Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Pay Attention to These 7 Signs

Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Pay Attention to These 7 Signs

Relationships bring out emotions that fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Having a partner can make you feel elated, joyful, and ecstatic, while the same person can instil feelings of pain, misery, and gloom.

A successful relationship is built on the element of trust. However, sometimes, in order to trust the person, you need to eliminate any doubts about them, that are holding you back from investing all your emotions in that person.

Particularly, if you have been cheated on in the past, you may constantly fear that history would repeat itself. However, if you stay in that era, you wouldn’t be able to bask in the joy offered by the current relationship. Considering this, it is essential to let go of any mistrust that you have about your partner. One way to do that is to hire a private detective to take on your case.

A Private Investigator can observe, track, and monitor your partner’s behaviour in a discreet fashion. They can report back, and confirm or deny the accuracy of your suspicions. As Private detectives are bound to stay confidential, your partner wouldn’t be made aware of the investigation, unless you decide to tell them yourself.

Although, if you are hesitant about hiring a PI to investigate your significant other, you can look for the following signs, so you can feel confident about your decision to search for the truth. Here are seven signs that correlate with cheating behaviour.

1.    They are picking up extra shifts at work

If your partner is working more than they typically do, then there could be a chance that something fishy is going on. If your partner is going out of the city, very frequently, it may be a red flag. The excuse of working more is commonly used by cheating spouses, so they can cover their tracks, without having to answer more questions.

2.    They are not comfortable being intimate

In the case of cheating, there is an absence of intimacy- both emotional and sexual. Your partner may be emotionally and physically distant from you. This trait usually stems from the guilt or exhaustion, that is brought out by the infidelity.

3.    They have become careless with their spending

In most cases,  a change in financial activity is observed in the person who cheats on their partners. If your spouse/partner is cheating, you may observe a dip in your joint savings account, or you may come across receipts that fail to make any sense. For instance, you may find receipts for hotel charges, restaurant bills, and other unexplained purchases.

4.    They have multiple phones

partner cheating multiple phones

If your partner has more than one phone, without a logical explanation, there is a very strong chance that they may be cheating. Having multiple phones makes it easier to keep a relationship hidden from spouses. This suspicion can be strengthened if your partner uses their ‘work’ phone, more than their primary phone at your house.

5.    They can be unsympathetic towards you

Cheating on someone can ignite feelings of guilt. If you feel that your partner is being hostile towards you, they may be displacing their guilt by taking it out on you. The lack of sympathy and understanding is one of the greatest red flags of any relationship.

6.    They do not respond to you

partner cheating they do not respond you

The individuals who cheat usually hide their main relationships with their side relationships. Therefore, if your partner is cheating, they may not answer your calls or texts, when they are out for long duration’s, without having a legitimate reason.

7.    They gaslight when you question their whereabouts

People who cheat can become really hostile when they are inquired about their whereabouts. If you politely and casually asked your partner a normal question, and they respond by gaslighting you, it could mean that they are guilty about something. Aggressive replies to normal questions or comments are warning signs in any relationship.

If you see the presence of any of the aforementioned signs in your partner, you can contact a Private Investigator to take on your case. With a PI by your side, you wouldn’t drive yourself crazy with the fear of not knowing the truth.

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