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Investigating Fraud

We offer surveillance to people looking to investigate a personal injury claim. While the precise number of unjustified personal injury claims is unknown, the UK government estimates that over three-quarters of fraudulent motor insurance claims contain a personal injury element. A further £14 million of bogus liability insurance claims are made every year.

We’re dedicated to limiting the damage that personal injury fraudsters can inflict. Please get in touch with us for a free, 30-minute consultation.

What is an unjustified personal injury claim?

Claiming without Good Reason

A personal injury claim is when someone sues another person or company for an illness or injury that they’ve sustained through no fault of their own. It’s unjustified when the claimant fabricates or exaggerates their injuries or dishonestly blames the other party.


When someone is injured at work or in a traffic collision, they’re encouraged to claim compensation by marketing texts, television adverts, and radio adverts. The widespread availability of “no-win, no-fee” personal injury lawyers is driving up the number of exaggerated claims.



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We conduct personal injury surveillance for insurance providers and litigation defendants. In routine surveillance, we’ll discreetly observe the claimant’s movements to verify whether the injuries they claim they’ve sustained are legitimate.

Chances are if a lawyer is taking the claim, a medical expert is already prepared to go on record to support the claims. We can’t prove that someone is or isn’t in pain, but we can confirm whether the claimant is lying or exaggerating how their life has been affected, which is enough to discredit a claim.

To be successful, a claimant will usually have to prove how their daily life has been affected by their injury or illness. As a result of the accident or illness, has there been a change in any of the following:

Fighting Unjustified Claims


Workplace accidents and road traffic collisions that result in injury will usually involve insurance claims. It’s becoming more and more common for insurance companies to investigate these claims because, although the number of workplace accidents and road traffic collisions is going down year on year, the proportion of claims is increasing.

In cases where the damage is obvious and egregious, surveillance won’t be necessary, but for less tangible injuries and illnesses, like whiplash and chronic pain, insurance companies should begin surveillance as soon as someone starts their claim. This is because, as time goes on, the chance of a personal injury lawyer warning claimants of the possibility of insurance surveillance increases, which means that they’re more likely to put on appearances of their injuries in public.

In our experience, however, fraudulent claimants don’t tend to be very adept at feigning their injuries. In the past, we’ve collected footage that shows the claimant using their walking stick as a sort of accessory, swapping it between hands when crossing the street, and swinging it around while walking.

To start your personal injury investigation by expert Private Detectives, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Investigations Tailored to Your Goals

We go to great lengths to ensure that our evidence is usable. Other surveillance companies may attempt to pass off vague footage as concrete evidence.

A typical example of useless evidence is footage of the claimant carrying a large box. Just because a box is large doesn’t mean that it’s heavy, as there is no way of knowing what’s inside. It’s almost certain that a personal injury solicitor will make this argument when confronted with this ‘evidence’.

We keep our clients’ goals in mind throughout an investigation, so we’re tuned into how lawyers can dispute photo and video evidence. We focus on providing irrefutable evidence, like footage of a claimant driving when they have alleged that they no longer can.

We’ve been developing our surveillance tactics for over 20 years, so we know we can get concrete, usable evidence. Please get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Proving Fraud

Successful Personal Injury Surveillance Example

We were once asked to conduct surveillance on someone claiming for severe whiplash in a car accident. The claimant alleged that he had sustained extensive muscle damage in the accident, leaving him with restricted movement and unable to carry out daily activities like driving, shopping, and washing himself.


We conducted an unintrusive, week-long surveillance campaign and were able to get time-and-date stamped footage of him driving to the gym, where he lifted heavy weights, as well as of his visits to the shops. We did record him carrying large boxes for his mother, but we could prove that they contained heavy vegetables.


If it sounds like this kind of investigation would be right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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