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Private Surveillance Company UK

Discreet Surveillance Services

Many different types of monitoring methods are used in surveillance services to get important information about individuals, locations, or specific subjects. Regarding private investigations, our focus on monitoring is incredibly well-known, and our surveillance services are most popular for cheating partner investigations.

We’re not just good at handling personal issues; we also work with businesses that want to improve their job screening and covertly keep an eye on competitors. With a track record of 20 years, we have perfected effective surveillance strategies and hired highly skilled private investigators to ensure that the data we collect is accurate and reliable. Contact us for a complimentary session if you are interested in our surveillance services.

Legal Boundaries For Surveillance Services

What can a surveillance investigator legally do in the UK?

Private detectives in the UK must abide by all of the laws when working on cases, or else they might have to deal with serious consequences. Here are private surveillance types a private detective can legally provide in the UK:

GPS Vehicle Tracking:

PIs can monitor vehicles owned by individuals if that individual gives permission – this may reveal whether any car is being used in ways it should not, such as being used for personal trips without authorisation by your client or vice versa.

Counter Surveillance:

When someone suspects they are being monitored or stalked, private investigators can use special tools to detect hidden cameras or listening devices to protect people’s privacy.

Background Checks:

Have you ever searched the internet to uncover information about someone? That is called background checks; private investigators do that all the time, only much more efficiently than any average person. They use public records and specialised databases to gain an in-depth view of a person’s past, which helps them gather the essential details for their cases.

Static Surveillance:

Static surveillance refers to private investigators monitoring people or cars in public places, such as parks or streets. They can take pictures or videos if something seems wrong, which is helpful in catching people committing illegal acts, such as throwing trash outside designated locations or breaking the rules about who gets to see children during divorce cases.

Electronic Monitoring and Forensics:

Sometimes, private investigators are allowed to observe what’s going on on a company’s computers or phones with permission from its manager to find information deleted by someone, which can help solve cases. They may even uncover evidence among the deleted data, something many clients fail to do on their own. Private investigators must be strict in following the law at all times when conducting investigations. Failing to abide by it could get them and their clients in some serious trouble.


Is your husband or wife behaving strangely? PI UK can help.

We’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting our surveillance techniques. Find out how surveillance can help you.

We believe a successful marriage begins with an investigation. Make sure you know who you’re welcoming into your family.

PI UK’s relationship expert has put together a list of red flags to look out for in your relationship.

Divorces are always unpleasant, especially if things get messy. PI UK can help.

Our infidelity investigator answers every question you could have about looking into unfaithful partners.

Nobody wants to fight for the right to care for their child. Find out about how our services can help.

We’ve perfected our number tracing strategy. Find out who’s calling you with help from PI UK.

Hidden assets can be damaging for hundreds of different reasons. Read about PI UK’s asset searching services.

If you need to find out where someone lives, PI UK’s Address Finder can help. 

We specialise in uncovering the past. PI UK offers private background checks for businesses and individuals.

Due Diligence helps you to ensure that your company is safe when you make major decisions.

Why Choose PIUK For Private Surveillance Services?

Don’t look any further for your private surveillance needs—we are the best company for the job and can meet your every investigative need. Our experienced team works across the country and around the world. Our skilled surveillance investigators have extensive experience and know how to use expert methods in various challenging situations. We handle every situation with care and professionalism, from gathering legal evidence for court cases to conducting cheating partner investigations in secret to support divorce procedures.

Surveillance Guarantees

PI UK Guarantees Safe and Effective Surveillance Services

There are a lot of myths about the private investigation industry. We want to do away with Hollywood stereotypes and normalise the use of private detectives. That’s why we guarantee that our surveillance service is:

✓ Safe: The safety of our clients, subjects, and detectives will always be our number one priority. We never do anything that puts you, us, or anyone else in danger.

✓ Legal: Private investigators are entirely legal. Our private investigators are fully qualified and never engage in illegal activity to obtain information.

✓ Discreet: We are careful to ensure that nobody we watch in a covert observation knows we are conducting surveillance.

✓ Confidential: Unless you tell us otherwise, we will never discuss the surveillance with anyone else.

✓ Effective: We create high-quality recordings of relevant surveillance to ensure that you have the proof you need to move forward.

✓ GDPR compliant: Everything we do fullycomplies with The UK General Data Protection Act (2018.) Call now to book a free consultation.

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