Eye Detect Lie Detector

The Eye Detect Lie Detect system represents a leap forward in lie detection, utilising advanced algorithms to observe subtle changes in eye behaviour as indicators of deceit. It’s pretty accurate, getting the right results about 86-88% of the time. You can get a full check in just 30 minutes or a quick test on one specific thing in 15 minutes. People taking the eyes lie detection test just have to answer yes or no questions on a computer, which makes it simple to use. If you want to know more or set up a eye detect test, you can contact us.

What is EyeDetect?

EyeDetect is an advanced lie detection technology that measures changes in eye behaviour to identify deception. While traditional polygraph tests rely on physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration for accurate assessment of lying behaviour, EyeDetect monitors bio-cognitive responses in the eyes such as pupil diameter variations, blink rates and fixation patterns, which change under stress or when someone lies.

This technology uses a high-precision optical scanner to accurately capture eye metrics. After collecting all this information, using advanced algorithms, it assesses the credibility of the subjects analysed, giving an overall credibility score as an indication of whether someone may be lying or telling the truth.

How Does EyeDetect Test Work?

EyeDetect utilises a meticulous process for evaluating truthfulness. At first, an individual being assessed sits before a computer with their chin positioned over the chin rest to ensure accurate monitoring. The examinee then answers a series of questions presented in a True or False format, ensuring clarity and simplicity in responses. An optical scanner records the examinee’s eye movements meticulously during this phase, providing valuable indicators of their response to cognitive stress or attempts to deceive.

Once an examination is complete, all collected data is safely transferred to a server for safekeeping. Here, an advanced algorithm analyses eye movement data to discern subtleties in eye behaviour that indicate honesty or deceit among examinees. EyeDetect’s algorithm generates a report with a credibility score for each subject; this score is a quantifiable measure of the individual’s truthfulness based on the analysis of their eye movements.

UK #1 Eye Detect Test:

EyeDetect is at the forefront of lie detector tests in the UK and offers several key advantages. Here are just a few benefits associated with its use:

Eye Detect Lie Detector Accuracy:

Scientific studies indicate that EyeDetect tests possess an accuracy rate between 86% and 88%, depending on the test administered.

Rapid Results:

Non-Intrusive Method:

Testing can take as little as 15 to 30 minutes to complete, and results can be provided within five minutes of testing completion. Reports offer immediate insights into participant credibility scores along with responses to eye detection test questions, which is invaluable.

EyeDetect’s methodology is non-intrusive and comfortable, as no sensors need to be attached directly to individuals for testing. They simply respond to True/False questions on a computer screen to complete this easy and comfortable test process.

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Ease of Use:

This system was designed with ease of use in mind, offering both audio and visual instructions directly on the screen. A practice eye lie detector test is included to familiarise participants with the process and ensure they feel at ease and prepared.

Incorruptible and Unbiased:

This automated computerised eye detect lie detector test ensures an impartial and secure testing experience; administrators cannot alter test results, and all eye detect test data is protected from being altered or falsified in any way. All eye detect test information is encrypted against possible tampering attempts by hackers or anyone unauthorised.

EyeDetect Utilises Bank-Level Security:

EyeDetect employs stringent security measures akin to what banks implement, including military-grade encryption for testing data storage purposes and providing the highest levels of data protection.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:

Eye detector test results can be easily accessed online for authorised users, with detailed analyses that can be easily filtered by criteria like name, date, test type, score, etc., for easy review and interpretation.

EyeDetect is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient, and secure means of assessing truthfulness and credibility.



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Polygraph vs EyeDetect

For nearly a century, polygraph lie detector tests have been an indispensable way of detecting lies by measuring physical reactions such as heart rate and sweating to discern when someone is lying. It has become a familiar scene in the investigations field; people being tested are connected to various sensors during testing sessions. Recently, however, scientists have developed EyeDetect; this innovation offers a modern alternative to the traditional polygraph, capable of being used alongside a polygraph or on its own in situations where the polygraph may not be suitable.

EyeDetect and the polygraph both operate under the principle that lying requires increased mental effort, which may leave detectable changes behind. While the polygraph measures physical responses, EyeDetect focuses on tracking eye movements to detect any telltale signs that suggest someone might be lying.

EyeDetect stands out because it is less invasive, with no wires or tubes attached directly to the body, providing a more comfortable testing experience for those being examined. Plus, tests and results take less time than traditional polygraph examinations – not to mention its automated nature, reducing bias by making it harder for individuals administering it to influence or influence it inappropriately.

Combining both tools together can give a more thorough view of a person’s honesty in certain circumstances. For instance, combining physiological insight from polygraphs and cognitive analysis from EyeDetect in security screenings or criminal investigations can increase the chances of accurately detecting lies and deception.


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