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how to spot a liar
Private Investigator

20 Ways to Spot a Liar

How can you tell when someone is lying to you? According to YouGov, 49% percent of people admit to lying to their significant other. Thankfully, PI UK offers services to help with allegations of dishonesty. Before you decide whether you need our lie detection services, look at some of the ways you can identify when

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Divorce Private Investigators

How to Cope with Pre-Wedding Doubts

Pre-wedding jitters are something most couples who are about to get married will experience. It’s normal to have moments of uncertainty before you get married. What isn’t so normal is pervasive pre-wedding doubts, couples with a gut feeling that something isn’t right. Ideally, everyone would express these doubts to their partner in a healthy way

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why would a private investigator want to speak to you
Private Investigator

Why Would a Private Investigator Want to Speak to You?

Many people associate private investigators with non-contact surveillance, but sometimes it can help to disclose the investigation. If a PI is trying to contact you, chances are you know something that could help someone out. With their client’s permission, a PI might want to speak to you for several reasons. A private investigator asking to

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scottish football teams
Employee Surveillance

The Surprising Way Scottish Football Clubs Monitor Players

What do private investigators, Scottish football, and trips to the casino have in common? More than you might think. A recent episode of BBC Radio Scotland’s podcast Sacked in the Morning sheds light on this connection. Host Craig Levein has managed Dundee United, Leicester City, and Heart of Midlothian, as well as the Scottish national

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personality traits of a private investigator
Hiring a Private Investigator

6 Personality Traits of a Good Private Investigator

We believe that it takes all sorts to make a world, and high-quality private investigators are no exception. Good PIs come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few personality traits that it certainly helps to have. We’ve put together a list of 6 of the qualities we admire in some of the

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first private investigator
Private Investigator

The Fascinating Life of the First Private Investigator

Eugène François Vidocq is widely believed to be the first private investigator. His story, detailed in his memoirs, is undoubtedly compelling. From seemingly hopeless criminal beginnings, trapped in the life of a fugitive, in just one pivotal year, Vidocq managed to escape the death sentence by inventing the industry of private investigation. Vidocq’s legacy is

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