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private investigator vs stalking

Private Investigator vs Stalking: What’s the Difference?

Private Investigator vs stalking people: what’s the difference? The nature of our work leads many people to ask themselves this question. We’re adamant that they’re not the same thing at all. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the significant differences between legitimate private investigation and stalking. Why Do Some People Think Investigation

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listening devices uk

Is It Legal to Use Listening Devices in the UK?

The legality of using listening devices in the UK depends on several factors. While recorders for audio and video aren’t inherently illegal, it does depend on how we use them. Let’s look at different types of listening devices and how we use them legally. We’ll examine some of the pitfalls we avoid. We’ll also give

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When to Walk Away After Infidelity
Cheating Partner Private Investigators

Can I Save My Marriage? When to Walk Away After Infidelity

Our most popular services for private clients are cheating partner investigations. It can be a challenge to know when to walk away after infidelity because there’s often a lack of clarity in these situations. Thankfully, hiring a private investigator can give you the necessary facts to make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at

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Did You Know If Private Investigators Can Track Your Phone?
Phone Number Search UK

Can Private Investigators Track Your Phone?

So, you’re wondering whether private investigators can ‘track’ your phone and other mobile devices. Often, we get enquiries about tracking numbers or installing some form of GPS tracking on mobile devices. In this post, we’ll take you through the different queries we get about communications surveillance and give you the answers you need. Can a

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how much does a private detective cost
Private Investigator

How Much Does a Private Detective Cost?

The question you ask us the most is: How much does a private investigator cost? The cost of hiring a private detective depends on what you need them to do. By our calculations, the average cost of hiring a private detective for covert surveillance in the UK is £69.15 per hour (not including expenses). However, this

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Asset search for Corporate Investigations
Family Law

Is Evidence Gathered by a Private Investigator Admissible in Court?

Yes, the evidence gathered by private investigators is usually admissible in a court of law. Whether the evidence is admitted is up to the judge. Still, good PIs will ensure that their reports are of court-admissible standard. We’ll take you through some of the things we do to keep our reports up to standard. We’ll

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