How Private Investigations UK Finds Missing People?

There’s a great deal of truth to the saying ‘no man is an island.’ It doesn’t matter who you are; you’ll never be truly independent. As human beings, we’ll always need our friends and family members. These people are dear to us, and our lives often revolve around them. If one day, out of the blue, one of them went missing, how would you cope?

People Finders

If you report someone officially missing, local police will try to find them and perform a wellness check. If police successfully find the missing person, they don’t have to tell you anything except whether they are alive and well. After the police investigation is where using a private investigator to find someone can be helpful.

If you’re interested in finding out how our PIs work to locate people who seem to have dropped off the face of the earth, take a look at our quick people-finding guide.

Why Do People Disappear?

It’s not normal for someone to vanish without a trace, but there are several reasons why this might happen. Sadly, a significant cause of disappearances is mental illness. When someone suffers a nervous breakdown, they might try to run away from life. If a mentally ill person disappears, they’re considered highly vulnerable, and it’s vital that you get the police involved.

If the police fail to come back with any valuable leads, a private detective can help you. Because of the sensitivity of cases like this, we won’t approach the missing person, but we can find their address or details of places they now frequent. We’ll give you the information, which we recommend that you hand it over to the police, as they’ll be able to give your loved one the help they need.

Sometimes, perfectly healthy people seem to disappear. A disappearance like this is almost always caused by owing someone money. They might have outstanding debts or have fled the scene of a car accident. We can also help find the person in these cases, even if you only have minimal details to go off, such as a disconnected phone number.

Searching for People

Police forces are overstretched. If they don’t deem the missing person at risk, their investigation could take several months. This delay is particularly relevant when attempting to find hit and run drivers and debtors. 

Even if the police find your vulnerable loved one, they might decide, after a wellness check, that they aren’t at risk. If this is the case, the police won’t tell you where the missing person is. If you know that your loved one is at risk, this can be profoundly frustrating. It may feel like the police aren’t listening to you or even that they’re abandoning someone who needs their help.

Hiring a private investigator proves to be especially helpful when the investigation falls out of police jurisdiction. By using a combination of surveillance, tracking, and tracing, they’ll be able to find who you’re looking for and bring you closure. PIs are a safe, discreet, and efficient alternative to attempting DIY investigations. Any quality investigator will be experienced in locating people.

Long Lost Family

A service that PI UK is particularly proud to offer is reuniting long lost families. While the people involved here aren’t technically ‘missing’, working out how to find someone can be incredibly challenging. This point is even more relevant if you lost contact a long time ago. Whether you’re an adoptee looking for your birth parents or you’ve lost touch with siblings, a detective can help bring you together.

Whatever your reason for tracking someone down, you should consider hiring a professional investigator for the job. PI UK has successfully located dozens of people across the world. We take pride in our client-focused ethos, and we’re passionate about delivering the truth. While we can’t guarantee the safe return of your loved ones, we can offer you peace of mind.

Private Investigations UK offers people-finding services to businesses and members of the public. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 002 0898. Alternatively, please fill out a contact form, and one of our investigators will get back to you today.

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