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Asset Tracing from Private Investigations UK

Recover Assets with a PI's Help

PIUK provides Asset Search Services to the private, legal and corporate sectors all over the UK. Our Asset Search Investigations services are both ethical and legal, provided by highly trained, experienced and reliable Asset Search Private Investigators. We provide nationwide coverage, so we can be called upon for any type of investigation at short notice. With a reliable and trustworthy team of Asset Search Investigators, we can facilitate investigations at short notice providing you with peace of mind.

We offer asset search services for both businesses and individuals. It’s popular as part of many of our Corporate Services, as well as in Divorce Investigations. We can help you to find out what- and how much- someone is keeping from you.

Asset Tracing for divorce proceedings

Withheld Assets in a Divorce

When one spouse is hiding assets in preparation for a divorce, we call it Financially Engineering the Exit. It’s illegal, and if you think it’s happening, it’s crucial that you seek legal advice. Hidden assets in a divorce are discoverable. By using our asset tracing services, you can recover the assets that are rightfully yours and prove that your partner has attempted to defraud you. What if your divorce is already finalised? 

Under the right circumstances, hidden assets found after a divorce can still be recoverable. Courts take this very seriously and can reopen your divorce case, often penalising the spouse who attempted the fraud. To start the process, please get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Asset tracing for embezzlement

Proving Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a kind of theft. It involves someone withholding assets that have been entrusted to them but that they do not have the right to keep for themselves. In business, embezzling often takes the form of an employee stealing funds that they control from their company. It is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Proving embezzlement can be a challenge because the stolen assets might need to be located to demonstrate a connection to the embezzler, who will usually go to great lengths to cover the trail linking them to the theft. Our job is to uncover that trail

Since 2009, our private detectives have put together the ultimate toolkit to help businesses protect their interests. If you suspect an employee or partner of stealing from your company, please contact us. We’ll locate the assets, gather usable evidence of wrongdoing, and, most importantly, give you peace of mind.

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If you’re about to invest, it’s essential that you know exactly what you’re buying into. A pre-investment due diligence investigation involves reviewing the financial performance of a company. As part of this, it’s not uncommon for a private investigator to trace assets.

We have access to asset search databases, which we use to verify a company’s portfolio and uncover any assets they may have failed to disclose. Using this information, you can move forward with your investment, safe in the knowledge that your new business partners are who they say they are.

Read more about due diligence.

Judgement recovery

Collecting Your Legal Entitlement

Legal courts can pass judgements on who does or doesn’t have to repay your money. If you’re a creditor, and the court finds in your favour, the process of judgement recovery begins. Judgement recovery is just the name we use for collecting your legal entitlement.

Even if a debtor of yours has received a court order to repay you the money they owe, they might still try to avoid settling their debt. The only legal options they have at this point are repaying the money, if they can, and declaring bankruptcy if they can’t. It’s not uncommon for people to fraudulently declare bankruptcy to avoid repaying a debt

If you know that someone is lying about their ability to repay their debt, our asset finder can help you. Not only can we prove that a debtor is hiding assets, but we can also compile dated logs of asset transfers to show that attempts to defraud you were intentional. Once we gather this evidence, you can force a sale or get a repayment/ repossession order.

Asset tracing for corporate investigation

Confirm Your Suspicions Before It's Too Late

There are lots of different reasons why a company might ask us to perform an asset search. Whether you suspect a business partner of embezzling or you want to investigate a company before you invest, you should consider hiring a private detective for asset tracing.

Why you should choose us


It might not have occurred to you to hire a private investigator for an asset search, but we are committed to our mission of normalising this industry. We have access to various tools to conduct an asset search online, over the phone, and through in-person surveillance.

In our experience, investigations can quickly become very diverse. As we uncover information, we find that the truth behind a situation can quickly unravel. We boast decades of experience in an extensive range of investigative strategies. Whatever leads may develop in your case, we have the tools and the expertise to follow them.


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