Why DIY Cheating Partner Surveillance is a Bad Idea?

The main reason private clients ask for our help is that they suspect their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend of being unfaithful. Having doubts about their partner is a harrowing experience for most clients, as it can feel like their whole world is falling apart in front of them. When emotions are running high like this, it can be tempting to seek confrontation or even revenge.

The Dangers of DIY Surveillance

Although we’re sensitive to these feelings, we always discourage clients from attempting DIY surveillance. It might seem like a straightforward, cost-effective solution, but it’s easy to overlook the genuine risks involved.

You’re far more likely to be noticed than a trained investigator. Being spotted might unnecessarily damage your relationship, especially if your suspicions were unfounded. It could also seriously upset your partner, who may even become aggressive, or level harassment charges against you. Even if you aren’t discovered, witnessing infidelity can be traumatic in ways that you might not yet appreciate.

Unlike you, a private investigator is an expert in infidelity cases and will do a better job of proving whether your partner has been unfaithful. They have an array of surveillance tools at their disposal. Let’s look at some of the ways that DIY surveillance commonly goes wrong.

Tailing Your Cheating Partner May Cost You.

Compromised Safety

You’re probably emotionally invested when it comes to investigations like this. Unfortunately, you can’t just drop your feelings even if you find out your loved one has been less than faithful. Many people who attempt spying on their spouse seriously underestimate how powerful their emotions are.

It’s easy to think of ourselves as calm and level headed, but when it comes down to it, the reality is that most of us aren’t. Witnessing infidelity would likely cause you to lose control and act without thinking, which could create a physically dangerous situation.

You could lose control of your vehicle, attempt to attack someone, or rouse aggression from another party. It’s essential that you’re aware of this before attempting surveillance. It’s a much safer idea to hire a professional to get the job done. At the same time, you can focus your attention on maintaining your mental health and making plans to recover from the trauma.

Mishandling Information

Attempting DIY surveillance could likely leave you without hard evidence. If your partner grows aware that you’re on to them, it practically kills any chance of catching them in the act.

When you look to PI UK for help catching a cheater, we first ask you to look out for some common signs. If you’re not tuned in to details like making secretive phone calls, clearing text messages and phone logs, you might miss something that could definitively prove what’s going on. You might also overlook small, seemingly irrelevant details that may prove to be instrumental to building your case.

Suppose you make the sensible choice and hire a PI for a cheating partner investigation. In that case, it’s imperative that you use your discretion. A good PI will coach you on how to act around your partner, as they mustn’t realise what you’re doing. Private detectives need to be able to observe your partner going about their daily life. Any change to this could ruin your chances of getting the evidence that you need.

Bad 'Evidence'

If you do manage to keep it together while you witness the infidelity, you run the risk of putting yourself through that for nothing. When you’re inexperienced in gathering evidence, you might get footage that doesn’t capture precisely what is happening. The footage might be unclear or fail to show important details.

Inadequate footage is bad news for you, as your partner might call your bluff and challenge the ‘evidence’. Contested evidence could be disastrous if you’re relying on it to get your full entitlement in a divorce. Your partner’s solicitor will be able to dismiss it with ease. A PI will record irrefutable, court-admissible evidence with time and date stamps to ensure that you can prove beyond doubt that your partner has been unfaithful.

Falling for False Promises

As we’ve seen, spying on your partner to find out if they’re cheating is a bad idea if you lack the necessary experience. What’s even worse is that some companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Many people who approach us explain that they’ve already tried using free apps to find out if their partner is cheating. At their very best, android spy apps like this are snake oil. Unfortunately, it will never be as straightforward as downloading an app to find out the truth. Even if the apps really were spy software, your partner could press charges against you for using illegal spyware.

Private Investigations UK already has all the tools they need to conduct the investigation. You’re much more likely to get efficient, effective, and discreet service by hiring a professional. If you want to hire a detective to conduct an investigation, give us a call on 0800 002 0898 for free, friendly advice.

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