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Our company’s “Find A Person Service” is quick and dependable. We value prompt and effective assistance since we recognise that finding a missing person can be a stressful and time-sensitive scenario. Our team of skilled private investigators uses cutting-edge technology and specialised equipment to quickly and accurately find people UK.

We also understand how crucial dependability is in such circumstances, which is why our services are made to deliver accurate and current information. In order to give our clients the finest outcomes possible, we work hard to keep our people tracing services’ success rates high.

What Is People Search In The United Kingdom?

Finding out information about British relatives, missing family members, or someone they’ve recently met is something that many people are really interested in doing. An easy approach to do this from home is to look up public records databases online. Anyone can look for numerous pieces of information on the UK Government National Archives website by just typing their name and surname.

The PIUK people search team is also accessible on the UK Home Office, the Disclosure Scotland Government Website, and the Northern Ireland Executive Government Website for those searching for criminal records.

How To Find A Person By Name?

The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to find a person by name. As private investigators, we understand the importance of finding a person for various reasons. Whether you’re searching for lost family members, reconnecting with old friends, or trying to find a person in the UK for legal or business purposes, this guide will provide you helpful tips and resources to assist you in your search.

The Age of The Internet Search Engines:

The age of the internet has made finding information on people easier than ever before. Anyone can look for a person by name using search engines like Google and Bing, possibly discovering their contact information, social media profiles, and other personal information. It’s crucial to remember that not all of the information retrieved via search engines is correct or current.

Use several search engines and sophisticated search methods, such as enclosing a person’s name in quotation marks or including other keywords like their location or occupation, to improve the accuracy of your search results. Also, by looking through public records, professional profiles, and news stories, search engines like Pipl and ZoomInfo can deliver more comprehensive results.

Public Records:

Birth, Death, Marriage And Divorce Records

Public records are a crucial source for learning about people, particularly when it comes to significant occurrences like birth, death, marriage, and divorce. A person’s entire name, birthdate, and parents’ names are all listed on their birth certificate. A person’s date and place of death, cause of death, and other pertinent information are all listed on a death certificate. Marriage certificates detail a couple’s wedding day and location, as well as their full names and those of their parents. Divorce records provide details about any children who were a part of the marriage as well as the date and location of the divorce.

Some government websites, including the General Register Office or the UK Government National Archives website, provide access to public documents (GRO). It’s crucial to remember that some documents may be confidential and that access to public records may be restricted. However, paying for copies of public records could incur costs.

For people looking for information about their family history, as well as for legal and business needs, public records can be a priceless resource. It is crucial to use this resource in an ethical and responsible manner and to always keep the participants’ privacy and confidentiality in mind.

Social Media:

The use of social media platforms to find out information about people has grown significantly. Users can create profiles on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram that frequently include personal data like name, age, location, and employment history. Users can also publish updates and pictures to give more details about their lives.

Just typing a person’s name into the search bar on a social networking platform can be used to find them. To hone in on the right individual, you might need to provide further information, such as where they live or what they do for a living, if they have a popular name.

How Can You Find A Person?


There are numerous methods to find a person UK . An individual can be located using their name, address, phone number, email address, or social media profile. A person can also be located using their company name or work title. A person can also be located based on their hobbies or activity.

Who Are You Looking For?

When looking for a specific someone, this is by far the most vital question to inquire about them. Before you can even begin your search, you need to have a good idea of who it is that you are trying to find. When you have more information about the person in question, it will be much simpler to track them down.

How Much Do You Know About The Person?

When you have more information about the person in question, it will be much simpler to track them down. If you simply have the person’s first name, your chances of finding them are substantially lower than they would be if you knew their real surname, their birth date, and the place where they were last known to live.

What Are Your Goals For Finding This Person?

When you begin your investigation, you need to have a crystal clear notion of what your objectives are with regard to locating this person. Do you need to contact them at their present address? You seem to be seeking for their phone number, don’t you? Is the person’s email address anything you need to find? After you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can then begin your search.

Try Looking Online

People frequently start their search for information about someone by looking online. Search engines and social networking sites are only two examples of the many online resources that may be used to learn more about a person.

Searching for the person’s name and any further information you may have, such as their location or occupation, using search engines like Google is a common practice. Results from this frequently include references to the person in news stories, social media profiles, or other internet mentions. Looking online can be a useful first step in finding information on someone. With the right approach and a critical eye, online resources can provide valuable insights into an individual’s life and history.

Check Out Public Records

Those looking for information about someone may find public records to be an invaluable resource. Public records are written materials or data that are accessible to the public and are frequently kept by governmental organisations or other public entities.

Public records can be a helpful tool for learning more about someone, but it’s crucial to utilise them legally and properly. It is crucial to respect other people’s privacy and refrain from intimidating or harassing others with the help of the information obtained from public records.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The cost of locating someone can vary significantly based on a number of variables, including the amount of information available, the resources needed to find the individual, and the search techniques employed. Our cheapest person-finding service starts at just £25.00.

To do free people search UK might be difficult, but there are several actions you can take to improve your chances. Start by compiling as much information as you can about the missing individual before conducting a search for them online and using social media sites, public records databases, and online search engines. For more information, get in touch with the person’s friends, family, and acquaintances. Also, report the person missing to your neighbourhood police. Think about making posters or fliers for missing people, joining internet forums and groups dedicated to finding missing people.

There are various ways accessible to you if you going to start person search legally. A search of public records is one of the most used techniques. Numerous governmental organisations, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, maintain files with records that can be used to find someone. You may access birth certificates, marriage licences, and other important data by searching for public records online on websites like VitalChek. Another option is to hire a private investigator, who can use their expertise and resources to locate the person for you.

There are various legal options available if you need to locate someone’s address in the UK. Searching the Electoral Roll, which contains the names and addresses of UK eligible voters, is one of the most popular methods. You can find this information by going to your neighbourhood council office or by checking websites like or Findmypast online.

Another choice is to use online directories like BT Phonebook or Whitepages, which allow you to search for a person’s name and location to find their address. If a user has made their profile information public, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn may also be useful in discovering their address.

Depending on the method utilised and whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional, the price to find someone’s address can change. Certain techniques, like scanning web directories or social media platforms, are often cost-free if you are doing the search oneself. However, there may be fees associated with accessing specific public information or employing a private investigator.

The price of hiring a professional can vary from a few hundred to several thousand pounds depending on the difficulty of the search and the investigator’s level of competence. While some private investigators may bill by the hour, others may set a flat pricing for their services.

You can use a number of techniques to locate someone. The usage of internet search engines like Google or Bing is one of the most popular techniques. To try to find someone, enter their name and any further information you may have about them, such as where they are located or what they do for a living. Although many people have public profiles on social networking sites with their contact information available, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these platforms can also be helpful in locating people. Additionally, you can hire a private investigator who can use their expertise and resources to locate the person for you.

Hiring A Private Investigator

Those seeking information about someone may find it helpful to hire a private investigator. Private detectives are experts who focus on learning details about people, frequently employing cutting-edge methods and tools. It’s crucial to conduct research before hiring a private investigator and to select a dependable professional. Search for investigators that have worked on cases comparable to yours, are licensed and insured, and have these qualities.


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