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As one of the best private investor agencies UK, we appreciate the important role technology plays in conducting effective surveillance. For successful investigations, our private investigators rely on various tools and skills, with modern surveillance devices providing more credibility to evidence collected during important investigations. If you would like more details regarding the tools and technologies we employ during our investigations, read this article further.

Cell Phones And Mobile Devices:

Cell phones and mobile devices such as tablets are essential pieces of equipment private investigators carry around, serving both as communication channels with colleagues and clients and also for quickly gathering information or taking photographs. Smartphones such as iPhones or Android tablets allow private investigators to source data or take pictures promptly. Moreover, these modern mobile devices help swiftly capture photos, recording information quickly as they surface from investigations – not to mention they help keep everyone notified of any case developments as quickly as they arise.

Additionally, private investigators frequently find themselves in difficult circumstances that necessitate using their cell phones for emergency use or alerting local authorities – this quick access can ensure their safety and the success of their investigations.

Private Investigator Apps:

Because of technological advancements, there are many digital apps that private investigators can use to help with their cases. Some common apps that every Private Investigator uses include the camera app for taking photos, maps for finding locations, and docs for organising notes and information; other popular apps used by Private Investigators include:

  • Public Records database search apps for finding important information about people or places.
  • Waze or other mapping applications for getting directions and avoiding traffic.
  • Hidden Camera Detector App for finding hidden cameras in a room.
  • High-definition camera app and video capabilities for capturing clear images and videos.
  • Speech-to-text applications for quickly turning spoken notes into written text.
  • Pre-texting apps for making phone calls and doing pre-investigative work without revealing the investigator’s real identity.

These seemingly unassuming apps can help make Private Investigators more efficient and accurate in their work.

Computers And Computer Software:

While mobile devices are handy, a traditional computer or laptop is still a must-have for private investigators. They use computers regularly to manage their cases online; here are some types of software that help them in the process:

  • Word document management for report writing
  • Case Management software to organise their workload
  • Emails and calendar system to keep track of their cases and schedule efficiently
  • Internet browser bookmarked with their most commonly searched sites
  • Database investigative sites for background investigations
  • Social media sites, such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, are readily available for pre-investigative searching and quick updating
  • VPN and site security software to protect the investigator’s and their client’s information
  • Anti-virus software

It’s important to note that several products exist for each type of software, and our private investigators choose the ones that best fit their needs without showing support for one brand over another.

High-Resolution Camera:

As investigators, we need to keep our distance when we conduct surveillance, which means that we need powerful private investigator cameras to record high-quality footage from a distance. All of our investigators use modern DSLRs with a wide range of stabilising and telephoto lenses. This means we can record clear footage of precisely what is going on from a safe distance.

When you’re starting out, you might not have the budget to invest in a top-of-the-range DSLR and extra lenses, but a camera of decent quality is an absolute must. A second hand Canon 2000D will set you back a couple of hundred pounds, but it’s powerful enough to get evidence that your clients can use. Remember how high the stakes are for your clients. They need this evidence to confront their cheating partner or get custody of their child.

Listening Device:

As with any form of surveillance, hearing what’s going on can sometimes be more important than seeing what’s happening. If we’re conducting covert surveillance – such as conducting an interview – using private investigator gadgets like body-worn microphones will enable us to obtain crystal-clear audio recordings. Unfortunately, however, we may need to compromise quality for the sake of discretion.

In some circumstances, we’re allowed to plant small voice recorders called bugs to conduct remote surveillance. These bugs usually need to be disguised as an inconspicuous object, like a wall socket, so that the subject doesn’t detect them. A good quality bug with a plausible cover will cost you a few hundred pounds, but you could make one yourself out of a small microphone and an ordinary household object.

GPS Tracking Devices:

We often find the most fertile leads in an investigation by planting vehicle tracking devices. Information about someone’s whereabouts and the timings of their movements can be invaluable to solving a case. The cost and size of tracking devices vary wildly, depending on the battery life. A tracker that can last for six months will cost two or three hundred pounds.

As with any pi equipment, Private investigator must ensure they are using trackers responsibly and legally. Tracking another’s car without their consent is illegal; to discreetly track someone, you must either be the vehicle owner yourself or obtain their permission first. That being said, many individuals agree to have trackers installed in their cars for security surveillance.

Counter Surveillance Equipment:

An important subcategory of private investigation work is counter surveillance services. In order to carry this out effectively, it’s helpful to have some private detective equipment to hand. While a manual bug sweep can be a cheap way of getting the job done, it might take a long time.

A bug detector looks for devices emitting radio signals where they shouldn’t be. If your client’s pens, calculators, and wall adapters transmit a radio signal, it’s a strong indicator that these items are bugged. Quickly identifying and removing the bugged devices is paramount to ensuring the client’s safety.

Bug detectors search for devices emitting radio waves in unusual places. If a client’s pens, calculators, and wall adapters emit an undesired radio signal, it could be an indicator that these items have been compromised; quickly identifying and eliminating such items from use is imperative to their well-being and safety.

Learn More About Surveillance Services Offered By PIUK:

As you have seen, effective surveillance requires numerous diverse and complex private detective tools and skills. At PIUK, we take great pride in remaining up-to-date with cutting-edge technological development to offer our clients exceptional services.

Our experienced private investigators use top tier surveillance technology ranging from mobile devices and apps, computers and software solutions, and devices and platforms. We recognise the significance of discretion, efficiency, and accuracy in our work and strive to produce results that adhere to the highest professional standards and integrity.

No matter the circumstances or complexity, PIUK has the skills and resources necessary to help you. To discover more about our surveillance services, explore our website or speak directly with one of our representatives.

Private Investigations UK offers high-tech surveillance solutions to businesses and individuals. For free, friendly advice, give us a call on 0800 002 0898 or contact us on social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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