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UK Private Investigator And Private Detectives

When Is It Legal To Hire A Private Investigator Hiring a Private Investigator to help you in your difficult times, is always 100% legal. No matter what situation you find yourself in, that does not dictate whether hiring a private investigator is legal or not. However, it is the responsibility of the private investigator to […]

Reasons to hire a UK Private Investigator

Reasons to hire a UK Private Investigator for employee background checks All employers need to be extremely careful about the workers they hire, which is why we will explain the reasons to hire a UK Private Investigator to help you. This is particularly the case for roles that entail the control of finance or personal […]

UK Private Investigator Agency

UK Private Investigator Agency One of the most common enquiries received in our UK Private Investigator Agency is related to suspicions of a spouse being unfaithful. These are all suspicions based on many irregularities such as a change of behavior, a partner working late or even as simple as taking out a gym membership… Yes, […]

Hiring A UK Private Investigator

Hiring A UK Private Investigator How often are you faced with a situation where you feel hiring a UK Private Investigator is the only option? Not very often… right? So where do you start and how can you make sure that the Private Investigator your thinking of hiring is the right choice for you. Bearing in mind […]

Private Investigation In The Workplace

Private investigators aren’t just for the movies, or extreme cases you hear about in the news; they’re an effective way to check up on happenings within your business if you suspect one or more of your employees might be doing something under the radar. Hiring a UK private investigator to assess or watch an employee, […]

UK private detective can help your business avoid a costly #MeToo movement mistake

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace The #MeToo movement has empowered more people to come forward and challenge sexual harassment and discrimination. Huge societal change is underway, and victims are increasingly empowered to pursue complaints against individuals and organisations. Facing up to their responsibilities, companies are re-examining employee complaints and workplace policies. A costly and […]

Proceeding after a private investigation

Three ways to proceed after a private investigation Everyone has questions that they desperately want to be answered. Whether you’re pondering over your spouse’s fidelity or mulling over the whereabouts of an estranged relative, you can solve the lingering mystery with the help of a private investigator. Don’t forget though, the information you receive won’t […]