Private investigator TV shows

Private Investigator TV Shows

Private Investigator TV shows, films and podcasts about private detectives to get you through quarantine

We are, at the time of this article being published, living through a very strange period. Many of us have been confined to our homes in the hope that this will limit the spread of COVID-19, and given that many millions of people are unable to carry out their day-to-day working duties from the comfort of their house, that means there are many hours to fill.

However, fear not, for we are here to help! We’ve spent some time compiling a list of private investigator-centric podcasts, films and TV shows you can enjoy while you are doing your bit in the fight against coronavirus.

Private Investigator TV

– (Netflix) Sherlock

Everyone’s favourite private investigator tackles crimes in modern day London. Starring Hollywood duo Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, this show is as ingenious as it is beautifully shot; if you haven’t given it a go, now’s the perfect time.

– (Netflix) Jonathan Creek

First released in 1997, this show starring Alan Davies as a magician’s set designer and part-time private investigator has started to date in terms of how it was shot, but is still as impressive as ever when it comes to creating twists and turns that you didn’t see coming.

– (Amazon Prime) Case Histories

This fantastic show starring Jason Isaacs is based on a series of novels by acclaimed author Kate Atkinson and sees a private investigator scupper an array of baddies in picturesque Edinburgh.

Private Investigator Films

– (Netflix) Brick

Written and directed by Rian Johnson – he of Looper, Knives Out and The Last Jedi fame – Brick is a film that stands out as a classic of the genre 15 years after its initial release. I won’t ruin the plot for you, but it’s a film well worth your time.

– (Netflix) The Poison Rose

This is a film that flew completely under the radar upon its release, and it seems a little unfair given that it’s a thoroughly entertaining watch and comes complete with twists you absolutely will not see coming. Starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman, it’s an old-school private investigator flick that will leave you smiling.

Private Investigator Podcasts

I’m not going to give anything away with regard to these podcasts – the less you know the better – but here are 10 that will certainly help the quarantined hours pass! The world of the private investigator has never been easier to discover!

– The Mother Jones Podcast
– Without Warning Podcast
– One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl
– Blake Skye
– The Disappearance of Cedar Hills
– Synergy Workplace Investigations
– Cloak Investigations
– Down Under Investigations
– Harry Strange
– The London Necropolis Railway

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Private Investigator Near Me

A Private Investigator Near Me

Private investigator near me

A common term searched for by people looking for professional help is, Private investigator near me. Searching for a private investigator near me is advantageous as the investigator will be very well versed with the local area. Having knowledge of the local area is paramount for the success of the investigation and this is something you should never compromise on when hiring a private investigator.

Private investigator near me for cheating

In very unfortunate circumstances, you may be searching for a private investigator near me for a cheating partner case. As a professional private detective agency in UK, we cover a wide variety of investigations and cheating partner cases always seem to be on the increase. Coupled with years of hands on experience and professional expertise in this field of investigation, P.I.U.K are always available to help you with expert advice and recommendations. Our Private Investigator advice is always free of charge with no strings attached and we welcome you call us on 0800 002 9858 for a consultation with full confidentiality in place.

Hiring a private investigator near me

Hiring a private investigator near me would always be a wise choice. But where do you start? What do you need to look out for? What are the potential pitfalls? Here are some pointers for you so you don’t fall prey to the rogue, substandard organisations in your area.

• Always check that they firm has a real address and not a virtual office address
• Make sure that you check that business is a real company. You can check from the companies house website here.
• Is Private Investigator Agency a member of the following industry associations?
o WAPI (World Assosiation of Professional Investigators)
o CII Council of International Investigators
• Does the Private Investigator Agency hold a Data Protection Licence? You can check from the Information Commissioners Office here.
• Ask for a consultation in person, at their office.
• ALWAYS have a contract in place before parting with any money
• Is there adequate insurance in place to cover you for any malpractice?
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