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Missing People Search in London

If you think someone is in immediate danger, please call 999.

With nearly 9 million people living in London, it is easy to disappear. The city exists in the mind of the public as an aspirational place where dreams are fulfilled. Charles Dickens’ penultimate novel, Great Expectations, gets its name from a romanticised view of London. It explores the subsequent disillusionment familiar with visitors to the city.

Sadly, this pattern of going to London, hoping to achieve, and being met with callous disappointment continues today.  In 2020, citizens filed 36 000 missing people reports in the capital. A loved one missing can seriously affect family members, which is why we’re dedicated to finding people.

Missing People Private Investigator UK

London has 13.4% of the UK population but 22.5% of missing people. On average, there are 27% more police officers per 100,000 people in the capital than in the rest of the UK, so why then are people going missing so disproportionately?

London is massive. It’s the third-largest city in Europe. With 8.92 million permanent residents and 21 million annual visitors, it’s easy to disappear. There are 32 London boroughs, each with its own council.

It’s well-known that each borough has its own distinct character and unique local culture. Because of this, a successful missing person investigator has to be mindful of the challenges that each borough brings.

When in London, we use a particular strategy designed for working in the capital. We make sure that we keep in mind the cultural differences between east and west London and prioritise those at high risk.

Checking In with Friends and Family

Private investigators must keep regular contact with their clients, particularly when finding a missing person for them. A good PI should be supportive and respectful when helping people through difficult times. Because people who go missing in London often aren’t from London, so there could be added confusion about how the case progresses.

Our agents always take the time to check your contact preferences and manage your data responsibly. If you’d like us to keep you updated on every development in the investigation, we’ll do that. Likewise, if you’d rather not hear from us until we’re done, we’ll respect that too. We’ll also make sure we know whether you’d prefer us to call, text or email you with updates.

Private Investigations UK offers respectful, friendly service to clients all over London. For free advice and a 30 minute consultation, call 0800 002 0898. Alternatively, email us at or fill out an enquiry form, and one of our agents will get back to you today.

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