A Private Investigator And Your Ex

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Reaching out to your ex for child support? 3 ways a private investigator can help

A Private Investigator and your Ex? It’s natural to have to reach out to an ex to recover child maintenance that he has gone years without paying . This is, of course, why many people are tempted to make contact with their former partners. It’s up to you whether you go down this path – but you should at least make sure that you have some valuable facts beforehand. You can obtain this information through hiring a private investigator, who’ll be able to track down everything you need to know in a professional manner within the guidelines of GDPR. Let’s look at three valuable things a professional investigator could find out for you before you make contact with your ex.


You might plan on getting in touch with your ex through social media or through an old mobile phone number. When all attempts have failed, a professional detectives agency can assist you with obtaining the correct information to assist with your legal endeavors. Thankfully a private investigator could assist you with such an enquiry.

Asset Trace

It’s not uncommon for a previous partner who has been contacted for financial support to plead poverty. Fear not, your ex’s partners financial status is exactly the type of investigation that a private investigator can find out with ease through a background check. Some of the information revealed through a background check into your ex-partner will uncover any CCJ’s, bankruptcies and any company affiliations.

Professional circumstances

It’s always good to know your ex’s professional circumstances before you get in touch. A person’s job can be a good marker to establish that they are employed and therefore financially able to fulfill their obligations to you and your child. Therefore, instructing a professional private investigator to establish an ex-partner’s employment status is paramount for your  legal case.

We’re here to help

Private Investigations UK is here to find out all the information you need to know before reaching out to your ex. Therefore, be sure to get in touch so that we can best advise you on how we can help. Please note, all enquiries are subject to the guidelines of GDPR.

For discreet private investigation services in the UK, get in touch with P.I.U.K today.You can contact us by completing the enquiry form here, Contact Us or else call us on 0800 002 9858 | 07730439156

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