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A private detective agency serving clients in Basingstoke

At PIUK, we stand out as the leading private detective agency in Basingstoke. Our team is filled with skilled private investigators in Basingstoke who handle every case with professionalism and care. Whether it’s a personal matter involving family or friends or a business issue related to company assets or staff, we have got you covered.
Our services span private, corporate, commercial, and legal investigations. We are here for you 24/7, ready to respond quickly to your needs in Basingstoke.


Is your husband or wife behaving strangely? PI UK can help.

We’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting our surveillance techniques. Find out how surveillance can help you.

We believe a successful marriage begins with an investigation. Make sure you know who you’re welcoming into your family.

PI UK’s relationship expert has put together a list of red flags to look out for in your relationship.

Divorces are always unpleasant, especially if things get messy. PI UK can help.

Our infidelity investigator answers every question you could have about looking into unfaithful partners.

Nobody wants to fight for the right to care for their child. Find out about how our services can help.

We’ve perfected our number tracing strategy. Find out who’s calling you with help from PI UK.

Hidden assets can be damaging for hundreds of different reasons. Read about PI UK’s asset searching services.

If you need to find out where someone lives, PI UK’s Address Finder can help. 

We specialise in uncovering the past. PI UK offers private background checks for businesses and individuals.

Due Diligence helps you to ensure that your company is safe when you make major decisions.

Our Goal Is To Assist You In Achieving Your Purpose For Being Here.

We understand that you are contacting us because you need expert assistance. You are not alone; Our UK private investigators are here to provide the support and solutions you seek. With years of experience and a track record of success, our team of private investigators in Basingstoke offers professional advice and effective resolutions for a wide range of problems. Our private detectives in Basingstoke are always ready to listen to your concerns and guide you through our comprehensive services, ensuring you receive the clarity and peace of mind you deserve.

How can our private investigators in Basingstoke help you?

At PIUK, our team of private investigators in Basingstoke is here to offer support across various sectors. They bring top-notch skills from their experience with secret services from many jurisdictions across the world. For legal professionals, we provide detailed investigations and surveillance services. Businesses benefit from our private investigator services, such as mystery shopping and undercover employee evaluations, helping them enhance customer service and operations.

We also protect corporations against threats with our expertise in due diligence investigations, counter-espionage, and insurance fraud. We tackle fraudulent claims like ‘crash for cash’ and personal injury scams in the insurance sector. We handle each case sensitively for personal matters, such as missing persons or family issues. Our nationwide network means we can offer these services all over the UK, using local private detectives to keep costs down without skimping on quality. We are dedicated to providing an efficient, cost-effective solution tailored to your unique needs.

We Will Be At Your Side No Matter Where You Are.

Private Detectives Basingstoke is right there with you no matter where you are. Our team is spread across Basingstoke and the UK, making sure that expert help is always within reach. We understand that your needs can be unique and urgent. That is why our local detectives are ready to step in, offering top-quality service right where you are.

Safe, Legal & Effective

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Detective In Basingstoke?

The cost of hiring a private investigator varies, as every investigation is unique. Several factors impact the price, including the type of investigation, where it’s taking place, how complex the situation is, how long it will take, and the level of threat or risk involved. The specific equipment needed and the experience of the private detective also play a role in determining the cost.

We understand that each case is different, and our goal is to provide an effective and cost-efficient service. That is why we offer a range of private investigator services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across the legal, commercial, corporate, insurance, and private sectors. To get a clearer idea of how much our services might cost for your specific needs. We are here to discuss your situation confidentially and provide a quote, that reflects the high-quality, bespoke service you can expect from us.

Why Choose PIUK in Basingstoke?

At Private Detectives Basingstoke, we are the experts you can trust when you need objective evidence. Sometimes, you might feel something’s wrong, like when your partner comes home late at night smelling strange or you suspect a particular employee might be breaking the rules at work. Feelings or suspicion aren’t enough in such situations; you need solid evidence, and that’s what we provide. Our team of private investigators in Basingstoke uses high-tech gadgets and our expertise to get to the bottom of things. Whether it’s checking someone’s background, monitoring someone to understand what’s going on, or even studying things in a lab like DNA or fingerprints, we have got it covered.

We have special equipment to follow people or cars, and we can even check your house or office for hidden cameras or microphones. Our team is big and intelligent, with private detectives who can speak different languages and friends in many places in Basingstoke and worldwide. We have been doing this for over 20 years combined, so we are fast and good at discovering what you need to know. We are professional and keep things private, but we are also friendly and understand the stress that comes with starting an investigation. When you choose Private Detectives Basingstoke, you are choosing a partner committed to delivering swift, effective, and compassionate service.

What Locations Do We Cover?

Our investigational services at Private Investigator Basingstoke are available in Basingstoke and the nearby areas, including Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Farnborough, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Portsmouth, Silchester, Southampton, Winchester, Newport and Watership Down.


Our team of skilled private investigators are knowledgeable about the region and have the tools and resources needed to carry out investigations quickly and effectively. For some sorts of investigations, we also provide nationwide coverage, so no matter where your case takes us, we can produce results. To explore your investigative needs and learn how we might help, get in touch with private detective agency in Basingstoke right now.

We Rest When The Task Is Complete; We Begin When Others Quit.

Our private investigators are not just skilled but persistent, never giving up until they have gathered all the evidence you need. We understand how important it is to feel secure and informed, so we commit to every case with total energy and focus. No matter how complex or challenging your situation, our team is prepared to handle it. We use the latest technology and our vast experience to ensure that we deliver the results you are looking for.



John provided my company a brilliant service. Surveillance was needed to check if an employee was really off sick or not. We were provided with a very professional and fast service, and a very clear, detailed report. This helped the company to obtain all the evidence that we needed. I Will definitely be using John again. Thank you.


The service i received was brilliant. Very professional and discreet. I had a feeling that my partner was cheating on me and unfortunately it turned out i was right. John was very sympathetic and was very helpful with all his good advise. He helped me get through a very tough experience. I will always be very grateful. Thank you John.


I can well recommend these services John was very committed and finally got my results. Whenever you need advice or someone to listen this man is dedicated and advises the way to go. Thank you John. I.can well recommend this company.



Frequently Asked Questions!

Why Would I Need to Hire A Private Investigator In Basingstoke?

You hire a private detective when you have doubts and suspicions that you can’t shake off. Sometimes, you need more than just a solid hunch to make decisions; you need objective, hard evidence. That is what private investigators like us provide. If you feel something’s wrong, whether in your personal life or at work, that feeling alone isn’t enough to act on. You might notice odd things, but without concrete proof, these are just pieces of a puzzle. A professional private detective digs deeper, collecting solid facts and unmistakable evidence. This is the proof you can use when dealing with personal issues, legal matters, or business concerns.

Is Hiring A Basingstoke Private Investigator Legal?

Yes, hiring a private investigator in Basingstoke is perfectly legal. When you choose a reputable agency like ours, you get a team that works within the rules. It’s important to us that everything we do for you is not just effective but also perfectly legal. Our investigators are professionals at finding the information you need, legally and ethically. So, when you are in a tough spot and need someone you can trust to do things right, remember we are here for you.

What Types of Information Can A Private Investigator Obtain?

In Basingstoke, private investigators can legally access public records, do background checks, interviews, and surveillance, use GPS vehicle tracking (under certain conditions), search licence plate numbers, and interact directly or indirectly with subjects. However, they can not enter homes without permission, arrest people, retrieve phone or medical records, or hack into computers. They must follow privacy laws.

How Can a Private Investigator Ease a Problematic Investigation Process?

A private investigator can help ease difficult situations by using their skills to find hard-to-locate individuals or evidence, especially in legal matters like serving court papers. They can access resources and databases not available to the public and can analyse information impartially. They help in court cases by finding important details that can help solve problems and sway the case in your favour. They legally do this, and it usually costs less than hiring lawyers to do the same work.

What Can Private Investigators Legally Do In The Basingstoke?

In Basingstoke, private investigators are allowed to carry out a variety of legal actions as part of their investigational activity. A critical part of their job is keeping watch. They can covertly observe people, places, or activities to gather information or acquire proof that will help their case. It is crucial to remember that surveillance must be carried out legally and with regard to people’s right to privacy. Interested in pursuing a career in private investigations. Check out our detailed guide on how to become a private investigator.

What Evidence Do Private Investigators Gather In Basingstoke?

Private investigators can gather different types of evidence legally and professionally. They can collect testimonial evidence (statements made by witnesses), documentary evidence (official documents for courtroom inspection), and physical evidence (actual objects or images from a scene). However, they must follow the law when obtaining this information, ensuring everything they collect can be used in court​​​​​​.

Is Hiring A Private Investigator Confidential in Basingstoke?

A private detective in Basingstoke can be hired with the utmost confidence. Every information you give us will be put to use in your investigation. Any evidence we hand on to our clients after the investigation is only meant to be seen by them.

Who Hires Private Investigators The Most?

Private investigators are hired by a wide range of people, companies, and organisations for their investigation skills. People who are dealing with personal difficulties are among those who commonly use private investigators. To discover adultery, track down the missing, or gather proof for court cases like divorce or child custody battles, they may hire a private investigator.

How Do I Choose The Right Private Investigator in Basingstoke?

In any investigation, trust, reputation, confidentiality, and professionalism are paramount. We have been providing confidential services to clients for over 20 years, both in the UK and abroad. We can help you with investigations of all kinds, from a simple trace enquiry to complex background investigations. With PI UK, your case is in capable and experienced hands. Our private investigators are registered with leading industry bodies such as:


World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI)
UK Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN)
Council of International Investigators (CII)

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