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How to Get Rid of Private Investigators?

If you’ve noticed a private investigator following you, you might be wondering how to get rid of them. It may sound bizarre, but one of the best ways to stop someone digging through your business is to hire a private investigator yourself. We offer counter surveillance services to help protect businesses and individuals, not only from other PIs but from anyone’s prying eyes. Here’s our guide to stopping unwanted investigations against you.

Contact Law Enforcement

A private investigator isn’t allowed to harass you. Legally, harassment is unwanted behaviour that makes you feel offended, unsafe, or embarrassed. It includes stalking, which is invasive observation. Private Investigators are allowed to follow and record you, so long as they don’t cross the line into stalking.

If a PI makes you feel unsafe by following you or contacting you through social media, you should consider getting in touch with the police. They might not be able to do anything straight away, but they’ll be able to prevent any future stalking activity.


In the world of investigations, bugs are covert listening devices used to record audio in a room or vehicle. Traditionally, they consisted of a microphone and radio transmitter, and someone would listen live to the audio that the device picked up. As technology has advanced, so have these bugs. Investigators were later able to record bug audio on tapes and then make digital recordings. Nowadays, bugs can transmit data directly to cloud storage.When you find that people in your life know things about you that they shouldn’t, consider the possibility that a private investigator has bugged your property. A private investigator who has access to detection equipment can conduct thorough bug sweeps to locate listening devices in your home, office, or car. Once they find the devices, they can destroy them, ensuring that your private conversations remain private.

Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are becoming an increasingly cost-effective method of surveillance in private investigations. Small devices, often no bigger than a roll of pound coins, can be hidden in your vehicle to monitor your whereabouts. Depending on the device’s battery life, this could continue for up to six months without your knowledge.If someone seems to know where you are at all times, a private investigator may have planted a GPS device in your car. Although it won’t be apparent where the device is hidden in your vehicle, it is essential that you locate it. By hiring investigation services for counter surveillance, you can quickly find these devices and have them destroyed. You can even have them placed in a decoy vehicle to throw the other investigator off the scent.

Counter Surveillance

If you notice someone conducting covert surveillance on you, they are failing at it. Still, the police can’t help you if the person watching you is a private investigator who isn’t actively harassing you. When you see the same parked car everywhere you go, it’s a reasonably conclusive sign that you’ve got a private investigator on your tail. This sign is pertinent if the vehicle is occupied by someone using surveillance equipment.There’s no doubt that realising you’re the subject of surveillance is annoying and disturbing. By hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance, you can verify whether the other person is indeed a private investigator. Not only this, but you can also potentially find out where they work. We can also stage ‘covert’ surveillance with the intention of being discovered. If the other investigator realises that you’re employing counter surveillance, it usually rattles them enough to stop their investigation.

Advantages of Using Private Detectives

We get it. If you’re being followed and recorded by a private detective, the last thing you want is to bring another one into the mix. Competent detectives don’t break the law, and so the police won’t be interested in them. If you’re fortunate, you might be granted a restraining order, but the other investigator might be long gone by the time this is awarded.

None of our detectives have ever been discovered on the job without intending to be. Approaching the investigator yourself isn’t a good idea. While we can vouch for our agents, we can’t guarantee the conduct of investigators working for other companies. Confronting someone you suspect of investigating you could create a hostile, potentially dangerous situation.

Private Investigations UK has over 20 years of experience in conducting investigations. This experience means our surveillance team knows precisely what to look for when we’re protecting you from other PIs. For free, friendly advice about counter surveillance, get in touch with us on 0800 002 0898. Alternatively, please fill out a contact form, and one of our agents will get back to you today.

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