Signs your partner is cheating

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

The dating and relationship scene of today has never been more different now than ever before. We have therefore put  together a little guide of signs your partner is cheating, to help you prevent you being taken advantage off. Ten to fifteen years ago we did not have the technology of today or the help of social media. These days it would be an extremely rare find to know of any single person that does not own a smart phone. A phone is no longer just a device used to call your friends and family. No, it’s much more than that and almost every relationship these days, hinges on the communication going through today’s smartphones.
So what are the signs your partner is cheating, you need to be on the lookout for when you suspect that all is not as it should be?

Signs your partner is cheating On You

Let’s start with the mobile phone. When you suspect that you are seeing signs your partner is cheating, the mobile phone will most certainly play a huge role in your suspicions. Gone are the days when you would be on the lookout for something suspicious in the mail addressed to your partner. Today, it’s all about your partner’s phone.
One of the signs your partner is cheating is when all of a sudden you no longer have access to your partner’s phone or into your partner’s phone. So you’re suspecting that something is just not right and you think up a plan of taking a sneaky peak into your partner’s mobile phone whilst your partner is in the shower. This is probably something almost everyone may have thought of doing at least once. So your partner has come home after a tough day at work and everything seems fine and normal and you have no reason at all to suspect your partner of anything at this stage. Your partner goes upstairs to get changed and have a quick shower. So far… it’s the usual daily pattern, Right?
You’ve followed up the stairs once you’ve heard your partner in the shower and you make your way into the bedroom, only to find that your partner’s mobile phone is nowhere to be seen. You’ve checked your partner’s clothes, the bed, the bedside table but still no sign of the mobile phone. Being extremely intrigued and suspicious you hang around the bedroom pretending to be having a quick tidy up, when in actual fact your awaiting the arrival of your partner from the shower. Moments pass and the anxiety in now starting to kick in. You have a thousand thoughts running through your mind right now. You saw the phone in your partner’s hand, where on earth could it be. Just then, your partner walks in from the shower with a towel around the waist and the mobile phone in your partner’s hand.

The one question running through your mind right now is…
“Why on gods earth had my partner taken the phone into the shower?”… RIGHT?


Mobile Phone Sign, that Your Partner Is Cheating On You

There was once upon a time when you would happily sit with your partner in the evening in front of the tele just relaxing and have no objection to having casual browse through your partner’s mobile phone. Throughout my extensive experience in cheating partner investigations, not one client has ever had access into their partner’s phone. The question I have to ask… Is this not a sign your partner is cheating on you?

Many could argue the point to give themselves reassurance that maybe my partner has private work related information on the phone which is why the phone is no longer accessible to me. It’s a fairly plausible argument I guess, but if that was the case, wouldn’t the employer provide your partner with a mobile phone just for work?
So, for me at least, I can’t accept the above as a valid reason of having the phone locked with a secret password.

I was recently contacted by a distressed lady who had been in a marriage for over 8 years and everything was going well. She had never had any reason to suspect her partner before nor did she ever see signs of her partner cheating on her. Until one evening when she casually picked up her partners phone and tied to browse through it. She saw the phone was protected by a password and there was no way she could get into the phone. She went on to explain that it all happened really fast. She hadn’t planned on going through her partner’s phone, it’s just that he popped into the kitchen to grab a drink while the movie was paused and there was his mobile phone. Even knowing that the phone was secured by a password didn’t really cause her any alarm. It was only her husband’s reaction when he walked into the room and saw his mobile phone in her hand that caused her alarm and concern. He was quite abrupt and snappy with her asking why she has his phone in her hand.

The husband was certainly investigated and after a period of discreet surveillance, we had enough concrete evidence of his affair.


Sign your partner is cheating by observing the change in behaviour

Another sign to look out for when you suspect your partner is cheating on you is how your partner’s behaviour has changed. You may have been in a relationship for some time and there is a regular pattern giving you no sign your partner is cheating you. Then you begin to notice a little change. Your partner has begun to pay a lot more attention on his/her appearance when leaving home for work for a job that as far as you were aware, was not what your partner looked forward to for quite some time. So you notice that your partner’s paying a lot more attention to grooming before leaving for work. A few days later the grooming has stepped up and now the clothing is changing. Your beginning to see that your partners has bought some new clothes for the same old job that has been grinding your partner down for years. So what’s changed?
Has your partner had a promotion? If that was the case, your partner would have told you… Right?

Case Study
We often have cases where a partner has seen the sign your partner is cheating and a recent investigation comes to mind. So the client calls us late one night being quite concerned and upset about his wife. At this stage he is not 100% about what’s going on and needs help from experienced private investigators in this field just so that what he may suspect can be confirmed so he can face the harsh reality and deal with the fact that his partner is cheating. Or have the matter refuted so that he can now get on with his life without having to confront his partner and she never needs to know what was going through his mind. After a Free Consultation with the client we got to know a little more about his wife and of course asked him what signs your partner is cheating on you have you noticed?
The subject worked in a call centre where of course there is a huge amount of interaction with colleagues. So we placed the subject under observation for a period of a week and kept a discreet eye on her when she was on her breaks and lunch. We noticed she was quite a popular lady with her colleagues and there were always a good number of them taking their breaks together. A couple of days into the surveillance we started seeing the subject with the same male colleague regularly on all her breaks. There was laughter and a bit of friendly physical contact between the two. At this stage we don’t have any concrete evidence of foul play so we continue with the surveillance.
3rd day into the surveillance and we report back to the client advising him of what we have observed and recorded to but we are still looking for the sign that your partner is cheating on you. It’s lunchtime now and the subject and the male colleague have entered the car park. They walk to his car and have a cuddle by his car that most definitely is starting to arouse our suspicions. They are followed by our investigators to a local café where they enter and take a window seat. With clear line of sight of both subjects our investigators place themselves in a nearby car park and our female private investigator follows the subjects into the café and takes a table very close to them. There is a lot of holding hands which is all covertly recorded with time and date stamp so there is no way of getting out of this. A short time passes and the male colleague reaches over and kisses our clients wife affectionately and believe me when I tell you this was more than a friendly kiss.
With all the evidence collected we were able to disclose our findings to our client and confirm that we have certainly seen signs your partner is cheating you. The client was extremely pleased about the fact that he wasn’t losing his sanity, and his suspicions were proved to be correct. Now that he was well equipped with the concrete evidence, he could make an informed decision about how to deal with the situation.


Concrete Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Late home from work… Again???
Over the years, you have noticed a regular pattern in your partners working hours which has not changed for years nor has your partner ever mentioned a possible change coming into place. You begin to notice that your partner is coming home a little later from work. Its only 15 minutes, no big deal I guess, is what you’re telling yourself. Over a period of time the 15 minutes has increased and now it’s half an hour. Not every day, but you’re beginning to notice that it’s starting to become a bit of a regular pattern. So what are you to think? A casual conversation with your partner over dinner does not suggest that there is any overtime. Is this a clear sign your partner is cheating on you? Well, I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet but I would certainly advise to be more observant and you might want to start making a secret daily log.
Casually slip it into the conversation about coming home later. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES at this stage do you want to press on the matter. If you really want to find out what if your partner is cheating on you or what is really keeping your partner from coming home on time, keep it cool and keep it together. This is the time to put on your detective hat and keep a log of the days and times you see the inconsistencies.


The Gym & Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

So your partner has joined the Gym. Is that an obvious sign your partner is cheating on you? Of course it’s not. If every partner that joined a gym was suspected of cheating the world would be in turmoil.
However, take a informed and educated approach. What do I mean by that…
Ok, so when was the last time, your partner went to the gym? Or even discussed wanting to get into better shape?
Has joining the gym even come up in conversation before?
Take a logical approach to the situation and we would never advise you to jump the gun and conclude that your partner is cheating on you just because attending the gym is somewhat of an irregular behavior. Keep in mind all the above signs that we have explained and you might see a picture emerging.
“If you’re still struggling and need to talk to a specialist, why not speak with us in confidence and with complete discretion. Our consultation is completely free and I guarantee that you will certainly feel better having a discussion with us.”

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Private Investigation

Proceeding after a private investigation

Three ways to proceed after a private investigation

Everyone has questions that they desperately want to be answered. Whether you’re pondering over your spouse’s fidelity or mulling over the whereabouts of an estranged relative, you can solve the lingering mystery with the help of a private investigator. Don’t forget though, the information you receive won’t be the end of your journey – instead, it will be the beginning of one where you’re finally in the driver’s seat. With this in mind, here are three ways that you can proceed following a private investigation.

Act immediately

The inclination may be to use your newfound knowledge the first minute you have it. This is especially true if – through a service such as surveillance – you’ve discovered that your partner has been cheating on you. The evidence obtained by a private investigator will always put you in a position of power – and it’s this that will give you leverage when you present it to those whom it concerns.

Save for later

If you move ahead with a private investigation now, there’s no reason why you should have to use the information immediately. Instead, you can keep it safe and save it until you’re ready to use it. For example, perhaps you’ve tracked down a long-lost relative. Even if you discover their new address now, you can always keep it handy for a more opportune time such as Christmas when it might be easier to start building bridges.


There’s actually no reason why you have to act after obtaining information from a private investigator. In actual fact, you can just rest comfortably knowing that it has answered your question and provided you with peace of mind moving forwards. This could be the plan of action in a whole manner of circumstances, including if you discover that your partner hasn’t actually been having an affair.

First, you need the answers

A private investigator will put you in a privileged position – one far from where you are right now. No matter when (or if) you decide to use the information, it’s always extremely handy to have at your disposal. For more information, contact Private Investigations UK to find out what services you can take advantage of.

Hire a UK Private Investigator

Does your best friend need help? Hire a UK Private Investigator

Does your best friend need help? Hire a UK Private Detective for them

London is currently home to 8.7 million people, but those who live there can still struggle to find good friends. That’s why you’ll no doubt want to stop your best mates from making bad decisions when they start a new relationship in the capital.

If you’re concerned that there’s something suspicious about your pal’s new partner, then you might want to consider hiring a private investigator. Here are four times this would be the best plan of action.

1. Your friend is in denial

A new relationship can cause people to see through rose-tinted glasses. It’s possible that they might be in denial when it comes to the likelihood that their other half is lying to them or playing away behind their back. If your pal is unlikely to turn to a private detective themselves then you will have to do it for them.

2. You want to present irrefutable evidence

Your best friend could react badly if you suggest that their partner has been cheating without any evidence to support your accusations. Rather than risk damaging your friendship, a private detective can gather proof through methods such as surveillance. You can then present this to your mate without fear that they’ll question you.

3. The relationship is progressing rapidly

You might be worrying that your friend is moving too fast with their new partner. This could become apparent if they quickly take big steps in their relationship, such as moving in together or opening a joint bank account. A private investigator could dig up dirt on your friend’s partner’s love life to discover if they’ve previously hurried along other romances. This could be a sign that the romance won’t last.

4. You need more information

One way or another you can put your mind at rest by instructing a private detective to carry out a background check on this mystery person. This could flag up important information, such as their criminal history. Once you know the facts you can then let your mate know if they need to be careful.

Be a good friend

Best mates shouldn’t be afraid to go above and beyond and support each other. That’s why you shouldn’t dawdle when it comes to making sure that your pal’s new romance won’t end in misery. For information on hiring a private detective, get in touch with Private Investigations UK.

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Could a private investigator save your marriage

Could an infidelity investigation save your marriage?

Could an infidelity investigation save your marriage?

When in a committed relationship, neither party wants to think of the other being dishonest or cheating with someone else. Unfortunately, however, this is an all too common occurrence. In some cases, a spouse may cheat on their partner for months, or even years, before it comes to light.

Whilst an affair can be devastating for a marriage, it is often the on-going secrecy and lies which cause the most damage. Although people may sometimes suspect that their spouse is cheating, they lack the evidence to prove it.

Finding the right evidence

With on-going denials, it can be impossible to move forward and find a way to repair the marriage or decide whether to separate. A cheating spouse investigation can, therefore, confirm whether your partner is being unfaithful and allow you to determine how to proceed.

Can a private investigator help?

Often, a spouse will attempt to find out whether a partner is cheating without any help. This can be time-consuming, emotionally exhausting and, ultimately, unsuccessful. By working with a professional detective agency, however, you can ensure that any relevant evidence is sourced, without having to commit to investigation work yourself.

Using professional techniques, such as surveillance services or phone number traces, an experienced private detective can access the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Surveillance services in the City of London

When a spouse is cheating, they will often meet people in busy areas, such as large towns and cities. People are more likely to be anonymous in larger areas, such as the City of London, and they may feel that they are less likely to be caught.

Indeed, locating someone in a large city can be complex, but with the help of a professional private investigator, you can access the information you need.

Tracing people with a private investigator

If you suspect your spouse is cheating and you want to find out who they’re having an affair with, you may need to ask your private investigator to activate a trace. This can confirm whether an affair is taking place and if so, who with.

Get in touch

Whilst accessing this type of information can be traumatic, finding out whether your spouse is cheating can also be invaluable. To find out more about how a private investigator could help you, contact us today.

Practical Tips From A Private Investigator

Practical tips from a Private Investigator

Practical tips from a private investigator for catching a cheating spouse in London

If you live in London and you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, it’s a good idea to hire a private detective in London to confirm your suspicions. In the meantime, here are a few practical things that you can do yourself.

Keep records on your cheating spouse

Unless someone has a very good memory, it’s pretty easy to catch them out telling you untruths. Keep a diary of your spouse’s alleged activities, including dates, times, places etc. If your spouse then changes their story or gives you conflicting information about a particular day, you will have written proof that they are lying.

Check receipts and bills

Look at receipts for petrol to see where your spouse filled-up and at restaurant bills. If your other half has been travelling out of the London area without a good reason, they could be meeting up with a lover.

Note down details of your cheating spouse’s phone activity

Note down the time, date and number of all incoming phone calls, especially any that are ‘dropped’ when you pick up. Note also if your spouse leaves the room to take calls to their mobile or habitually puts their phone on silent when you are in the room.

If your spouse leaves their phone unattended, you may be able to sneak a look at their call log. If you find high numbers of calls to one seemingly innocuous number, this could be red flag. Remember that cheaters often keep their lover’s number under someone else’s name to avert suspicion.

Resources for catching a cheating spouse

The best resource for catching a cheating spouse is a private detective or private investigator in London. A private detective can also check on your spouse’s background to see if they have lied to you about their past.

In addition to this you can download apps to your phone that will allow you to see where your spouse’s phone is at any time. GPS tracking devices can also be used, allowing you to see where your spouse’s vehicle is 24 hours a day. Computer monitoring software can be used to show all of your spouse’s online activity.

In conclusion

In the majority of cases, one or more of the options above will help you to determine if your spouse is cheating on you. However, for confidential advice and guidance, contact us today.

Hire a Private Investigator

Hire a private investigator?

Should you hire a private investigator?

Although hiring a private investigator can seem excessive, an experienced detective’s agency can actually provide a cost-effective and efficient way of getting the information you need. Unfortunately, people aren’t always as honest as we’d like them to be. By commissioning a private investigator, you can ensure that you aren’t being tricked or that you aren’t becoming a victim of fraud.

Invaluable investigative services

Whilst a private detective’s expertise can be invaluable when it comes to your business or job, you may also require the assistance of an investigator when it comes to your personal life. It’s a sad fact that many spouses lie or attempt to evade the truth and this can have a devastating effect on the victim.

Need assistance with a personal matter?

If you’re concerned that a spouse is cheating or hiding something, you may want to consider launching an infidelity investigation. Whether your suspicions are valid or not, using private investigation services can give you peace of mind, as well as security.

What can a cheating spouse investigator help with?

When it comes to infidelity investigations, every client is different. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you may simply want this confirmed. Alternatively, if you want to find out who they’re cheating with, a private investigator may be able to access this information for you.

Make sure your partner has no dark secrets

In some cases, you may want to uncover information prior to getting married. By confirming your partner’s fidelity now, you could save yourself a lot of heartache and the possibility of a costly divorce in the future.

Although no one wants to discover their loved one is cheating, it’s often better to know the truth. Once you have the information, you are able to make an informed decision about the future of your relationship. Indeed, catching a cheating spouse in the act can be cathartic, particularly if you’ve suspected them of being unfaithful for some time.

Professional, Discreet and Confidential Detectives Agency

If you want to find out how a cheating spouse investigator could assist you, we can help. To learn more about the role of a private investigator or to find out how surveillance services could benefit you, why not get in touch with us today?

Matrimonial Investigations

Spying on your cheating partner?

Beware of what might happen if you’re caught spying on your cheating partner

The slightest inkling that your partner may be cheating can be enough for you to take drastic measures. You’ll want to gather as much information as you can – and often you won’t stop until you know all the facts. However, you should resist the urge to personally surveil your loved one. After all, a private investigator can do the job for you and provide you with everything you need to know. If you’re thinking of spying on your partner yourself, you should be aware of these four things that could happen if you get caught.

You react on impulse

Your emotions would no doubt be running high during your mission. If your worst nightmare were to come true and you discovered your significant other doing the dirty, you’d be better served not to act on impulse because this could result in you regretting your behaviour. Meanwhile, a private detective will reveal their findings to you in a calm environment so you can think about your next step reasonably.

You don’t collect evidence

If your partner catches you before a pivotal moment, you might not find the evidence – say a photo of a passionate kiss – that you need to put your mind at rest. This could mean that your hopes of finding out the truth are dashed. On the other hand, a private investigator can obtain a variety of pictures and videos through their own means of surveillance.

You ruin your relationship

Your partner might not react well to being followed – especially if they believe that you don’t have any evidence to support your claims. In the most brutal terms, they could brand you as ‘irrational’ and call it quits on the relationship. Oppositely, if you use a private investigator your partner can’t talk their way out of their predicament and instead must face the music.

Questions remain unanswered

Once your partner has caught you spying, it’s up to them what information they divulge about their infidelity. This might be the bare minimum, missing out key details such as dates and names. You can be rest assured that a private detective would obtain all of these details and more through their own investigation.

Use a professional

Avoid being caught spying by turning to a private investigator to do the job for you. For more information on doing this, get in touch with Private Investigations UK.

Is your partner cheating

Is your partner cheating? Here’s what could happen WITHOUT help from a private investigator

Is your partner cheating?

You can’t risk ignoring even the slightest sign that your partner could be doing the dirty. Therefore, you should take strides to collect evidence and confront them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do – that is, unless you turn to a private investigator for help. If you don’t go down this route, here are three things that could happen without assistance from a professional detective.

You could lose the upper hand

If you confront your other half without any firm evidence, it’s likely that they will merely refute your claims and label them as fantasy. This can put you in a particularly delicate position where you appear deluded, over-reactive and vulnerable. You could find that this changes the dynamic of your relationship and puts you in a poor place to further investigate. Meanwhile, a private investigator will ensure that you obtain the right evidence to keep you in the driver’s seat.

The romance may develop

If you never get down to the bottom of your partner’s infidelity, your significant other will probably continue to play away. It may be sad to acknowledge, but this only increases the likelihood that the romance will develop and that your partner could one day leave you for the other person. Luckily, a private investigator can work quickly to make sure that you find out the facts in the early days.

A third-party may become involved

One of the worst possible outcomes would be for someone else to catch your partner in the act. This could happen if a friend, relative or work colleague were to find your partner wining and dining someone else. This information could then spread around your workplace, social circles and family gathering – therefore only adding to the humiliation and betrayal that you feel. Thankfully, a private investigator will treat the same information with the utmost confidence and deliver it to you tactfully and quickly.

Find the answers today

You can stop your cheating partner in their tracks with the help of a private investigator. Whether you want to have your partner surveilled or just gather information on the other person, get in touch with Private Investigations UK for help today.

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Surveillance Private Investigators

surveillance services

When should you use surveillance services?

State-of-the-art technology means that surveillance services are now more effective than ever. If you need to track someone, identify someone who is harassing you or a trace a phone number, engaging in surveillance services could be the ideal way to do it.

However, people don’t always realise just how useful surveillance can be. In fact, using a private investigator or a detective’s agency can be beneficial in many situations.


Catch a cheating partner

Infidelity investigations are often carried out when one spouse suspects another may be cheating. However, surveillance services can also be used during divorce proceedings or by people who are due to be married.

If you’re hesitant about using surveillance services in your personal life, you needn’t be. A marriage or a long-term relationship can be a costly investment, both financially and emotionally. It’s important to protect yourself from harm and you’ll want to know the truth about your spouse or partner, whether you’re due to be married, currently wed or going through the process of divorce.


Identify a thieving employee

Unfortunately, not all businesses can rely on their staff to act appropriately. In some cases, a rogue employee may steal from the business. Whilst this may simply be a case of taking cash from the till, more sophisticated methods of stealing may be in place as well.

Employees could embezzle money or transfer assets into fictitious accounts, for example, and this could cost the business dearly. However, a private investigation agency will be able to track employees and perhaps even identify odd spending patterns.

This surveillance may enable you to identify the culprit and, therefore, take action against them while protecting your business.

Track nuisance calls

If you’re being plagued by nuisance calls or threatening communications, it’s important to find out who is responsible. Tracing people or phone numbers, in addition to tracking potential suspects, can help to identify who is harassing you.

Why suffer when you don’t have to? Accessing effective surveillance services could help to keep you and your family safe and it could also give you peace of mind. To find out more about working with a private investigator, why not get in touch with us today?

Call now for a free consultation on 0800 002 9858 or 0773 043 9156 Lines are open 24 hours a day. Alternatively please contact us by email at

Private Investigators and Divorce Settlements

Private Investigators and Divorce Settlements

Private Investigators and Divorce Settlements

When one partner suspects another of cheating, they often use a private investigator to gather evidence. Whilst a devious spouse may deny the allegations, an infidelity investigation can help to confirm whether or not they are telling the truth.

Whilst couples sometimes separate as a result of an infidelity, there are many other issues which can cause a marriage or civil partnership to break down. If you’re going through a divorce or if you and your spouse have decided to separate, it may be important to seek help from a private investigator.


Private Investigators help you get what you deserve

Generally, the actual divorce or dissolution proceedings are handled separately to any financial agreements. There are strict rules governing the handling of joint assets when a union breaks down and these issues are often decided by a judge.

However, one spouse may attempt to hide money or assets in order to pay less when the divorce is finalised. Clever accounting and the use of off-shore accounts can leave one spouse with much less than they are entitled to.


Private Investigators uncover your partners financials

By using private investigator or a detectives agency, you can expose your partner’s true financial standing and ensure that the divorce settlement is handled appropriately and fairly.

Unfortunately, a divorce is often an acrimonious process and there is no guarantee that your spouse will approach the process amicably. Even if you share children, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be willing to acknowledge all their assets.


Providing for your future with the help of a Private Investigator

A bad settlement could leave you struggling to pay bills and you may even be forced to sell your home. To avoid this additional stress, why not use surveillance services to gather the information you need?

If you’re approaching a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, it’s important to get what you deserve. Although it’s bound to be a difficult time emotionally, it’s essential that you enforce your rights.


Private Investigator digs deep into your partners hidden assets

Rather than allowing your partner to have a damaging effect on your future, a private investigator agency can help you to determine just how much capital your spouse has and you can use this information to ensure you reach a just and equitable settlement.

To find out more about the benefits of using a private investigator, why not contact us today?

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