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Practical Tips From A Private Investigator

Who are Private Investigations UK?

Private Investigations UK was established in 2009 with a key objective of providing our clients with an unrivalled level of service from the inception of an enquiry, through to completing the investigation and providing irrefutable intelligence across the country and in foreign territories.

Our private detectives agency is based in Preston Lancashire and Central London, however with an established network of professional, experienced and highly qualified private investigators in every town and city of England, Scotland and Wales, we have the added advantage of being able to expedite your investigation at very short notice and without delay.

Due to the very sensitive and private nature of our business, we appreciate that client confidentiality is paramount and we would never compromise this at any cost. Our strict code of practice is based upon three main principles of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality. Our clients also have the added advantage of calling upon us 24hrs a day for assistance.


Our investigators are highly trained and experienced in searching for people in UK and overseas, conducting covert surveillance for many types of situations such as cheating partner cases, fraudulent personal injury claims, staff absenteeism and the list goes on. From time to time our services are acquired by the Social Services to assist the authorities with conducting investigations into the social habits of parents before a child is placed into their custody.


Over the years, we have carried out instructions from clients all over the world and have established an invaluable network of professional private investigators in most parts of the world which has made it very easy for our UK clients only having to deal with us when investigating subjects in other parts of the world.


The Process:

1: Free consultation over the phone – You will have a free consultation over the phone with our experienced and qualified private investigator. At this stage you will have the opportunity to explain everything about your situation in detail and discuss what you are looking to achieve from the investigation.

2: Costs & Recommendations – We will then provide you with our professional recommendations which will be based on years of investigative experience. This will be over the phone and also emailed over to you for your reference. The fee for our service will be completely transparent with no hidden charges.

3: Contractual Agreement – If you are happy to proceed, we will then email our client agreement to you which will clearly outline our obligations to you, the details of the task and the fixed fee.

4: Payment – We do require payment on account for all investigations and the fee will be outlined on the above stated agreement with your unique case reference number and our bank details. Once funds are received on account and the agreement is returned, your case will begin.

5: Conclusion – Once the investigation is complete, you will be provided with a professional report detailing our finding and intelligence obtained.

Surveillance Reports – For surveillance tasks, we will provide you with a professional surveillance report detailing the activities of the subject and accompanied by time and date stamped professional photographs which cannot be refuted. All the intelligence obtained is done so within the boundaries of the law and therefore our surveillance reports are admissible in court should the need arise.