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Professional, Discreet and Confidential

When looking for help from a Private Investigator in London, look no further. Providing professional, discreet and confidential private investigator services in and around the London area, we are the go to private investigator in London.

With our Private Investigator London office strategically based in central London, our clients can benefit from a face to face meeting with our senior investigator and have the opportunity to explain their situation in great detail and in the privacy of our boardroom. Our Private Investigator services are both ethical and trustworthy, provided by highly trained, experienced and reliable Private Investigators. We provide nationwide coverage, so we can be called upon for any type of investigation at short notice. With a reliable and trustworthy team of Private Investigator in London, we can facilitate your investigations at short notice providing you with peace of mind and concrete evidence.

Some of the most frequent investigations carried out as a private investigator in London are listed below, however, as no two cases are ever the same, we tailor our services to meet your requirements.


0800 002 9858 or 0773 043 9156
Phone lines are open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for you


When faced with difficult and challenging situations, we appreciate that having access to a qualified and experienced private investigator in London around the clock for help and advice can be paramount. For years we have established long term relationships with clients which has been built on our fundamental core values of providing our client a service of excellence. As a private investigator in London that cares about delivering results and obtaining the evidence you need, we always welcome an informal conversation, even if it is just to provide you with guidance and advice.

Having spent over 15 years as a private investigator in London, I can be called upon for professional advice 24/7 which is always free of charge. Having seen a great increase in the demand  for our professional services to assist with UK Asset searches, cheating partner investigations and tracing inquiries in London, we are the go to company for obtaining results.

Have you hired the services of a Private Investigator in London before?

We have found that most of our clients have never used the services of a Private Investigator in London before and therefore find it quite an unnerving experience. With our professional but friendly approach, clients are quickly put at ease and find themselves happily discussing their most private situations with us, with confidence.

So please don’t hesitate to call our private investigator in London office on 0044 (0) 207 112 9309 for Free professional advice

Free Advice


Hi John,

I would like to thank you and all your team for assisting me here in London and Germany. Your professional and friendly approach gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this path. I`m glad I did and thanks to you and your team of investigators, I now have the answers I needed to move on with my life. Please convey my thanks to everyone at your office for the care and consideration forwarded to me. I will most certainly recommend you without any hesitation.

EmilyCheating Partner Investigation

“From the initial inquiry through to completion of the appointment, PUIK delivered an outstanding service providing clear and direct advice and support in a difficult situation that I found myself in.

Above and beyond the call of the professional service they provided, the investigator assigned to my case Osman supported me through a challenging period with friendship and advise akin to that of a dearly trusted friend. This had a profound effect on me and I realized the depth of understanding and skill that the team at PUIK have.

Excellent service and I would have no hesitation in recommending PUIK to anyone who finds that they require the specialist advise and services they offer.”

LawrenceMatrimonial Investigation

“I found John to be a thorough professional and was very impressed by his approach, empathy and professionalism. He clearly understands the legal and ethical boundaries with in which to operate, has extremely competitive rates and not only understands the requirements of the client but also delivers excellent outcomes.

He is clearly an expert in surveillance and investigations and I will recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent private investigator.” 

Dr MahmoodChild Custodial Investigation

I should like to express my thanks for the quality of service, provided at short notice, by your team over the last few days. John picked up and ran with a piece of surveillance I asked him to carry out about the middle of the week. Even when things went pear shaped he persevered and has, as result managed to produce a favourable outcome against quite steep odds, whilst staying focused and professional the whole time. I have been impressed so please express my thanks to him.

WalterEmployee Surveillance

The Process

  • 1st Step

    Speak with us with 100% Confidentiality

    We believe the most crucial part of the investigation is on inception of the case. Therefore listening to our clients patiently and compassionately, is paramount. Our clients are encouraged to take all the time they need to fully explain their situation in as much detail as possible

  • 2nd Step

    Assessment of your case

    After the free, telephone consultation with our clients, we will assess the case keeping the key objectives of the task in mind.

    2nd Step

  • 3rd Step

    Our recommendations with clear pricing

    After the assessment, we will provide our clients with a plan of the best way to achieve there objectives without compromising the task in anyway and of course obtaining the evidence discreetly and covertly. The advice is based of years of perfecting our craft and the extensive knowledge of the industry. The price quoted is always a fixed price with complete transparency.

  • 4th Step

    Investigation is conducted

    With the plan all set, we will deploy our very best and highly skilled covert intelligence agents to carry out the task and obtain irrefutable evidence for you. Our agents are equipped with the latest in high tech, close proximity, covert equipment to get the best results for you.

    4th Step

  • 5th Step


    You are provided with a professional report of the investigation with time and date stamped photographs and video footage which will either confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind.


When you are in the need of help from a Private Investigator London agency, how do you choose the right one for you? Where do you start and what do you need to look out for?

Sharing your personal information and circumstances with a complete stranger, can leave you feeling a little vulnerable to say the very least. Instructing our firm you will have the peace of mind knowing that we hold a current Data Protection Licence, we are registered with industry bodies and fully insured to provide professional services as a private investigator in London and throughout the UK. Our services are completely transparent with clear pricing and client agreements in place to detail exactly what you are hiring us for and our obligations to you. From time to time, our high net worth clients do ask for non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements which are available for all our clients.

Hire a private investigator


London Private Investigators

Private Investigations UK employs its highly resourceful private investigators in London to conduct corporate investigations that protect you and your organisation from theft, embezzlement, or compromised information. We are aimed at maintaining the profitability of our client’s business. Private Investigations UK conducts corporate investigations to help guard your organisation/company from damaged reputation, misuse of network, theft or loss of proprietary information, etc.

Information is the prime factor in determining the success or failure of any business. Carrying out corporate investigations enables you to keep a check on your company’s working. From running background checks on employees and potential clients to tracing the movements of a subject, our Private Investigator London Agency provides its services at the most competitive prices without compromising the key objective.


The importance of surveillance in today’s world goes without saying. The art of surveillance has now become a major tool for obtaining irrefutable, concrete evidence and monitoring an individuals movements. Our organisation’s invaluable experience as a go to private investigator London agency provides both digital and non-digital surveillance to track and monitor a subject—from your spouse to your employee or a potential business associate. Our surveillance techniques go beyond the conventional methods and we leave no stones un-turned. Coupled with enviable experience and the latest technology in close proximity covert audio and video recording equipment, our agents are able to obtain evidence without the subject ever knowing.

Private Investigator UK
London Private Investigators

London is a culturally and linguistically rich city where more than 300 languages are spoken. In the present time, it is not uncommon to marry someone from a different culture or country. While there is no doubt on the trust you have on your partner/fiancé, it’s a safety measure to conduct pre-nuptial investigations before you tie the knot. The rise in the marital crimes calls for the need to hire our  private investigator London agency to carry out a thorough investigation on your to-be husband/wife. Our Private Investigator Agency, with the help of its resourceful agents, carries out criminal background checks, fidelity, financial investigations, and surveillance on a subject of your choosing.

If you were to ever hit a rock in your relationship, suspected your partner of being unloyal or involved in any suspicious activity, or were looking towards a separation, you can always call upon our private investigator London agency to follow and monitor their movements. You would want to know about every possession of your partner before settling for a divorce. While it may be hard for you to do that on your own, our private investigator London agency will employ the best available tools for finding their possessions and worth for you.

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About Us


Kemp House
152 – 160 City Road


Suite 111, City House
131 Friargate

  • What do we do?

    The experienced management team of our UK Private Investigator Agency provide professional, efficient and confidential investigative services to clients all over the globe. Efficient in our investigations, the skilled personnel of our UK Private Investigator Agency are ready to assist you with your investigations and provide you with advice and support throughout your case. Our services are also supported around the globe by a priceless network of proficient investigators, so be rest assured, that you case is being handled by a proficient and reputable investigations agency.

  • How have we been built?

    Our UK Private Investigator Agency is built on vastly qualified, practiced, accomplished, and resourceful investigators who carry out principled investigations for our clients. Our entire staff is dedicated at providing you an answer to all your questions in a swift and smooth manner.

  • How do we work?

    All the investigators working at our UK Private Investigator Agency vow to conduct all your investigations and address all your concerns in an ethical and discreet manner and to be strictly professional with your information. At Private Investigations UK, the client’s confidentiality and anonymity are always maintained.

  • What do we offer?

    Our UK Private Investigator Agency offers a service of excellence that has been established on three main principles of professionalism, discretion and client confidentiality. Our main services are:

    • Covert Surveillance
    • Matrimonial Investigations
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Asset Searching
    • Tracing People
    • Re-Uniting Lost Family Members
Why Our Private Investigator Agency Should Be Your First Choice

Experienced & qualified to find an address for you

Choosing the right company to find an address for you is paramount to the success of the task. Having the relevant professional endorsements by respected industry associations such as WAPI, UKPIN, CII and holding a data protection licence gives our clients the peace of mind when instructing us to find an address for them. They know that as registered company, we have been vetted rigorously by each association and are also insured to carry out the task for you.

So call us now on 0800 002 9858 or 07730439156 and we can answer any questions that you may have.

Data Protection Licence

Data Protection Licence

Having a Data Protection Licence, you can be rest assured that everything discussed and all information provided to us by you is held in the most strictest of confidence. You can have the peace of mind that your investigation is being carried out by a professional organisation that upholds client confidentiality.

Full Members Of UK Professional Investigators Network

Full Members Of UK Professional Investigators Network

Being a full member of the UK Professional Investigators Network gives you the confidence that our organisation has gone through a rigorous vetting process to verify and confirm that we are a reputable UK Private Investigator Agency.

Full Member Of World Association Of Professional Investigators

Full Member Of World Association Of Professional Investigators

Holding a full membership with the World Association Of Professional Investigators gives you the confidence that our organisation has gone through a rigorous vetting process to verify and confirm that we are a reputable UK Private Investigator Agency.

Full Member at the Council of International Investigators

Full Member at the Council of International Investigators

Holding a full membership with the Council of International Investigators gives you the confidence that our organisation has gone through a rigorous vetting process to verify and confirm that we are a reputable UK Private Investigator Agency.



0800 002 9858 or 0773 043 9156

Phone lines are open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for you

0800 002 9858 or 0773 043 9156


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Phone lines are open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for you
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