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Background Checks UK

Check Someone's Background Discreetly

A background check allows you to verify an individual’s criminal record, credit history, and employment past. It is a way to ensure the person you are considering hiring or working with is safe and reliable. It is important when you want to be sure that the people you bring into your business or life won’t cause any trouble.

What Is A Background Check UK?

A background check is an essential and legal way to look into the past of a possible subject. This thorough background check usually includes reviewing criminal records, confirmation of name, and careful verification of schooling and credentials. Background checks are essential for ensuring a candidate’s skills and personal past are accurate and follow the law. Employers better understand a person’s background by looking at their criminal record, verifying their identity, and checking their schooling. This builds trust and faith in the hiring process.

Due diligence” can be a subjective term, but at Private Investigations UK, we believe that a reasonable person should take as much care as possible before making important decisions. This elevated care is called enhanced due diligence (EDD).

If you’re interested in EDD services from PI UK, please get in touch with us for free professional advice.

PIUK Offer Private Investigator Background Check Services

Typical Reasons for Background Investigations

ID Assessing

Background searches are essential for ID assessment, especially now that fake IDs are shared online. Private Investigations UK can help you with this; we use experienced private detectives with a wide range of tools to carefully look into someone’s past. Our professionals ensure everything is carefully reviewed, bringing out the truth and allowing for accurate evaluations.

Private Investigations UK gives people the power to make intelligent choices by providing thorough and accurate reports, protecting them from possible risks, and restoring trust in business deals. You can count on our knowledge for thorough ID checks and valuable information.

Pre-employment Background Checks

When you get a resume from a job applicant, you hope everything written is true, but sometimes, it is not. In the UK, many companies face problems yearly because they hire someone who isn’t honest about their qualifications.

That is where our Employment Background Check service comes in. It is a final confirmation to make sure everything the applicant says is right. We do background checks and interviews with applicant’s references to find out the truth. We help businesses make smart choices; our team has helped numerous big and small companies remove individuals who misrepresented themselves. This service is all about making sure you hire the right person. It is good for your business and helps avoid any trouble down the line.

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Background Checks For Directors

Selecting qualified and trustworthy directors for your business is vital as they will make critical decisions for your company and oversee crucial legal matters. At PIUK, we are experts in performing thorough background checks on company directors. This involves reviewing their past, professional history, and other details to determine their trustworthiness.

Even when someone seems perfect for the job, it is wise to confirm their credentials. Our team has extensive experience researching potential directors in detail. They use their skills to unearth facts that might otherwise go undetected and give businesses peace of mind about who they bring on board. We conduct thorough checks because we recognise just how much is at stake when selecting new leadership for your business.

Background Check On New Partner

Beginning a new romantic relationship is no doubt exciting, but it is wise to know who you are getting involved with. A background check on potential partners in the UK will provide peace of mind by showing if they are truthful about who they are and their past.

We are experts in conducting background checks and can investigate criminal histories, past relationships and other details related to an individual. This is not because you don’t trust them but simply as part of being safe.

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Criminal Record & DBS Checks

Hiring or trusting new people can be challenging because many individuals remain secretive or lie about their past, especially if they have criminal histories. Knowing the truth can prevent severe problems like fraud, theft or damage to your future reputation.

Private Investigations UK can make checking someone’s criminal background easier and less stressful. With our expertise and speedy team of investigators at your side, we will ensure discreet checks that provide peace of mind for everyone involved.

Online Dating Background Checks

Studies have shown that over half of all online dating profiles contain misrepresentations. This could range from harmless fibs about age to more significant misrepresentations about personal, financial and criminal histories. It cannot be overemphasised how important it is to verify the identities and backgrounds of potential romantic interests before entering into relationships with them.

As people can easily create false personas online, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution. While slight alteration to appearance or personal details might be considered normal behaviour by most individuals, there’s always the chance that someone could hide some serious red flags beneath a convincing profile.

PIUK, a background check company, recognises these concerns and offers discreet and professional background checks as a solution. These checks provide crucial details about an individual’s history that can provide peace of mind and help you solve your doubts about whether your prospective partner is being truthful. It gives peace of mind when dating, as honesty and transparency are crucial to creating meaningful connections.

Nanny Background Checks

Hiring a nanny is an extremely serious matter as this person will be trusted to look after what you hold most dear: your children. You might find someone suitable through an interview, and they might also come with excellent references. However, these alone might not provide all the answers about their lives and characters.

That is where our nanny background screening check service comes in handy: it allows you to dig deeper to verify whether the person you are considering hiring is who they claim they are. By getting a comprehensive view of their past, such as looking into past jobs or criminal records and any additional red flags or potential concerns you might have missed during an initial screening, background checks provide invaluable assurance of who’s being hired for the position.

Conducting a personal background check for a prospective nanny can give you peace of mind that your children are in safe and capable hands.

International Background Checks

When dealing with people from other countries in your personal or professional lives, it is wise to conduct international background checks to gain more information about who exactly you are dealing with. Such checks allow you to assess whether any warning signs should be considered.

Private Investigations UK works worldwide, searching records and databases in more than 70 countries to give our clients an accurate picture of any individual, regardless of where they come from. We check for issues such as legal disputes or financial mishaps that might pose potential threats.

Tenant Screening

To protect your investment, make sure you rent your property to the right people; Private Investigations UK can help you with this critical task. Our experienced investigators thoroughly screen potential tenants, check their rental experiences, determine how stable their finances are, and look into their criminal records.

PI UK helps make rental properties safer by carefully identifying problematic tenants. This lowers risks and helps property owners make intelligent decisions. You can count on our experience to protect your property investment by doing thorough and reliable renter checks.

Company Background Checks

Protecting your business interests requires thorough Company Background Checks of prospective business partners, and Private Investigations UK can help you with that. Our experienced investigators investigate corporations from several angles, including checking their financial health, making sure they follow the law, and looking into the backgrounds of the people who run the companies.

In the modern day world, when doing business can be complicated, our services give clients peace of mind that they are working with reputable firms. Conducting thorough Company Background Checks is one way that Private Investigations UK helps reduce risk, make intelligent decisions, and build safe business partnerships. Feel confident that our knowledge will help you keep your business relationships honest and build trust in the business world.

Tiered Private Background Checks


A vital part of a due diligence investigation is a comprehensive background check on the people involved. We offer two packages, each better suited for some investigations than others. To discuss which package is right for you, please call and ask for a free consultation. Alternatively, leave a message with us, and one of our agents will get back to you today.

Tier 1 Background Checks

This is our lowest-cost background check package. It includes a professional, easy to understand report of all of our findings. If you choose this package, we can provide you with the following information about your chosen subject:

Current Address​

Associated Phone Number​

Date of Birth​

Other Aliases​

Bankruptcy Record​


Properties Owned​

Previous Address​

Associated Address​

Information On Relatives

Current Business

Current Employment

County Court Judgements​


Court Rulings​

PEP Sanctions

Former Businesses

Marriages & Divorce

Our enhanced digital package includes everything involved in the Tier 1 package, plus detailed information on the subject’s online activity. Along with all the information detailed above, we’ll provide you with:

Tier 2 Background Checks

Information On Relatives

Web Activity​

Information On Relatives

Media Reports​

Information On Relatives

FAQ,s about Background Checks


Our background checks take 10-15 working days.

A background check is essential to ensure that someone is who they say they are and that their claims are valid. You can expect a detailed look at your criminal record, schooling, work background, and actions from the past. This close examination ensures the information is accurate and details a person’s history. People and employers can expect a thorough evaluation, which builds trust and confidence in personal and professional relationships.

A Tier 1 background check costs £875 + VAT.

The enhanced digital package includes everything involved in the standard package, plus a complete breakdown of all online activity. It also reports any activity on overlay networks, also known as ‘the dark web’. It costs £1200 + VAT.

PI UK is the best at helping people do background checks and searches in the UK. Our experienced investigators use cutting-edge technology to carefully check personal information, crime records, and work histories. We ensure that the test is thorough and that the information we give clients is correct and reliable. Regarding pre-employment screening, personal connections, or business partnerships, PI UK takes a comprehensive and private method. You can trust us to handle the complicated parts of background checks so that people and companies can get the information they need to make intelligent choices.

Your employer does not need your consent to conduct one of our background checks. We search consensual, open-source data, all of which is publicly available. They would need your consent to conduct a credit check or a criminal record background check.

We can find out an extensive range of information about someone’s past and current activities, whether personal, financial, or digital.

Click here for a full breakdown of what our checks can show.

Yes, you can. We often conduct checks on clients who fear they may have been the victim of identity theft, as well as those who simply want to keep track of their data footprint.



Background checks done by PI UK can only be seen by people who are authorised to do so. The privacy of our clients is critical to us, and only trained professionals will handle their information safely. Strict data protection measures are only followed by people directly involved in the investigation. When PI UK takes private information, we ensure it is always kept secret. This protects our clients’ privacy and interests while following the law and morals.


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