can check from the Information Commissioners Office here.
• Ask for a consultation in person, at their office.
• ALWAYS have a contract in place before parting with any money
• Is there adequate insurance in place to cover you for any malpractice?
Be rest assured that our Private Investigations Agency near you has all the above covered, so call on 0800 002 9858 for free confidential advice today.

If you want to find out the truth and do it in a manner that’s safe and effective then you’ll need to enlist a professional. You can do this by getting in touch with the team at Private Investigations UK.

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Don't tail your cheating partner

Don’t Tail Your Cheating Partner

Don’t tail your cheating partner – or it could cost you

There’s only so much a person can take before being pushed to breaking point – and you’re right to take matters into your own hands. This, however, doesn’t mean hopping into your car and tailing your cheating partner to see where they’re going. Instead, it should mean calling in the professionals. A private detective has a wide range of tricks up their sleeve to identify just where a person is going, including personal surveillance and GPS vehicle tracking. Not only are you not qualified or equipped to tail someone effectively, but you could find that it costs you dearly if you go ahead and do it anyway. Let’s look at three things that could happen.


Your emotional state can mean that you really shouldn’t be on the roads. After all, you could suddenly find yourself very angry or very sad – two things that would divert your attention from driving. A car accident would be the last thing you need and only add to your problems, when you should be devoting your time and energy to improving the situation and trying to fix your relationship.


You can weave in and out of traffic but it won’t make you invisible. It’ll be more than likely just a matter of time until your partner notices you and wants to know exactly what you’re doing. This won’t just mean that you’ve missed your chance and failed to gather crucial evidence, but also that it could give your other half the upper-hand.


It’s possible to come away from the whole ordeal without the correct information. You might, for instance, have seen your partner just stopping at the shops before deciding to call it a day. This means they’re not cheating, right? Wrong. You won’t always be able to gather the full story – such as who they met inside or how long they stayed – and this could mean that you don’t get the answers that you rightly deserve.

Do it the safe way

If you want to find out the truth and do it in a manner that’s safe and effective then you’ll need to enlist a professional. You can do this by getting in touch with the team at Private Investigations UK.

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