How To Spy On Your Partner?

Have you suspected your partner was cheating but didn’t know how to investigate? Cheating can happen through physical betrayal as well as through social media platforms, emails, or phone calls – making the job of detection even harder! Today’s digital landscape offers various applications designed to assist individuals in spying on a potentially cheating spouse or boyfriend. Cheating spouse Tracker and Cheating App can allow you to keep tabs on every interaction between your partner and others – including calls, text messages, and social media updates. If you are concerned about their social life and potential infidelity on their part, these tools provide peace of mind. However, these applications should only be used responsibly and for personal use only. If you are still in doubt, hire a private detective from Private Investigations UK; we will provide more thorough investigation services than these apps can. 

Spy On My Partner Phone: Best Apps to Catch a Cheating Partner in 2024

Spouse Trackers:

Spouse Tracker can provide invaluable aid during an unfortunate cheating scandal; it can provide real-time monitoring of activities and locations of both you and your partner 24/7 day or night and can even block certain phone numbers or apps if desired. If your suspicions about potential infidelity arise, having this app provides the tools needed for investigation – potentially saving relationships from further degradation.


mSpy is one of the best apps for cheating detection; it is designed to monitor your spouse’s phone. Boasting over one million satisfied users and over ten years of experience, mSpy is an exceptional way to spot cheating spouses.

mSpy allows you to keep an eye on all of the messages exchanged between spouses – be they texts, social media chats, WhatsApp or Discord conversations. If there’s concern that one spouse might send inappropriate images or videos through conversations, you can view all messages sent on platforms such as WhatsApp or Discord.

mSpy can also help you keep an eye on where your partner has been going by providing real-time tracking data of their location as they move about the house. Geo-fencing technology also gives peace of mind if you are worried about your spouse, try sneaking away; an alert will notify you if they leave certain zones without your knowledge.

For those who like being in control, mSpy provides remote features. If you suspect your spouse of doing anything unethical or questionable, simply turn their phone’s camera remotely from anywhere and see what can be seen through its lens; this provides solid proof of their actions or can put any fears to rest.

You can try mSpy on a 14-day money-back guarantee; check it out and see why it’s our top pick for keeping an eye on a cheating spouse.


Spybubblepro is a spy app specifically designed to catch cheating spouse. It focuses on three areas in particular that can reveal whether your partner is betraying you: their location, SMS messages, and WhatsApp conversations.

With Spybubblepro, you can view all of their WhatsApp conversations – both sent and received, media files they’ve shared, and chats they have hidden or archived. Plus, it even helps locate messages deleted from WhatsApp!

If your partner tends to be old-fashioned or trying to be sneaky, Spybubblepro allows you to access their SMS messages and see any media files, incoming and outgoing texts, and hidden texts in them.

The app also comes equipped with an intelligent location tracker. This can quickly gain entry to your partner’s device and give all necessary details within 5 minutes, then track their position within seconds.

Spybubblepro may not have as many tracking features as other spy apps, but its simplicity makes it ideal for those who just want a basic solution. If someone is cheating on phone, their chats and location often reveal this truth – why bother with additional features you won’t use?


Are you concerned that your partner might be secretly using free cheating apps (dating apps) or engaging in suspicious online activity? uMobix is the best app for affairs detection; it is a spy app designed to put your mind at ease by giving you full visibility over your boyfriend or girlfriend’s social media interactions and dating app use.

With uMobix, you will be instantly informed if a target phone downloads a dating app. Furthermore, it gives access to all conversations on that device for the proof you need. As one of the top keyloggers available today, uMobix can monitor virtually every platform available such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram SMS messaging etc.

Worried about where your partner is going? uMobix provides advanced GPS tracking features to provide peace of mind. View their location history, monitor real-time movements, and set geofence alerts if they enter or leave specific zones.

uMobix may be just what you are searching for – take advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee to test it risk-free!


Spynger is an excellent app if you want to catch an unfaithful spouse without leaving any trace on their cell phone. It keeps an eye on both partners’ social media activity without needing to jailbreak or root their phones before installation.

Spynger stands out by supporting 16 messaging and cheating apps, such as Kik and Tinder, along with social media websites and SMS tracking services.

Spynger install a hidden screen recorder on your spouse’s phone so you can monitor everything they do, giving evidence against their activities when confronting them about it. Furthermore, Spynger includes keylogging and GPS tracking features on the target phone for added protection.

Spynger also boasts some cool additional features. It allows you to monitor Wi-Fi connections so you’ll know if your spouse connects to any suspicious Wi-Fi networks; plus, it gives an in-depth view of email conversations between your partner and their potential miscreants, providing a complete picture of what they’re up to.


Scannero is an effective tool that makes finding out where your partner’s phone is in just a few simple steps. Simply sign up and enter their number; Scannero then sends out a request via text message with a request for their location and provides details via both an email alert and app dashboard.

Scannero provides more features to help you monitor your partner aside from location tracking. You can create and send tracking links via different platforms – Messenger, text messages, or emails can all work – so when your partner clicks on the link they will immediately reveal all their location data to you.

Scannero can also help your partner investigate people your spouse meets at work or social events, such as coworkers or strangers they meet at parties. Simply type their name into Scannero to discover their online accounts, social media pages, and whether or not they use dating sites!

Scannero provides added protection, enabling you to check whether or not your phone number or email has been exposed to a data breach. Plus, its anonymous voice messaging capability means you can leave voicemails securely.


Phonsee is one of the premier apps for keeping an eye on your partner’s cell phone activities, offering a complete view of everything they’re up to – from tracking social media posts and location checks through texts, emails, and calendar checks.

Phonsee can come in handy not just when trying to catch your spouse cheating; you can use it for many other purposes as well. Keep an eye on their online behaviour, stay informed as they progress with tasks they’re undertaking, and ensure their safety – plus, it can even be used by parents looking to monitor their children’s phone use!

Phonsee works seamlessly with many social media apps like Telegram, Line, Viber, Snapchat, and Discord, enabling you to remotely block any suspicious or inappropriate applications or websites.

Phonsee offers one fantastic feature – its ability to block Wi-Fi connections. If your partner connects to a suspicious wireless network in an unfamiliar location, you can immediately block it with Phonsee.

Phonsee includes a keylogger, a tool to access bookmarks and web history, and a remote screenshot feature to gather evidence against suspected cheating spouses.


EyeZy is an easy and feature-packed phone spy app designed to monitor all that occurs on any target phone. Using EyeZy, you can view texts and social media messages, set alerts for specific (or suspicious) phrases like “how to get away with cheating,” and more.

EyeZy can give you more than just text message updates; it provides a full breakdown of your partner’s internet activity, such as their search habits, most-visited websites, and even what they search for in Incognito Mode.

EyeZy is here to help if you suspect your partner might be hiding their cheating through phone calls, showing details such as which contacts they communicate with the most and for how long. Furthermore, EyeZy even lets you listen in on them so you can catch them red-handed.

EyeZy is not only user-friendly; it is also powerful. Give it a go without any risk with its 14-day money-back guarantee, and give yourself time to see if EyeZy can improve your life!

Can WhatsApp Be Used to Spy On Someone?

Yes, WhatsApp can be used to spy on someone without their knowledge, such as a spouse. There are apps and tools designed specifically for that purpose, such as tracking messages, calls, and even shared media files on WhatsApp. But remember: spying without permission violates someone’s privacy and can even break the law, so it’s always best to discuss your concerns directly with your partner before taking action against them.

What Are Some Other Ways to Spy on Your Partner Without Their Knowledge?

Keep an Eye on Their Phone:

A key tactic to catching cheaters is keeping an eye on your partner’s phone. By monitoring call logs and text messages, you could potentially detect any suspicious activity – some cheaters might even have a separate phone they use exclusively for work or emergencies (or try to hide). They might use separate SIM cards, so if you find an extra SIM card, you could possibly gain additional intelligence.

Test the Auto-Fill on Search Engines:

Have you checked your partner’s search history but found nothing? Cheaters tend to delete all traces of their activity to conceal themselves, but they might overlook clearing their auto-fill history when typing into the search bar – this means it may suggest past searches when typing letters into it! Typing different letters could give clues about any hidden activities going on behind the scenes.

Search Their Digital and Physical Trash Bins:

Just as with auto-fill history, your partner might delete compromising files but forget to empty their digital trash bin. If you share a computer, be on the lookout for any suspicious files – be it obvious or something common like one named “work.” Additionally, be brave enough to check physical trash bins for receipts, notes, or documents that give away clues that suggest something amiss.

Install a Hidden Spy Camera:

There are numerous spy devices designed to catch an unfaithful spouse, such as motion-activated cameras or hidden ones disguised as everyday items, like smoke detectors or speakers. One of the more cost-effective methods would be hiding a baby monitor somewhere your partner spends significant amounts of time alone so you can use it to monitor them and listen in on what they are up to when something seems amiss.

Purchase a Landline Recorder:

If your home features a landline phone, investing in a recorder will allow you to capture both sides of a conversation. Simply connect it to the phone socket and wait until the appropriate moment to listen back through your recordings. Alternatively, using an extra phone connected to an available jack in an inconspicuous part of the house allows eavesdropping. Make sure any mouthpieces on either end remain closed, as this can help ensure any noise from either party won’t leak in when calling back from these lines!

Stealthy Voice Recorders:

Baby monitors and landline recorders can be hard to conceal. If you prefer more discreet options when it comes to recording conversations with your partner, there are various stealthy options available based on how you suspect cheating might happen. For instance, a key fob recorder would be perfect if meetings took place in their car, while, for example, in the workplace, it might be wiser to put an audio recorder pen inside their pen organiser or their pen case instead.

Hire a Private Investigator:

One of the best and most reliable ways to discover whether or not your partner is cheating is by hiring a private investigator. Our team understands how to gather evidence in an ethical, legal, and confidential manner – we will monitor your partner, record what they do with high-quality equipment, provide expert analysis as professional observers, and provide impartial perspectives of their situation in addition to offering confidentiality agreements that reduce risk. We might not be able to give all the answers, but we can provide invaluable, unbiased assessments.

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