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Private investigator for child custody

Why a Private Detective Might be Needed

Child custody cases can be complicated as both parents often believe they are doing what is best for the child. However, courts need evidence showing who can take the best care of the child or if there are any risks to the physical and mental health of the child.

Hiring a private detective may be the right step in such cases, as they can monitor parents’ behaviour and determine if there is anything amiss with the care provided to children, including any suspected misuse of substances like drugs or alcohol.

If the investigator discovers anything that could jeopardise a child’s safety, they can report it and then use this evidence in court as support for their client’s side of the story. However, their main goal is always to ensure the child remains safe and gets a healthy childhood experience.

What is a Child Custody Investigation?

Child Custody And Family Law Investigations​

A child custody investigation is a special kind of investigation that makes sure a child is safe and well-cared for during a dispute about who the child should live with, usually during divorce cases. The detective monitors how the child lives, such as the condition of the house, how the child is treated, and if they are in any danger like being neglected or around bad influences like drug use; visit NSPCC’s website for more information on drug use in child custody cases.

They use tools like cameras and even interview people who know the family to gather information​​​​.The information the detective finds out is then given to a judge. This helps the judge decide who the child should live with and how much decision power each parent has for their child. There are different arrangements, like one parent being in charge (sole custody) or both parents sharing responsibilities and time with the child (joint custody)​​.

Our detectives are experts at finding the truth quietly and without being noticed. They make sure everything they discover is true and can even testify as witnesses in court about their findings. This helps the court make the best choice for the child’s happiness and safety​​.

So, if there is a concern about a child’s safety or happiness, this kind of investigation ensures the child’s needs come first, helping the judge decide what is best for the child.

Child Custody Investigators


People ask for our help because a child custody agreement is either in progress or has concluded with an unsatisfactory outcome. Clients usually contact us because they don’t think the other parent is fulfilling their responsibilities.

Types of Child Custody

Child Custody Investigation Services

Child Custody Investigations help determine the best living situation for a child when parents are separating. Investigators look into how the child is being cared for and if there are any risks to their well-being. They check for things like neglect or substance abuse; this information can then be used in court to decide custody.

Sole Custody:

Sole custody means one parent holds both physical and legal custody over their child, including making major decisions regarding schooling, religion and healthcare without needing to consult with or seek permission from both parties involved. Parent A has sole control of where and with whom their child will reside.

However, parent B may still visit occasionally but will have no say in important decisions that involve their child’s future living arrangements. Courts only grant sole custody if they deem one of the parents unfit to take care of the child due to factors like drug use or mistreatment of the child in some way.

Moving can also be challenging in a sole custody situation when it affects the other parent’s visitation rights and involvement with their child’s life. Courts typically prefer arrangements where both parties participate, although sole custody may be awarded if it’s best for the child.

Joint Custody:

In joint custody, both parents share equal responsibility for raising their child, including making decisions together and sharing parenting time equally. However, it doesn’t always mean the child lives half the time with each parent, but both parties should be involved in making important decisions that benefit their child’s best interests. Every family’s situation varies, so the way joint custody works can vary significantly from case to case.

Legal Custody:

Legal custody gives parents the power to make major decisions for their child’s healthcare, education, and religious upbringing. Legal custody can either be shared between both parents or awarded solely.

Physical Custody:

Physical custody refers to who a child lives with and provides for their everyday needs; it differs from legal custody, which involves making major decisions for the child. Parents can share physical custody with each other or have sole physical custody, with only one of them having sole responsibility. Courts will decide which option will best protect and serve each child’s interests after analysing the information provided by the private investigators.

All Other Types of Background Checks


If you want to challenge the outcome of a court-mandated arrangement, you might need to prove that circumstances have changed or present evidence not previously heard. We can get you the proof you need to apply to the courts for a Child Custody Modification. You might have reservations about hiring a private investigator in a child custody investigation battle. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out to us. We assure you that our service is confidential, discreet, and professional. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your child is safe and happy.

How Can A UK Private Detective Help in a Child Custody Case?

Private investigators can gather evidence to persuade the court to grant you custody. Without concrete proof, your word won’t carry much weight in court. Private investigators utilise three primary approaches when gathering evidence for child custody disputes:


If you are concerned about how much care your former partner provides for your child, hiring expert private detectives like us may be beneficial. PIs are experts at discreetly monitoring people without being noticed and can quickly check if your child is receiving adequate treatment and spot any harm or neglect taking place. Furthermore, private detectives can detect whether someone is using drugs or alcohol, providing insight into their home life and behaviour patterns.

Your private investigator will follow those you suspect, carefully watching their activities and gathering critical intelligence on them – this can be especially useful when dealing with child custody cases. Detectives can also be helpful in gathering evidence of cohabitation between your ex-partner and someone else when they have yet to inform the court about this new situation. Such evidence can be invaluable in court cases when deciding who the child should live with.

Witness statements

A private investigator can interview people who personally know your target and have seen how they act. They ask these independent witnesses about the person’s behaviour, how fit they are to be in charge of a child, and what kind of person they generally are. Getting these kinds of statements is a usual thing to do and can be solid evidence in court. If you think your ex-partner is not acting right, a private investigator can chat with the people they work with or their business partners to see if your worries are valid. This can help prove or disprove your concerns.

Background information

Private investigators can do background checks on potential partners to uncover any unsettling evidence, such as criminal behaviour. Furthermore, they will check to see if your ex has enough funds to care for their children properly. Private detectives can investigate the backgrounds of anyone close to your ex-partner – such as family, neighbours and coworkers. This helps ensure your child has the best environment possible.


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Cost of Private Investigator For Child Custody

Child Custody Investigation Prices

The cost of hiring a private investigator for child custody case in the UK varies based on several factors, including the type of service needed, the complexity of the case, and the investigator’s experience. Generally, private investigators charge an hourly rate that ranges from £30 to £200 per hour. Some investigators may also require a retainer fee or a minimum number of hours to begin the investigation​​.

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