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Private Eye Services… Making A Difference, By Delivering Results

Welcome to the Private Eye services of Private Investigations UK. 

Being confronted with a sensitive situation that warrants you to consider the possibility of hiring a Private Eye, can be a daunting experience. As a professional UK Private Investigator agency offering private eye services across the country, we leave no stones un-turned. Knowing that your case is being handled by highly qualified and experienced Private Eye Investigators will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Private Investigators can play an essential role in assisting individuals, businesses and corporations. Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons or performing research for legal, financial or criminal investigations. Our Private Eye service can be hired by members of the public, law firms and businesses.  


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How a private eye could help you

Private Investigators play an essential role in assisting individuals, government agencies and businesses. Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons or performing research for legal, financial or criminal investigations. Our private eye works for private citizens, law firms, and businesses across the UK and Internationally.

Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events, identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts, using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations, or standards are our agents regular work activity.

One of the significant responsibilities of Private Investigator is research. Our agents could make research on legal records, family history, conduct a computer search to research a crime or conduct a background check on a job candidate. After these research, we analyze the facts to find pertinent information for solving cases.

One of our fact-finding methods involves interviewing people to gather necessary information. These people may be relatives of missing individuals, someone who has witnessed a crime or has other relevant information. Through these interviews combined with our research, we gather evidence to solve a case or present court evidence.

Also, if our agents are hired by an individual or organization to find out the activities of a person, we will have to conduct surveillance. This involves watching a person without him being aware to see where he goes and what he is doing and report your findings back to the client. Our team has successfully learned the techniques of effective surveillance throughout their careers in the armed forces.

The Process

  • 1st Step

    Speak with us with 100% Confidentiality

    We believe the most crucial part of the investigation is on inception of the case. Therefore listening to our clients patiently and compassionately, is paramount. Our clients are encouraged to take all the time they need to fully explain their situation in as much detail as possible

  • 2nd Step

    Assessment of your case

    After the free, telephone consultation with our clients, we will assess the case keeping the key objectives of the task in mind.

    2nd Step

  • 3rd Step

    Our recommendations with clear pricing

    After the assessment, we will provide our clients with a plan of the best way to achieve there objectives without compromising the task in anyway and of course obtaining the evidence discreetly and covertly. The advice is based of years of perfecting our craft and the extensive knowledge of the industry. The price quoted is always a fixed price with complete transparency.

  • 4th Step

    Investigation is conducted

    With the plan all set, we will deploy our very best and highly skilled covert intelligence agents to carry out the task and obtain irrefutable evidence for you. Our agents are equipped with the latest in high tech, close proximity, covert equipment to get the best results for you.

    4th Step

  • 5th Step


    You are provided with a professional report of the investigation with time and date stamped photographs and video footage which will either confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind.


Read how our Private Eye services have helped others


people search - Tracing people

Private investigations UK were contacted by a member of the public with a view to hire our private eye service to help with finding a long lost relative. During the free consultation, our private eye spoke with the client in great length about the relative she was looking to find. Unfortunately, she did not have much information about the relative aside from the name, a rough age and a broad geographical area of where he used to live. For any experienced and professional private eye to begin a trace investigation, it’s crucial that the private eye is given as much information as possible by the client. In this particular trace investigation, the private eye did not have a great deal of information to go off.

The investigation took approximately, 3 weeks to complete by our private eye and the relative was successfully located.

Are you also looking to find a long lost relative?

For a Free, friendly, no obligation consultation… why not call us on 0800 002 9858 or Click here to send us your enquiry.


Private Investigations UK were contacted by a reputable business in London who had been suffering great financial losses over the last 6 months and could not understand why and how this was happening. After the free consultation with our private eye, a greater picture was beginning to emerge. With all the information at hand our private eye was able to best advise our client what was required to be done in order to obtain the intelligence needed. After 2 weeks of undercover surveillance, our private eye was able to obtain time and date stamped, irrefutable evidence against an employee. The employee was then presented with the surveillance footage and dismissed from his employment.

Do you suspect an employee of foul play?

  • Divorce and Separation Investigations


Infidelity Private Eye Investigatigators

We were contacted by a legal representative of a high net worth individual who had her suspicions about her cheating partner and needed to establish who her husband was meeting whilst she was out of the country. Our private eye visited the legal representative at a London hotel suite and signed the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements before he was able to meet the potential client. During the consultation, our private eye established the client’s husband has his own security personal that travel with him wherever he goes in a 3 vehicle convoy. Discretion and professionalism was paramount so we don’t blow our cover and compromise the objective. Our highly experienced private eye was able to best advise the client what would be required in order to execute a successful operation and the budget that would be required. We placed the subject under observation for the 7 days with 6 highly trained and experienced surveillance agents. The objective was achieved without the husband or his security personnel ever being aware that he was under observation for this length of time.

Do you suspects your spouse of wrong doing?

Have you noticed suspicious behavior in your partner?

Why don’t you call us on 0800 002 9858 for a FREE consultation


We were contacted by a gentleman who was really upset and had serious concerns about the suspicious behavior of his wife. They had a young child together and as routine, they would always have their evening dinner together when she returned home from work. For some time now he had noticed a change in her behavior and the more concerning issue was that she was not coming home till very late more often.

We placed the client’s wife under observation for 2 days with 2 of our highly experienced private eye investigators. The subject was followed and photographed for the two days and a full surveillance report was provided to the client with time and date stamped images. It transpired that the subject was simply having drinks with her work colleagues after work and didn’t want her husband knowing for whatever reason.

His suspicions were soon put to rest and he was given peace of mind, that what he had suspected was actually very far from the truth.


When ѕеаrсhing fоr lоng lоѕt реорlе, don’t overlook thе оbviоuѕ. Look in the phone book firѕt, оr juѕt аѕk people уоu bоth uѕеd tо know with whom you mау still bе in соntасt. Sоmеtimеѕ it tаkеѕ juѕt thаt ѕimрlе effort аnd уоu’vе fоund thе реrѕоn you wеrе lооking fоr.

find People's address

Search on thе Internet. Thе Intеrnеt is аn аmаzing сrеаtiоn. Thеrе is ѕо much infоrmаtiоn оn thеrе that you саn’t еvеn begin to imаginе thе research роwеr уоu have at your fingеrtiрѕ. Thеrе аrе wеbѕitеѕ thаt givе infоrmаtiоn on mаnу individuаlѕ – ѕоmеtimеѕ mоrе private information thаn any оf uѕ wоuld likе iѕ аll tоо easy tо find. Yоu mау even find your missing реrѕоn оn one of the mаnу nеw social networking websites. Pеорlе can’t ѕееm tо resist tаlking about thеir livеѕ over thе intеrnеt! Yоu juѕt have tо be раtiеnt аnd sort thrоugh thе mаnу hits уоu mау gеt whеn уоu tуре in the miѕѕing person’s nаmе.

Consult with a рrivаtе invеѕtigаtоr. Private investigators аrе ѕkillеd рrоfеѕѕiоnаlѕ whо hаvе their ѕресiаl tools аnd tасtiсѕ thаt thеу will рut tо wоrk tо dеtеrminе thе lосаtiоn оf miѕѕing or аbduсtеd реорlе. Sоmе оf these invеѕtigаtivе tооlѕ are nоt available tо the general public, so you mау wаnt to start with a рrivаtе invеѕtigаtоr if уоu hаvе nо timе tо lоѕе in finding уоur miѕѕing реrѕоn. When timе iѕ crucial, it’ѕ аlwауѕ bеѕt tо соnѕult аn еxреriеnсеd, trаinеd рrоfеѕѕiоnаl fоr thе best роѕѕiblе rеѕultѕ.


The роliсе саnnоt usually help you until a certain amount of timе has elapsed, in case thе реrѕоn in ԛuеѕtiоn has gоnе оn a triр or lеft оf their оwn accord. Thаt person’s lоvеd one mау knоw thаt ѕоmеthing is wrоng muсh faster аnd thеn it’s bеѕt tо hirе our Private Invеѕtigаtiоnѕ firm tо ѕtаrt looking fоr them immеdiаtеlу.

It is never a gооd idea tо go оut lооking for аn individuаl оn уоur оwn. Yоu ѕhоuld lеt рrоfеѕѕiоnаlѕ dо it whо knows exactly whаt searches tо соnduсt without рutting аnуоnе in harm’s way. Pеорlе саn bесоmе vеrу violent if thеу fееl thrеаtеnеd or just dо nоt wаnt tо bе bоthеrеd. When you do nоt know hоw to handle a ѕituаtiоn соrrесtlу, you may bе рutting yourself оr others in hаrm’ѕ wау.

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