Struggling with Theft in the Workplace? Hire a Private Investigations Firm

Theft in the workplace is more common than you think. If you feel that your company’s accounts are experiencing a dip or if certain items are consistently missing, you can conduct a personal and discrete investigation when you hire a Private Investigations firm.

UK Private Investigators are more effective in gathering, organising, and analysing data, relating to the operations of your company.  A Private Detective can help you uncover the truth behind the theft.

Types of thefts

There are different types of theft, each crime carrying a different punishment. Commonly, the following thefts are practiced in the workplace.


Larceny is the practice of stealing personal property. For instance, if you manage a restaurant, and are missing a few items of expensive groceries every day, it would be classified as larceny. However, this crime is not only limited to non-monetary items. If an employee is stealing money from the workplace, it would also fall in the category of larceny.

Breach of Confidential Information

A breach of confidential records and data is also considered theft. If your employee is accessing and forwarding private information, they can be charged for it.  This kind of theft can take place both physically and virtually.


Employee theft also includes the element of skimming. Skimming is related to the theft of money, which has not been accounted for. For example, if your employee charges a customer extra money for coffee, they would not record it, instead, they would just pocket the extra amount. Skimming is a sensitive issue, as it is difficult to confirm, and it could make you lose customers.

Other Fraudulent Activity

Your employees may also be engaged in other types of fraudulent activities. For instance, your account manager may be pocketing the money, instead of compensating the employees in accordance with their contracts. Some employees may also use company property, such as a car, to engage in crime-related activity. This could backfire and put your firm in a vulnerable state.

How Hiring a Private Investigations firm can help?

Hiring a Private Investigations firm or a private investigator can engage all the aforementioned issues. A professional detective can make your workplace a safe space, that is free of all crime.  You can hire the services of a Private Investigator for the following reasons.

Carrying Background Checks during the Recruitment Process

A Private Investigator can help you make the right call during the recruitment process. If you are unsure about a certain individual, you can contact a PI to deliver a detailed report, featuring a background check on the candidate. Private Investigators can access criminal records, track phone numbers in the UK, and discover public reports to ensure you hire the right person. As Private Investigators have access to all public criminal records, they can make sure that you hire reliable people to represent your business.

Investigating Theft

If you feel that you are a victim of threat, and you desire to open a low-key investigation to explore the matter, you can hire a Private Detective to help you examine the nature, and cause, as well as the person responsible for the issue. A PI can provide you with detailed data, which you can use to build a case around. For instance, if you find that your accounts manager is lying to you, a  PI can provide you with the relevant evidence that can build your case. This way, you can a legal action against the guilty party.

Surveilling Employees

Private Investigator relies on the use of different equipment and techniques, which helps them in gathering reliable, and detailed data. A Private Investigator can monitor the faulty behaviour of your employees to make sure that they are not involved in any criminal activity, on or off the clock.

Keeping an Eye on your Finances

With a Private Investigator, you can explore the presence of a discrepancy in your accounts, just to make sure that you are not a victim of theft. A Private Detective could help you get to the bottom of the issue, and subsequently, provide you with the required evidence to pursue a legal course of action.

A Private Investigator can help you resolve both sensitive and low-level threats, which may be impacting your company. You can hire a Private Detective or an investigations firm to make sure that the business you built with your hard work, remains a safe and crime-free place!

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