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Trace a Debtor UK

UK's Number 1 Debtor Tracing Agent

At PIUK, we are proud to offer our debtor tracing service, which is second to none. Rated as one of the UK’s best debt tracing agencies, our promise to you is simple: success or no fee. You won’t pay a penny if we can’t find your debtor; trust us to deliver results with confidence.

Don't Write Off Your Debts

Locate Your Debtors

Millions of pounds in debt aren’t collected every year because debtors move and don’t give new contact information, making it look like they can’t be found. Our specialised debtor tracking services can help you solve this problem by confirming and finding your debtors so you can contact them. Our broad search filters, including date of birth, last name, or partial postcode, ensure the investigation is complete. Our trace and investigation team can quickly find a debtor using several live databases and real-time credit-linked information.

Why Use PIUK For Debtor Tracing?

You will never regret choosing PIUK for Debtor Tracing in the UK; we bring peace of mind and assurance of quality. With more than 20 years of experience in the field and a remarkable 98% success rate, our team stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. Our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by a no trace/no fee guarantee on almost all our services, ensuring you only pay when we deliver results.

Our approach combines sophisticated information-gathering techniques with a great team of skilled and dependable experts spread across the country. This blend of technology and human expertise enables us to tackle even the most challenging cases with precision.

At UK private investigator, we prioritise your needs, ensuring swift and efficient service. Our operations strictly adhere to the country’s legislation, guaranteeing that our methods are effective and fully compliant with legal standards. Trust PIUK to deliver the debtor tracing results you need with the professionalism and speed you deserve.


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We specialise in uncovering the past. PI UK offers private background checks for businesses and individuals.

Due Diligence helps you to ensure that your company is safe when you make major decisions.



John provided my company a brilliant service. Surveillance was needed to check if an employee was really off sick or not. We were provided with a very professional and fast service, and a very clear, detailed report. This helped the company to obtain all the evidence that we needed. I Will definitely be using John again. Thank you.


The service i received was brilliant. Very professional and discreet. I had a feeling that my partner was cheating on me and unfortunately it turned out i was right. John was very sympathetic and was very helpful with all his good advise. He helped me get through a very tough experience. I will always be very grateful. Thank you John.


I can well recommend these services John was very committed and finally got my results. Whenever you need advice or someone to listen this man is dedicated and advises the way to go. Thank you John. I.can well recommend this company.



Find a Debtor Quickly and Easily

Benefit From PIUK's 98% Success Rate

Once you entrust us with your case, we immediately assign one of our award-winning, seasoned in-house Debtor Tracing agents UK to the task. They begin a thorough investigation, utilising both the information you provide and any additional data we can uncover.

Our expert services include:

Tracing money owed to you: We locate the funds owed to you, ensuring a smoother debt recovery process.
Debt recovery expertise: Our team skillfully navigates the complexities of recovering your debts.
Tracing a Debtor Online: We Leverage digital tools and databases to find debtors quickly.
Skip Tracing: Ideal for locating elusive debtors, whether it’s a tenant who has disappeared or someone who owes you money.
Tenant tracing: Find tenants who have disappeared, leaving rent unpaid.
Loan debtor tracing: We can locate individuals with outstanding bank or personal loans.

PIUK operates according to the highest standards in the industry. Our access to extensive databases, combined with our investigative prowess, sets us apart, offering you unparalleled success in debtor tracing. Read more about how to find a person by name.

How do we trace money owed by a debtor?

Tracing money owed by a debtor requires extensive investigation and time.
Whether you are seeking to locate a tenant who hasn’t paid rent (known as Skip Tracing), a friend who owes you money, or someone who has defaulted on a loan, the approach varies based on the available information and the level of service needed. PIUK can find a debtor swiftly and effectively, utilising an array of resources not widely accessible to the public.

The more information you provide about the debt recovery case, the easier our task becomes. We prioritise meticulousness and discretion in all our inquiries.

Regardless of which debt recovery service you select from our comprehensive list, we will compile and deliver a report detailing all the information we have gathered for you. In addition to verifying and providing the debtor’s address, we often are able to provide additional contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. Read more about our phone number tracing services.

We Understand Your Needs

Debtor Address Search

PIUK excels in locating debtors’ current addresses by employing a strategic combination of credit agency data and extensive desktop research. This method meticulously verifies any address links provided by credit agencies, ensuring we get the most accurate results possible for debtor tracing UK.

Our debtor tracing team, boasting over 20 years of collective experience in the debt tracing sector, has honed their skills to deliver exceptional results. With a remarkable success rate of 98%, we are second to none when it comes to in efficiently and effectively locating debtors’ current addresses. Trust in our expertise to guide you through the debtor tracing process with precision and professionalism.

Debtor Tracing Agency

Debtor Asset Search

The comprehensive service of Debtor Address Trace with Financial Information goes beyond merely locating your debtor’s current address. It equips you with critical financial information to bolster your future debt recovery efforts.

Our specialised team commits to sourcing available supporting information to provide you with a robust understanding of the debtor’s financial standing. This includes:

Home Ownership Details: Confirm whether the traced address is owned by the debtor, providing insight into their asset status.
CCJ Information for the Last 6 Years: If the debtor has had any court judgments for debt, it could affect your case.
Insolvency Information for the Last 6 Years: Knowing if the debtor has been declared bankrupt or insolvent helps you understand their financial situation.
Landline and Telephone Numbers: Essential contact information to facilitate direct communication or further action.

This holistic approach ensures that you are not only informed of where your debtor resides but also gives you a clearer picture of their financial health and assets, which is vital for any debt recovery claim.

Cost of Our Debtor Tracing Service

Debt Tracing Prices

Trace a Debtor - E-Trace

£35 + VAT (Value Added Tax)

Trace a Debtor - In-Depth Trace:

£55 + VAT (Value Added Tax)

Doorstep Debtor Trace:

£175 + VAT (Value Added Tax)

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