Dispelling Myths of Private Investigations

Dispelling Myths of Private Investigations

Private Investigations are emerging as a more and more popular option and have become the new glimpse of hope for individuals who are looking forward to having a challenging situation solved. Whether it be a missing or lost family member, an unresponsive debtor, or a witness who needs to testify in court. However, there are lots of myths on what people believe about Private Investigators. In Hollywood movies, private eyes may break into buildings to get information, follow people and take photographs of what may be potentially happening in a home or perform other acts that real Private Investigators aren’t legally allowed to do. These misrepresentations continue to develop inaccuracies of what Private Investigators do, how they implement their services, and most importantly the legal restrictions they must be abiding by. 

What Do Private Investigators Do?

If you think that Private Investigators act the way they are characterised in films or television shows, your wrong. While these fictional scenarios are entertaining, they fail to accurately mirror the life of a Private Investigator. Unlike a Hollywood thriller, most days of a Private Investigator are not characterised by high-speed car chases. A private Investigator spends significant percentage of their time gathering information and accessing evidence obtained. When a Private Investigator is seeking information on a specific individual, they can gather numerous records, conduct surveillance and monitor someone’s movements. The information they obtain may include any aliases, the individuals current and previous address or phone numbers, whether they own any properties, if the individual has any professional licenses, are married and what their social media profiles are. 

Locating Missing Individuals

Tracing and finding a missing person is one of the most varied investigations Private Investigators carry out. If an individual goes into hiding or has been missing for a long period of time without any form of contact, Private Investigators can legally conduct searches however, to locate a missing person you must report the individual as missing for Private Investigators to legally carry out a search for them. Sometimes you may have lost contact with a missing person, and you don’t completely know if they’re really missing or you’re just out of contact with them. In cases like these, Private Investigators can be hired to determine if the individual is missing or simply out of touch. 

If your company is looking for past employees, directors or founders who may have left you without clearing any outstanding payments or debts and you are now out of contact with, Private Investigators can locate these individuals.

Child Support Cases

Getting through a divorce with children can be very lonely, distressing and a terrifying experience. You may find it’s not easy to navigate child custody or child support alone or even with a lawyer. Private Investigators can be hired to gather information for determining and enforcing child support. In cases of divorce and separation, it often occurs that one parent loses custody of the child(ren) and in some cases, the right to meet them as well. This is when you can hire a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance on your ex-spouse and obtain information on their activities in order to justify if they may or not be able to raise a child single-handedly. 

The health, safety and welfare of a child is crucial when it comes to child support cases and can be brought into questions. Private investigators can legally gather evidence to ensure the safety and the welfare of the child is being met by obtaining information on any special needs a child may have and if the needs are being met appropriately, the ability of one parent to pay and the standard of living for the child. 

Completion of Background Checks

Hiring new employees can sometimes be a risk for many companies. All employers need to be exceptionally careful about the employees they hire. This is particularly the case for roles that may involve the control of finance or personal data of individuals or business clients. Using a Private Investigator to carry out background checks on new employees or existing can be one way to obtain the information necessary. 

A background check generally involves determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a specific position due to a record of criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding education or work history. Hiring a Private Investigator to perform background checks allows them to minimise any potential harm or legal liability for an employer.

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