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5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating


The dating and relationship scene of today has never been more different now than ever before. Ten to fifteen years ago we did not have the technology of today or the help of social media. These days it would be an extremely rare find to know of any single person that does not own a smart phone. A phone is no longer just a device used to call your friends and family. No, it’s much more than that and almost every relationship these days, hinges on the communication going through todays smartphones.

So what are the signs you need to be on the lookout for when you suspect that all is not as it should be?


Specialist Cheating Partner Investigators Offer Free Advice

Let’s start with the mobile phone. When you suspect that you are seeing signs your partner is cheating, the mobile phone will most certainly play a huge role in your suspicions. Gone are the days when you would be on the lookout for something suspicious in the mail addressed to your partner. Today, it’s all about your partner’s phone.

One of the signs your partner is cheating is when all of a sudden you no longer have access to your partner’s phone or into your partner’s phone. So you’re suspecting that something is just not right and you think up a plan of taking a sneaky peak into your partner’s mobile phone whilst your partner is in the shower. This is probably something almost everyone may have thought of doing at least once. So your partner has come home after a tough day at work and everything seems fine and normal and you have no reason at all to suspect your partner of anything at this stage. Your partner goes upstairs to get changed and have a quick shower. So far… it’s the usual daily pattern, Right?

You’ve followed up the stairs once you’ve heard your partner in the shower and you make your way into the bedroom, only to find that your partner’s mobile phone is nowhere to be seen. You’ve checked your partner’s clothes, the bed, the bedside table but still no sign of the mobile phone. Being extremely intrigued and suspicious you hang around the bedroom pretending to be having a quick tidy up, when in actual fact your awaiting the arrival of your partner from the shower. Moments pass and the anxiety in now starting to kick in. You have a thousand thoughts running through your mind right now. You saw the phone in your partner’s hand, where on earth could it be. Just then, your partner walks in from the shower with a towel around the waist and the mobile phone in your partner’s hand.

The one question running through your mind right now is…

“Why on gods earth had my partner taken the phone into the shower?”… RIGHT?


Follow the simple process below and we will find an address for you

  • 1st Step

    Speak with us with 100% Confidentiality

    We believe the most crucial part of the investigation is on inception of the case. Therefore listening to our clients patiently and compassionately, is paramount. Our clients are encouraged to take all the time they need to fully explain their situation in as much detail as possible

  • 2nd Step

    Assessment of your case

    After the free, telephone consultation with our clients, we will assess the case keeping the key objectives of the task in mind.

    2nd Step

  • 3rd Step

    Our recommendations with clear pricing

    After the assessment, we will provide our clients with a plan of the best way to achieve there objectives without compromising the task in anyway and of course obtaining the evidence discreetly and covertly. The advice is based of years of perfecting our craft and the extensive knowledge of the industry. The price quoted is always a fixed price with complete transparency.

  • 4th Step

    Investigation is conducted

    With the plan all set, we will deploy our very best and highly skilled covert intelligence agents to carry out the task and obtain irrefutable evidence for you. Our agents are equipped with the latest in high tech, close proximity, covert equipment to get the best results for you.

    4th Step

  • 5th Step


    You are provided with a professional report of the investigation with time and date stamped photographs and video footage which will either confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind.