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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Private Investigators help with GPS Vehicle Tracking An invaluable method of monitoring vehicle movement, a GPS tracking device can give information regarding the location of a vehicle at all times, and even provide data on the length of time spent at specific locations. This is a great way for fleet commercial vehicle owners to protect […]

Help! My spouse is cheating!

Cheating Spouse Investigations Divorce rates are rapidly rising worldwide, and often the primary cause of marital breakdown is infidelity. If you think that your partner is engaging in extra-marital activities, you can position yourself in the best possible position to get what it is you want out of the divorce proceedings, by providing legally substantial […]

25 activities of a Private Investigator

Many people hire a private investigator for a range of reasons, from domestic to commercial, but we have found that although each case is often entirely unique, the range of activities we as private investigators conduct throughout these investigations, often fall into one of these 25 activities. Finding a current or historical address Finding a […]

Corporate Investigations

Trust is essential within any business, and with more and more employees abusing their employers trust, it is no surprise that an increasing number of company’s and businesses are looking to hire private investigators for background research and further, more detailed reports. Company’s have an obligation to ensure that their employees are who they claim […]

Private Investigations for Businesses

Money laundering and corruption are not restricted to the CEO’s of large corporations or FIFA. It is something that costs billions to business every year and since the Criminal Finances Bill was introduced for discussion as a potential amendment to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, in November 2016, it would seem that politicians and […]

High tech private investigation solutions

With more and more people relying on the Internet and other technology to conduct business as well as their personal affairs, mobile and high tech surveillance for private investigation has never been more productive and efficient. So, what exactly are these techniques and what do they entail? High tech private investigation relies on either using […]

Surveillance Private investigators

Integral to any private investigation is surveillance. The ability and capability to track and monitor a person’s whereabouts or activities without being discovered is essential to present information about their hidden habits and potential untruths. Surveillance that is discovered jeopardises the entire investigation and runs the risk of tainting the evidence presented. So, what types […]