Did You Know If Private Investigators Can Track Your Phone?

Did You Know If Private Investigators Can Track Your Phone?

Private investigators use various tools that can help to locate someone by phone number within the UK. These tools are a great help when a private investigator is hired to find a someone who may be missing, either in hiding or someone who is avoiding legal action or debt recovery.

Have you ever wondered how to trace a phone number within the UK?

You may be aware that there are certain tools that allow to track and trace someone’s phone number however, this may not always be legal, therefore it’s best to ask for help from a professional private investigator. A private investigator will advise you on feasibility, deliverables, timescales and costs along with assisting you in understanding the legalities around such a trace. (All traces must comply with GDPR)

Private investigators have been displayed on various television shows for many years and their services are somewhat hyperbolic. There are legalities which private investigators must abide by so when you hire a private investigator it is crucial you ensure they follow the rules and regulations appropriately. Always ensure that the Private Investigator Agency has:

  • A valid Data Protection Licence
  • Insured for the investigations they undertake
  • Have a REAL, office base
  • Registered and accredited by industry associations
    • WAPI – World association of Professional Investigators
    • CII – Council Of International Investigators
    • UKPI – UK Professional Investigators Network

Mobile phone tracing is a common procedure within society today, although there are numerous tools and spyware that can assist in tracking a mobile phone, government guidelines will view these as illegal and therefore be very careful who you instruct.

Is It Legal?

Mobile phone number tracing is legal however, it must be conducted under legal rules and regulations. Some tools and methods that you may feel are legit and openly available on the internet, may lead you to be in trouble over the invasion of privacy.

There are specific conditions that must be fulfilled before you are legally permitted to conduct trace.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is carried out by installing a GPS device on a vehicle. Before going ahead with tracking someone via a GPS, you should ensure whether the situation you’re in permits you to track someone via GPS. It’s an illegal method and tool to track down someone, however, there are certain circumstances where you’re able to use GPS tracking to aid an investigation. To understand whether your case allows a GPS tracking method, your case and situation needs to be presented to a qualified Private Investigator, who will then advise you. This will then lead to a few critical questions being asked which will determine whether you could use GPS tracking or not.


Surveillance can be performed both physically and through online methods. This method involves the individual who is to be investigated, to be followed. A private investigator may use various methods and tools to track someone, their movements, and their involvements.

Online surveillance can be conducted via social media platforms the individual has accounts with. Private investigators do this by tracking a person’s activity and locating where they may be or what they may be up to via the posts they may make on their social media.


Private investigators often rely on digital and electronical methods to track down an individual. The danger of safety being jeopardized when physically following someone is crucial and avoided to a huge extent by most private investigators, as it may cause considerable amount of the damage. Therefore, private investigators use GPS tracking and digital tracking to track down on someone’s whereabouts.

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