6 Personality Traits of a Good Private Investigator

We believe that it takes all sorts to make a world, and high-quality private investigators are no exception. Good PIs come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few personality traits that it certainly helps to have. We’ve put together a list of 6 of the qualities we admire in some of the great private detectives we know and some tips for identifying them.

1. Friendly Investigators are Good Investigators

Particularly when dealing with private clients, a PI must be approachable. Deciding to hire a private investigator is often very difficult and personal, and it’s not usually a sign that things are going well in the client’s life. By keeping things friendly and professional, a PI can establish a positive working relationship with the client. A good relationship ensures that they feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process and have the peace of mind that they deserve.

2. Responsible Detectives are Key

To us, ‘responsibility’ means gathering information without ill effects or negative consequences. This means investigations that don’t disturb or endanger anyone. The best private investigators have a sense of morality, duty, and respect for the law. They’ll work hard to make sure that their investigations are ethical, safe, and legal.

3. Discreet Investigators Avoid Detection

A good private detective agency will work to the highest standards of discretion. ‘Discretion’ means being careful and switched on, ensuring that your investigation remains confidential. It means conducting operations and arranging contact that won’t arouse any suspicion whatsoever.

In a covert surveillance operation, for example, discretion is paramount. A good investigator will be careful that the subject doesn’t realise they’re being watched or followed and won’t notice you. If the subject realises they’re under surveillance, the surveillance is no longer covert.

4. A Professional Head Keeps Things Neutral

Professional private investigators don’t always behave with professionalism. Clients won’t feel respected if their case isn’t handled with the necessary gravitas. While PIs must be pleasant and approachable, for the same reasons, it’s equally essential that private investigation services are delivered with professionalism.

In investigations for private clients and corporate investigations, private investigators must keep things strictly professional. Emotional involvement, flippant comments, and otherwise unprofessional conduct are not conducive to a positive client experience.

5. Natural Researchers Find the Truth

When it comes to any investigation, a PI needs to be naturally adept at gathering information. Whether it’s a background check or a vehicle tracking analysis, a PI must have a natural sense of which leads are fertile, and which leads will go nowhere. Research skills save a lot of time and vastly improve the success rates for any PI.

6. Tech-Savviness Is Important

Private investigation in the modern world uses more tech than ever. If a PI offers vehicle tracking services, high-tech surveillance, or lie detector tests, they’d better know what they’re doing. It’s no good paying through the nose for an inspector gadget who has no idea how to use any of their tools.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and there are plenty more personality traits that make a good investigator. If you think we’ve missed anything, then let us know on Instagram @private_detectives. 

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