Corporate Investigations

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Trust is essential within any business, and with more and more employees abusing their employers trust, it is no surprise that an increasing number of company’s and businesses are looking to hire private investigators for background research and further, more detailed reports. Company’s have an obligation to ensure that their employees are who they claim to be and also to ensure that their business partners and suppliers can be trusted. There is concern amongst CEO’s that as heads of corporations, they could be held accountable for corporate offences undertaken by employee’s, and this has led to a large increase in the number of private investigators hired.

Corporate responsibility covers two areas:

Due diligence

Employers need to be certain that their employees are working legally and have any required documentation, legally. This includes qualifications and registrations with relevant governing bodies, as well as ‘right to work’ documentation and checks. Companies need to also ensure that their employees are who they claim to be and have relevant CRB checks where needed. With an increasing number of fake qualifications and other forms of documentation available, it is more important than ever to conduct background checks. Many companies are using private investigators to undergo this legwork and, hiring them to check CV’s and the background of potential employees.

International working

With the increasing benefits of globalization, many large and medium sized companies have links with overseas suppliers, manufacturers or branches. The risk with this international aspect of business is the inability to meet your partners on a regular basis, face to face. With the increased distance comes an increased risk to your company in terms of links to corruption, overcharging, illegal working conditions and even tax dodging or smuggling. Hiring a private investigator has become a popular method for some companies to avoid the fate of being tarred with this kind of activity and private investigators have been able to conduct research and surveillance to ensure the safety and reputation of their client.

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