Reasons to hire a private investigator for background checks

Reasons to hire a private investigator for employee background checks

Reasons to hire a private investigator for employee background checks

All employers need to be extremely careful about the workers they hire. This is particularly the case for roles that entail the control of finance or personal data of individuals or business clients. This is why background checks are a critical aspect for all new hires in the UK. Using a UK private detective to carry out background checks on new hires or existing employees can be one way to source the information required.

Reasons to use a private detective for employee background checks

There are many ways a private investigation agency can help ensure the accuracy of data supplied for background checks on employees and make sure new recruits to your business are all they seem. It’s not just a case of carrying out a couple of employee reference checks for new hires nowadays, particularly when workers are hired for sensitive roles.

Using private detective services to carry out comprehensive new hire or current employee background checks helps provide any business with peace of mind about the character of the workers employed.

Top reason for hiring a Private Investigator

Many private individuals adopt multiple personas nowadays due to the effects of the internet and social media. Using a discreet, professional private detective helps weed out the types of employee that could cause major damage to any business.

Companies are inundated with applications from potential workers each time they advertise a vacancy. No matter how impressive candidates are during the interview process, it’s difficult to actually get a feel for their behaviour while in the workplace. Carrying out pre-employment background checks for new hires is important for jobs in sensitive positions and for senior roles in any workplace. After all, making the wrong hiring decision can ultimately impact on teams and relationships with clients and customers, and cause very real problems for a company.

Private investigators in the UK can check out potential employees’ qualifications and conduct in-depth research into any prior employment history. Details on background, financial information and DRB checks can also be obtained if required.

Private Investigations UK offers employee background checks and lots more investigative services. If you need a private detective in the UK, get in touch for more details on or 0044 (0) 207 1129309

UK Private Investigator And Private Detectives

UK Private Investigator And Private Detectives

When Is It Legal To Hire A Private Investigator

Hiring a Private Investigator to help you in your difficult times, is always 100% legal. No matter what situation you find yourself in, that does not dictate whether hiring a private investigator is legal or not. However, it is the responsibility of the private investigator to advise you on the legalities of what you are asking to be carried out. For instance, if you are looking to find someone who owes you money and the person is not responding to your calls and letters, it is perfectly legal for you to instruct a private investigator to you find the person.

You may have a situation where you suspect your partner may not be telling you the whole truth about something. In this scenario, we would welcome you to speak to our private investigator for some discreet, professional advice on the matter. Our private investigators are highly experienced and will provide you with a cost effective approach to uncovering the truth. This can be achieved by carrying out covert surveillance or some background checks. In any case, you can be rest assured that our private detective agency will provide you with the best advise for your particular case as we do not take a blanket approach to every case. Being Preston and London based, our investigation services can be deployed with short notice all across the UK.

With a team of 300 Professional Private Investigators in UK and overseas, we can help you almost anywhere in the world with our professional team of international investigators. Our investigation services are all tailored around your requirements whether it is a domestic or commercial investigation. Here are a few examples of our services:

Finding People

Many people find themselves in a difficult situation of having to find someone. This is an investigation service that many investigator agencies do offer, but not all specialise in this area of expertise.

Do you need to find someone?

As an investigator company that specialises in finding people, our professional private investigators leave no stones un-turned. The techniques used by our private detective agency have been perfected like a fine art through years of experience and in house training. We are results driven and keep all tracing enquiries open until our private investigators find the correct person that you are looking for.

Our private detective agency was contacted by a parent who was looking to find his son who had been missing without any contact for years. Aside from contacting other investigator agencies, the client had contacted the police a number of times to help find his son. With every avenue not producing a positive outcome, the parent contact our private investigator agency with great reluctance. After speaking with the client for a length of time, we clearly understood the severity of the situation and the parent’s desperation to see his son again. Our London detectives got right on the case and began to follow all lines of enquiries. As part of of our lines of enquiry, we also search through any online profiles. Searching through facebook, we found an account that belonged to our clients son. So the search began. Further searches showed a potential relationship with a colleague. Now we had a potential second person to find. It transpired that the clients son had somehow changed his name with the hope of evading ever being found. We did eventually find the son and the client was happily reunited with him. The entire case took approximately 3 months to complete, but keeping the client updated throughout the case gave our client the peace of mind that he needed.

Background Checks

Over recent years, we have seen an increase in the volume of enquiries related to background checks from the domestic market. Our private investigator company is often contacted by people looking to find out information for a whole host of reasons. This could be from background checks on nannies to business associates. Another new area that has seen an increase is in the number of background checks requested on potential life partners. Yes! it’s true. So many people are now considering a full background check on a partner before getting too involved. In today’s age of smartphone and dating sites so easily accessible, it is an option to seriously consider. I would certainly recommend it. It is always surprising to know what skeletons people have hidden from the ir partners. I’m afraid there is no hiding when our highly experienced private investigators are on the case. As explained earlier, our reach surpasses far beyond the remits of the united kingdom and armed highly experienced international private investigators, we get results. For years our private investigator agency has perfected our craft and we continue to stay ahead with advances in the use technology for extracting intelligence.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance is one of the most popular services that our private investigator agency is hired to carry out. Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced, discreet and above all, professional private investigators. These professional private investigators have acquired a wealth of unrivaled experience through their military background. So be rest assured you are in the best of hands. The discreet and confidential service of Private Investigations UK will give you the peace of mind throughout this difficult period.

When our private investigators carry out surveillance, they may use covert hidden cameras to gather the evidence you need. Don’t worry, this is all legal and above board. Our private investigators only use cameras that facilitate time and date stamp. This way the person under observation can never dispute our findings.

Do you need a private investigator in london? Our private investigator team in london can be deployed with short notice. Being familiar with the territory gives our private investigators an added advantage. Contacting a private investigator is never easy. We appreciate it can be an unnerving experience. Don’t worry, our friendly and above all professional approach will give you peace of mind. You can expect a detailed free consultation so we get a better understanding of the situation. This is your chance to explain everything in detail. After all, we can only best advise you once we know everything. Our sympathetic, friendly and compassionate approach will soon have you at ease. Trust is everything in our industry. So having your trust in us is paramount. Coupled with our professional indemnity insurance, your mind will be put at ease by also knowing that we are members of united kingdom and international professional bodies.

How To Hire A Good Private Investigator

Hiring a good private investigator whether you are in London or any part of the country, is paramount to the success of the investigation.

Have you checked the reviews? or googled the business? That would be a good place to start.

The industry of private investigators in the UK is currently unlicensed and unregulated. This of course, is a cause of concern. However, don’t despair. Private investigations UK has been been thoroughly screened and vetted by the industry leading National and International professional bodies such as UKPIN, WAPI, CII and hold a current data protection licence. Furthermore, as a reputed private investigator agency throughout the UK, we hold the appropriate insurance that covers all the investigative work we carry out.

If you haven’t been recommended a firm then follow the steps below to ensure that you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy Private Investigator to help you with your situation.

1. Call the advertised telephone number. There has been a significant increase of “part-time” private investigators in the industry lately. We are finding that new investigators coming into the industry are dipping their toe in the water before taking the plunge. They are still in full time employment elsewhere and trying out the investigation industry as a possible new line of work. You do ‘NOT’ want your sensitive case to be handled by someone trying their hand at being an investigator. If the phone is not answered, there could be a number of reasons, the ‘private investigator’ is still at the full time work so can`t answer your call or maybe he is just not available. In either event, you need your call answered right away.

2. Do your due diligence on the company. Hiring a private investigator can sometimes cost in the thousands. It is imperative that you confirm if the private investigator you are looking to hire, is either self-employed or a registered company. If the private investigator has a registered ltd company, you can confirm the business details here. If the private investigator is self-employed, then make sure you have all the contact details before progressing the matter further. However, my advice to you would be to always hire the services of a private investigator who has a registered business.

3. Confidentiality. When disclosing your inner most personal detail and sensitive information, you need to know that it is protected and in safe hands. So how do you do this? Well, it`s easier then you may have thought. Every private investigator in the UK is required by law to have a valid Data Protection Licence as they are handling and processing private and confidential data. So, to be on the safe side, make sure you check that your private investigator is a DPA licence holder before parting with any money. You can check if the firm holds a valid licence here.

4. Consultation. Ok, let`s say that you have done your due diligence on the private investigator and you are happy to move forward. Make sure that you are not charged for a consultation over the phone. If you are, then it`s quite possible that the firm you are speaking with is only interested in your money. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person you are speaking to on the other end of the phone as you are about to reveal your most private and personal information for most probably the very first time and you need to make sure that you and the private investigator are a good fit. It`s important that you are given the time, attention and good advice on how to deal with your situation.

5. Communication. Make sure you do communicate with the private investigator via email and keep a record of your correspondence for future reference. If the Private investigator that you are in communication with is using a Hotmail, gmail, or yahoo account, proceed with caution as anyone can set up a generic email address. Check to see if the private investigator has a website. If there is no website, I would tread with caution. If there is a website then the email should be coming from their domain. For example instead of receiving an email from, you should get an email from

6. The Fee. When hiring a private investigator, the fee from case to case is always different as some cases may require more than one private investigator and there are also many other factors. However, after the consultation the private investigator should be able to tell you from the outset, what the fee for the case would be. In some cases the private investigator may ask for a retainer and a fee limit in which to work with. This is perfectly normal. In many cases the private investigator will tell you from the outset how many investigators this task will require, the hourly fee per investigator and how long you would require them on the task all comes down to the availability of finances. A qualified and experienced private investigator in the UK will normally charge an hourly fee ranging from from£45.00 – £65.00 per hour per agent. Please be wary of investigators offering their services very cheap as the age old saying goes… ‘You get what you pay for’ and what you get, may not be what you expected.

7. Contract. Do you really need a contract? In short the answer is Yes! Make sure that when hiring a private investigator to either investigate a case of infidelity or to trace a person, it is equally important in every case to have a contract in place. If you have a contract in place, you will know in writing, exactly what the obligations of each party are.

8. Payment. When hiring the services of a qualified private investigator, it is imperative that you choose a payment method that is both, a safe transaction and also one that has a record of payment. Try and avoid handing over hard cash.

9. Communication throughout the investigation. So you have signed the contract and made the payment but it`s all gone quiet from the investigator. Get clarification from the outset with regards to updates on the case. You need to know if it`s normal practice not to hear from the investigator agency for a few days or even a week. Every firm will work their own way but as a general rule of practice and customer care, every professional private investigator will always keep their clients updated on the progress of the case.

10. Final Report. Once the investigation is complete you need to know how the intelligence obtained will be presented to you. Is it by a simple email, by post or a professionally drafted report. For any type of a surveillance tasks you should expect nothing less than a professionally drafted surveillance report that is accompanied by time and date stamped photographs.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Good Private Investigator

Hiring a good Private Investigator will make the difference between your investigation being successful or not. A good private investigator will have the hands on experience that can only ever be acquired through years of perfecting ones craft. Just having a qualification is certainly not good enough, nor does it mean one has the ability to perform the array of tasks required to accomplish the objective.

Therefore, it is imperative to ask the question regarding experience. This will enable you to make a sound judgement if a particular Private Investigator is up to the job.

Here are some benefits of hiring a good Private investigator:

ReliabilityTransparencyExperienceHaving a client agreement in placeClear pricingAffiliation with industry leading organisationsInsured to carry out the workOne case handlerNo travel feesProfessional reporting

What Does It Cost For A Private Investigator

The cost of hiring a good Private Investigator do vary from one firm to another. But do remember, if your paying cheap, the chances are that you will be paying again. It is also important to remember that you are hiring professional help. Therefore, do remember that professional help comes with professional fees. Please don’t expect to barter the fees as you would in the souks of Marrakesh.

Below is a price list that will help you get a good idea about what you can expect to pay:

Surveillance: £45.00 – £65.00 per hour, per agent. (After a review of your case, we will advise you of how many agents would be required to achieve your objective. This is a crucial part of your investigation as you generally only get one good opportunity, and you do not want to compromise it).

Finding Someone’s Address: £249.00 – £475.00. (We will take a look at what historical information you already have about the person you are looking to find. The more information you have, generally the quicker the outcome.

Background Checks: £565.00 – £1200.00 (All depending on how deep you wish to search. Our background checks equip you with the intelligence you need to have. This will help you have a greater insight to the individual.)

Vehicle Tracking: From £375.00 a week. (When hiring a vehicle tracker, we charge on a weekly basis. However, the longer the hire, the cheaper the overall cost. We would deploy and retrieve the device)

Matrimonial Investigations: From £750.00. (Typically, our matrimonial investigations start at £750.00 and comprise of many services)

What Is The Process Of Investigation

Speak with us with 100% Confidentiality
We believe the most crucial part of the investigation is on inception of the case. Therefore listening to you patiently and compassionately, is paramount. You are encouraged to take all the time you need to fully explain your situation in as much detail as possible.

Assessment of your case
After the free, telephone consultation with you, we will assess the case keeping the key objectives of the task in mind.

Our recommendations with clear pricing
After the assessment, we will provide you with a plan of the best way to achieve your objectives without compromising the task in anyway and of course obtaining the evidence discreetly and covertly. Our advice is based of years of perfecting our craft and the extensive knowledge of the industry. The price quoted to you is always a fixed price with complete transparency and No hidden charges.

Investigation is conducted
With the plan all set, we will deploy our very best and highly skilled covert intelligence agents to carry out the task and obtain irrefutable evidence for you. Our agents are equipped with the latest in high tech, close proximity, covert equipment to get the best results for you.

You are provided with a professional report of the investigation with time and date stamped photographs and video footage which will either confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind.

So go ahead and call us on 08000029858 or 07730439156. Our service is Confidential and Discreet. If you prefer to email us, you can at


UK Private Investigator Agency

UK Private Investigator Agency

One of the most common enquiries received in our UK Private Investigator Agency is related to suspicions of a spouse being unfaithful. These are all suspicions based on many irregularities such as a change of behavior, a partner working late or even as simple as taking out a gym membership… Yes, really!

As A Private Investigator, What We Recommend You DON’T DO…

Drawing up a conclusion or even confronting your partner on the back of suspicions is treading on dangerous grounds. In many cases, clients call our UK Private Investigator Agency after they have confronted their partner and they’re getting no answers. They may have even tried investigating the matter themselves but have drawn a blank. This causes great difficulties as not only have you alerted your partner that your onto them but your partner is also going to be extra cautious from hereon in.

What Any Experienced And Reputable Private Investigator Would Recommend

In the first instance we would advise you to make a log of all the changes that you have seen in your partner. Even as far as the extra overtime at work or having to work over the weekends. In many cases we have unearthed that working over the weekend actually means a romantic get together… and of course that’s not with the partner. Another compelling sign is the extra attention paid on one’s appearance. Of course there is nothing sinister about looking after one’s self, but when it’s only whilst away from home and away from one’s partner… well that’s another story entirely.

How We Recommend You Compose Yourself

No doubt, what you’re experiencing is most probably tearing you apart and has turned your world upside down. You may have been married for over a decade and thought you had the perfectly family with beautiful children. So now, you are faced with these unexpected challenges, how do you react?
This is the time where you bring out all the guns make your lifetime Oscar winning performance… Yes really. Breaking down now is not an option. You have too much at stake and too much to lose over what may just merely be suspicions brought about innocently without any sinister motive. Stay calm and composed. Carry on like life has never been more perfect but remain observant. Continue to monitor the changes and always keep a secret log of your suspected cheating partners movements and behavior. Now Call The Professionals… Our UK Private Investigator Agency is always available to offer Free advice.

Why Use A UK Private Investigator To Uncover The Truth

One of the main reasons not to take on the task yourself is because you are too emotionally involved and a Professional UK Private Investigator undertakes investigations of similar nature on a regular basis and has all the professional equipment and vehicles to obtain the evidence you need without your partner ever knowing that his every move was being watched and recorded. Yes, we use state of the art, time and date stamped camera equipment and provide you with all the evidence in a professional surveillance report.

We offer a Free consultation, so why not discuss your situation with us with complete privacy and discretion on 0800 002 9858 or send your enquiry to

Hiring A UK Private Investigator

Hiring A UK Private Investigator

Hiring A UK Private Investigator

How often are you faced with a situation where you feel hiring a UK Private Investigator is the only option? Not very often… right? So where do you start and how can you make sure that the Private Investigator your thinking of hiring is the right choice for you. Bearing in mind that the private investigator industry in the U.K is not currently regulated, this open the doors for many rogue, fly by night individuals to set up and practice without any skill, experience or qualifications.

Before Hiring a Private Investigator, What should You Look Out For?

In the very first instance, the chances are that you did a quick search on google for a private investigator and felt compelled to call one of the first few listings at the top of the page. Please note that just because someone is listed in the top few positions on google does not mean that they are experienced and reputable. Anyone can pay to be listed in the first few listings and this does certainly not mean that this is the right fit for you. I appreciate that this may be a very emotional time in your life which is why you need help, so the last thing anyone want’s, is that you fall prey to a rogue firm.

First Step to take before hiring a Private Investigator

The very first thing I would recommend that you do, is call the number advertised on the listing during office hours and see if the call is answered. Many private Investigators embark on the journey of becoming a Private Investigator but start of as a part-time venture alongside their day job. Do you really want your case handled by a part-time private investigator? No… I didn’t think so either! If the call is answered, that’s a good sign. Now discuss your situation with the Investigator in great depth and take all the time you need. Don’t be rushed to just quickly summarise the situation. If you feel that you are being rushed and the conversation is diverted to the fee early on in the conversation, that’s generally not a positive sign and you should begin treading on the side of caution. As professional Private Investigators, our job is to help people. How can one expect to help someone or best advise them on their situation if they are not taking the time, to listen to the client?

How Does the Private Investigator Suggest They Can Help You?

Once you have briefed the Private Investigator about your situation, you should now expect a quote…right? Wrong!
You need to establish if this Private investigator has dealt with such a situation in the past and don’t feel afraid to ask about a past case. Of course the Private Investigator can’t reveal any sensitive information, but they should be able to give you an example and of course how they helped the client. Right now, you need to gain confidence in the Private Investigator you’re speaking with before discussing any fees.

Are the fees clearly quoted in a written agreement?

Being quoted a fee over the phone is fine but do not commit and make any payments over the phone or on a website without reading through the written contract. Any reputable UK private investigator will first send you a written contractual agreement clearly stating the official company registration details and address. This agreement must also clearly outline exactly what services you are paying for and what the private investigators obligations are to you. Without this crucial document, do NOT proceed. Over the years I have had many clients hiring our services after being completely disappointed with another firm where they have paid for a service without signing an agreement and of course that makes it extremely difficult to obtain a refund.

For more information please contact us Free on 0800 002 9858 or send your enquiry to

Private Investigations In The Workplace

Private Investigation In The Workplace

Private investigators aren’t just for the movies, or extreme cases you hear about in the news; they’re an effective way to check up on happenings within your business if you suspect one or more of your employees might be doing something under the radar.

Hiring a UK private investigator to assess or watch an employee, or even a business partner, will help your worries. Even if nothing sinister is revealed, it will help put your mind at ease nonetheless.

Missing stock uncovered by Private Investigator

Depending on the type of business you run, whether that’s in hospitality, working with food or drink, or a clothing store, missing stock can be a huge financial worry to any business owner. Sometimes, the explanation is perfectly innocent, but other times it can mean someone within the workplace being untrustworthy, and taking advantage of the situation. A private detective will help in investigating one or more particular employees to help you get to the bottom of missing stock. This could involve monitoring CCTV footage, following individuals or installing secret cameras.

Private Investigator Discovers Financial discrepancies

Similar to missing stock, sometimes books don’t add up either. Financial discrepancies can be extremely worrying, especially when staff have access to tills and safes. Private investigators can help gauge the severity of the issue, by investigating particular staff and watching behind the scenes for any suspicious activity. If staff are involved in stealing or moving money from the company, this is, of course, illegal and necessary steps should be taken following the result of the investigation.

Suspicious events unearthed by Private Investigator

It’s a rarity, but sometimes people take advantage of their workplace, even when it’s not them running the business, and try to operate other activities out of here without the boss knowing. This could include running private events at a restaurant and taking all of the profits, or the same with a retail store, after hours. It could also be a case of illegal activity taking place in the workplace, such as drug dealing or money laundering.

In any of these scenarios, a private detective will assess the situation, delving deep into the actions of staff members and come to a conclusion.

Interested in hiring a UK Private Detective, or more location-specific, a London Private Investigator? Simply get in touch and we can provide a full assessment and recommendation.

UK Private Detective

UK private detective can help your business avoid a costly #MeToo movement mistake

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace

The #MeToo movement has empowered more people to come forward and challenge sexual harassment and discrimination. Huge societal change is underway, and victims are increasingly empowered to pursue complaints against individuals and organisations.

Facing up to their responsibilities, companies are re-examining employee complaints and workplace policies. A costly and embarrassing harassment allegation can destroy an executive and potentially the firm they work for.

How a private investigator can help your business

Hiring our UK private detectives to conduct a background check on present and future employees makes ethical and financial sense for business. We’re already seeing a big increase in this type of commission at our London private investigator offices.

Allegations of predatory behaviour have bankrupted companies and forced scores of people out of their positions. Some practical prevention steps can ward off the threat of a potential freefall in share price and the risk of huge legal and PR costs.

Comprehensive due diligence is more important than ever

Increasingly, companies are turning to private investigators to probe historic complaints and to carry out due diligence on prospective employees and corporate acquisitions.

We can profile the background of potential executives and board members to identify potential issues before they are raised. But also, a private investigator can help clear the names of individuals accused of sexual misconduct and restore their credibility before any damaging details leak.

The numbers of people who have had their careers destroyed by ill-advised social media activity continues to increase. Often the postings that bring them down were made many years ago or in private discussions but having an investigator vet the internet history of a key appointment really can avoid embarrassment further down the line.

How we work

Typically, an investigator will begin by searching social media activity, internet databases and publicly available information before delving deeper. Developing sources, tapping into law enforcement intelligence, employment history and private lives is the next step, as is interviewing neighbours, friends, former colleagues, ex-partners and spouses to further identify risk factors.

Increasingly, firms are walking away from deals and from hiring individuals because of pre-screening undertaken by investigators. Had the organisation in question signed up, the consequences in some cases could have been devastating.

Private Investigation

Proceeding after a private investigation

Three ways to proceed after a private investigation

Everyone has questions that they desperately want to be answered. Whether you’re pondering over your spouse’s fidelity or mulling over the whereabouts of an estranged relative, you can solve the lingering mystery with the help of a private investigator. Don’t forget though, the information you receive won’t be the end of your journey – instead, it will be the beginning of one where you’re finally in the driver’s seat. With this in mind, here are three ways that you can proceed following a private investigation.

Act immediately

The inclination may be to use your newfound knowledge the first minute you have it. This is especially true if – through a service such as surveillance – you’ve discovered that your partner has been cheating on you. The evidence obtained by a private investigator will always put you in a position of power – and it’s this that will give you leverage when you present it to those whom it concerns.

Save for later

If you move ahead with a private investigation now, there’s no reason why you should have to use the information immediately. Instead, you can keep it safe and save it until you’re ready to use it. For example, perhaps you’ve tracked down a long-lost relative. Even if you discover their new address now, you can always keep it handy for a more opportune time such as Christmas when it might be easier to start building bridges.


There’s actually no reason why you have to act after obtaining information from a private investigator. In actual fact, you can just rest comfortably knowing that it has answered your question and provided you with peace of mind moving forwards. This could be the plan of action in a whole manner of circumstances, including if you discover that your partner hasn’t actually been having an affair.

First, you need the answers

A private investigator will put you in a privileged position – one far from where you are right now. No matter when (or if) you decide to use the information, it’s always extremely handy to have at your disposal. For more information, contact Private Investigations UK to find out what services you can take advantage of.

London private investigator

Using a private investigator in London

Using a private investigator London

Like many other large cities, London is always busy and regularly full of hustle and bustle. As one of the most populated areas of the UK, it can be hard to keep track of someone in such a busy area. Indeed, the densely populated boroughs of London can make it hard to determine where someone is going or who they’re going there with, hence the need to contact a private investigator in London.

When should you use a private investigator?

The anonymity associated with the city is one of the main reasons people use a private investigator in London. Unfortunately, many people travel to the city if they’re meeting someone they shouldn’t be and this can result in the need for a private detective.

Could an infidelity investigation help you?

Despite being surrounded by people, cheating spouses often assume that they won’t be recognised in a large city. Furthermore, the large number of hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as easy transport links, means that it’s the ideal place for private liaisons to take place.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, why not consider hiring a private detective in London? By carrying out an infidelity investigation, your experienced investigator can help to determine whether you’re being deceived by a spouse.

Are you engaged to be married?

Although many people assume that it’s only married spouses who require the use of a private investigator, this isn’t true at all. Currently, many people marry later in life than they did traditionally and this may mean that they have more to lose.

If you have a career, children and a house, for example, you may be wary about getting married and sharing your assets and your family. Using a detective to learn more about your fiancé or fiancée is often advisable.

Should you investigate your partner?

Confirming their fidelity and honesty before you marry, for example, can be beneficial in the long-term. While it may be painful to find out they’re cheating before your wedding, if your suspicions are accurate then it’s better to know before you walk down the aisle.

Although you may be able to work through the issue and maintain your relationship, you’ll also have the opportunity to walk away from a cheating partner without the need for a divorce or formal separation.

Take action with a private investigator now

To find out more about the benefits of using a private investigator London, why not contact us today?

Hire a UK Private Investigator

Does your best friend need help? Hire a UK Private Investigator

Does your best friend need help? Hire a UK Private Detective for them

London is currently home to 8.7 million people, but those who live there can still struggle to find good friends. That’s why you’ll no doubt want to stop your best mates from making bad decisions when they start a new relationship in the capital.

If you’re concerned that there’s something suspicious about your pal’s new partner, then you might want to consider hiring a private investigator. Here are four times this would be the best plan of action.

1. Your friend is in denial

A new relationship can cause people to see through rose-tinted glasses. It’s possible that they might be in denial when it comes to the likelihood that their other half is lying to them or playing away behind their back. If your pal is unlikely to turn to a private detective themselves then you will have to do it for them.

2. You want to present irrefutable evidence

Your best friend could react badly if you suggest that their partner has been cheating without any evidence to support your accusations. Rather than risk damaging your friendship, a private detective can gather proof through methods such as surveillance. You can then present this to your mate without fear that they’ll question you.

3. The relationship is progressing rapidly

You might be worrying that your friend is moving too fast with their new partner. This could become apparent if they quickly take big steps in their relationship, such as moving in together or opening a joint bank account. A private investigator could dig up dirt on your friend’s partner’s love life to discover if they’ve previously hurried along other romances. This could be a sign that the romance won’t last.

4. You need more information

One way or another you can put your mind at rest by instructing a private detective to carry out a background check on this mystery person. This could flag up important information, such as their criminal history. Once you know the facts you can then let your mate know if they need to be careful.

Be a good friend

Best mates shouldn’t be afraid to go above and beyond and support each other. That’s why you shouldn’t dawdle when it comes to making sure that your pal’s new romance won’t end in misery. For information on hiring a private detective, get in touch with Private Investigations UK.

Call now for a free consultation on 0207 112 9309 or 0773 043 9156 Lines are open 24 hours a day. Alternatively please contact us by email at

Could a private investigator boost your business

Hiring a private investigator can boost your business

Could a private investigator boost your business?

Hiring a private investigator can boost your business. In many cases, people use a private investigator for assistance in their personal lives. Cheating spouse investigators, for example, carry out infidelity investigations in order to help ascertain whether a partner is being faithful or not.

Working with a private investigator

However, a private detective can assist in numerous areas. If you own or operate a business, for example, you may require the services of a private investigation agency. As any business owner will know, reducing waste and cutting costs is crucial to success.

Detecting fraud with a private investigator

If you’ve streamlined your business processes and examined the books but you’re still losing money, you may need to consider other causes of lost revenue. Unfortunately, you may be the victim of employee or business partner fraud.

When someone in-house steals from you or your business, it can have catastrophic effects. In addition to harming the business financially, it can ruin personal relationships, lower morale and it may even result in bankruptcy.

Take action quickly with a private investigator or detective’s agency

If money is being taken or embezzled, it’s important to act quickly. If this type of conduct goes on for too long, it may be impossible for the business to recover. By engaging a private investigator, however, you can confirm whether business partners or employees are acting unscrupulously.

Surveillance services, for example, can be extremely useful when it comes to tracing people’s actions. If you rely on an employee to transport the day’s takings to the bank, for example, a private investigator can surveil them to ensure that the money isn’t tampered with prior to being deposited. In busy areas, such as the City of London, the hustle and bustle can make it easy for employees to remove funds prior to reaching the bank. Effective surveillance, however, will ensure that you can put a stop to such conduct.

Similarly, if strange numbers are appearing on your business phone bill and you suspect that unauthorised financial transfers are being made, a telephone number trace can be conducted. This will identify who is being contacted, which could give you some indication of whether unwanted activity is taking place.

Using a private investigator agency

No-one wants to think badly of their colleagues and you may feel somewhat disloyal if you suspect them of taking business funds. However, a private investigator can help you to get to the truth before any further harm is caused. By using a private detective to protect your interests, you can ensure that the business remains profitable and continues to benefit trustworthy employees, investors and shareholders.

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