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Cheating Partner Investigations

Over 20 years of experience

If you think your partner is cheating on you, our discreet cheater’s private investigator specialises in covert surveillance and car tracking. We have skilled professionals to provide compelling, time-stamped proof of the crime through high-quality pictures and videos, so you don’t have to deal with the mental stress of confrontation. By trusting us, you don’t have to go through situations that could be painful for yourself.

In marriage cases, the proof we’ve gathered could be very helpful in the divorce process and affect who gets what alimony. Our prenuptial investigation services give people peace of mind for their fiancées and families by ensuring all the facts are known. We are committed to privacy and care, which makes us a reliable resource for dealing with tough relationship problems.

Hire a private investigator to find out if your spouse is cheating. It can be devastating to feel like your partner is being unfaithful, especially if you don’t have any proof. Over the past 20 years, one of our expert private investigators for cheating partners has compiled a list of the biggest red flags. Before you decide whether or not you need our services, you should ask yourself the following questions about your partner:

  • Are they working late without specific explanations?
  • Are they working on weekends even?
  • Are they taking unusual business trips?

Also, suspicious working patterns can include:

  • Being very vague about where they’re going.
  • Telling you they’re going out with people you don’t know, have never met, or never even heard of before.
  • Staying out all night.
  • Claiming to have taken up a new hobby.
  • Racking up credit card bills in unknown locations.

How to spot a cheating partner

Tell-Tale Signs To Catch A Cheater

It can be difficult to spot the difference between someone who values their privacy and someone who has something to hide. If your partner is being unreasonably protective over their phone or laptop, it might look like:

  • Taking their phone into the bathroom or the shower.
  • Refusing to let you hold, touch, or look at their phone/ laptop.
  • Changing their phone/ laptop password and refusing to give it to you, even for the most trivial reasons.
  • Refusing to connect their phone to a Bluetooth car display.
  • Taking secretive phone calls
  • Constantly clearing their browser history

If your partner is being unfaithful, they might be trying to impress someone else with their appearance. Look out for:

  • Spending unusually large amounts of money on clothes, haircuts, or cosmetic treatments.
  • Suddenly exercising a lot more.
  • Spending a lot more time on their appearance

We find cheaters often feel guilty about what they are doing. To cope with these feelings, they will change their behaviours in the following ways:

  • Emotionally distancing themselves from you and refusing to discuss their feelings.
  • Ignoring you.
  • Refusing to be intimate with you.
  • Buying lavish gifts for you or your children.
  • Frequently switching between showering you with affection and neglecting you emotionally.
  • Getting irritable, frustrated, or angry more often and more easily.

In our relationship expert’s experience, answering “yes” to one or more of these questions means that there is about a 90% chance that we can get evidence that your partner is cheating on you. We can help you put your mind at ease. 

The Process

1st Step

Free Confidential Consultation

We believe the most crucial part of the investigation is at the very start of the case. This is why we offer all our prospective clients a free, no-obligation consultation of up to 30 minutes. We’ll listen with patience and compassion but without judgement. It’s an opportunity for you to share your doubts with us, as well as information you think is relevant. It’s also a chance for you to ask us any questions.
1st Step
2nd Step

Case Assessment

After your consultation, we’ll assess your case. We’re always direct and honest about the feasibility of a potential investigation, and we’ll be transparent about the likelihood of you achieving your investigative goals.
2nd Step
3rd Step

Realistic Quote

After the assessment, we’ll give you a quote for the investigation and we’ll tell you how much we need you to pay upfront. We don’t have hidden costs, and we won’t do anything that will cost you extra without asking you first.
3rd Step
4th Step

Practical Advice

We’ll also give you some practical advice about how to conduct yourself while the private investigator for cheating partner is taking place. We’ve perfected our strategies over the past 20 years and your advice will be based on our extensive knowledge of the industry. It’s important that we do this to avoid compromising the investigation.
4th Step
5th Step

Conducting the Investigation

With the plan in place, we’ll dispatch an intelligence agent to conduct the task. They’ll gather irrefutable evidence, using advanced surveillance equipment to ensure the best results.
5th Step

Final Report

We’ll compile all our findings into a professional and organised final report, which includes all relevant time-and-date stamped photo and video evidence. We’ll happily go through the report with you if you need us to, and we’re available for post-investigative support.Once you receive the report via our encrypted portal, you can go forward and make informed decisions about your life, empowered with the facts.

A Successful Cheating Partner-Couples Therapy Gone Wrong

Jane* approached us because her husband, Kevin, had been behaving suspiciously. Their marriage was already on the rocks, and they were in weekly marriage counselling.


Over time Jane noticed the marriage counsellor, Imogen, was agreeing with Kevin a lot more than she was agreeing with Jane. Jane felt side-lined in her counselling sessions and started to wonder whether there was more to the situation than she had realised.


She smelled a rat when Imogen suggested that the couple had separate counselling sessions for their marriage moving forward, but she went along with it anyway. Even though they each had one session with Imogen a week, Kevin was inexplicably absent from their home up to four times a week, and he had started disappearing from work.


This is when Jane asked for our help. We conducted routine surveillance on Kevin and discovered the shocking truth behind what he and Imogen had been up to:

  1. During Kevin’s unexplained periods of absence, he was visiting Imogen at her home.
  2. Kevin was visiting Imogen very early in the morning and in the middle of the night.
  3. When Imogen answered the door, they exchanged amorous greetings, which were definitely inappropriate for an ordinary patient-therapist relationship.

We gathered high-quality images of the affair and gave them to Jane, who then decided that her marriage was over. She was also able to make sure that Imogen couldn’t have unethical relationships with any more of her patients by getting her struck off the register of accredited counsellors. 


*Identifying details like names and locations have been changed or omitted to protect the anonymity of our clients.

Why hire an infidelity investigator?

Knowing if your suspicions about your partner’s cheating are correct can be difficult. There may be times when you need the help of a private investigator if your partner behaves strangely. A skilled relationship investigator can help people discover the truth about a partner who might be cheating and give them peace of mind. It can be hard to tell if your thoughts are correct, and the signs of cheating may be hard to spot. If you observe any cheating signs in your partner, that means you should consider hiring a relationship investigator.


If you suspect your partner of cheating, hiring a private investigator to look into the situation can be a trying and distressing experience. However, a level head and rational perspective are essential. The first thing you should do is get online and look for a good private eye who has experience with infidelity cases. A professional and insured Private Detectives should be sought out as well. When you’ve located a good private eye, you should talk to them in person about your specific issues. The investigator will talk with you and ask for any evidence of the alleged infidelity during the consultation. The investigator can use this information to better formulate a strategy. It is crucial to discuss the prospective outcome and the expense of hiring an investigator before making any commitments. When working with a private investigator, it’s crucial to keep lines of communication open and offer new data and evidence as it becomes available. It is the responsibility of the Security Industry Authority to issue licenses to private investigators in the United Kingdom.

Hiring a private investigator in the UK to catch your cheating partner can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, depending on the scope of the investigation and its geographic scope. A private investigator in the UK may charge anything from £40 to £200 per hour, with the average fee being between £75 and £100. On the other hand, certain detective agencies may demand an upfront retainer payment. For services like surveillance, some private investigators may charge a flat fee.

Yes, an experienced private investigator find out if someone is cheating. Private investigators are trained professionals who are skilled in conducting investigations and gathering evidence. They use various techniques such as surveillance, background checks, and interviewing relevant parties to uncover information. Expert private investigators can often uncover cheating partners. They are tasked with discovering people’s whereabouts, social connections, and activities. They employ a wide variety of high-tech strategies for investigating cheating partners and exposing the truth. Rest confident that the truth will be found by the skilled private investigators at Private Investigations UK.

To find unfaithful spouses, private investigators employ a range of techniques. One of the most popular techniques is surveillance, which is keeping an eye on someone’s actions and movements in order to compile proof of adultery. This may entail employing concealed cameras or GPS tracking devices, keeping an eye on the subject’s social media profiles, and more. Background checks are a different tactic that entail looking into a person’s recent and prior behaviors, including their employment history, financial situation, and social contacts. Additionally, this may entail looking through public records, consulting with friends, relatives, and coworkers, as well as utilizing cutting-edge tools like computer forensics and mobile phone data analysis. Additionally, pretext phone calls and online contact are tools that private investigators might employ to obtain information. They might also employ a variety of additional strategies, including social engineering, undercover operations, and vehicle tracking. Every case is unique, and the methods of research utilized will depend on the particular facts and data provided by the client.

To catch cheaters, private investigators use a range of strategies. Surveillance, background checks, and interviewing pertinent individuals are some of the most popular techniques. The act of keeping an eye on someone’s movements and acts in order to document their conduct is known as surveillance. This may entail employing concealed cameras or GPS tracking devices, keeping an eye on the subject’s social media profiles, and more. Investigations into a person’s past and present actions, including employment history, financial situation, and social connections, are part of background checks. Interviewing pertinent individuals, such as acquaintances, family members, and coworkers, can potentially yield insightful data on a person’s behaviour. In order to obtain evidence, private investigators may also make use of cutting-edge technologies like computer forensics and mobile phone data analysis. Every case is unique, and the methods of research utilised will depend on the particular facts and data provided by the client.



John provided my company a brilliant service. Surveillance was needed to check if an employee was really off sick or not. We were provided with a very professional and fast service, and a very clear, detailed report. This helped the company to obtain all the evidence that we needed. I Will definitely be using John again. Thank you.


The service i received was brilliant. Very professional and discreet. I had a feeling that my partner was cheating on me and unfortunately it turned out i was right. John was very sympathetic and was very helpful with all his good advise. He helped me get through a very tough experience. I will always be very grateful. Thank you John.


I can well recommend these services John was very committed and finally got my results. Whenever you need advice or someone to listen this man is dedicated and advises the way to go. Thank you John. I.can well recommend this company.




Is your husband or wife behaving strangely? PI UK can help.

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We believe a successful marriage begins with an investigation. Make sure you know who you’re welcoming into your family.

PI UK’s relationship expert has put together a list of red flags to look out for in your relationship.

Divorces are always unpleasant, especially if things get messy. PI UK can help.

Our infidelity investigator answers every question you could have about looking into unfaithful partners.

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