Top 4 Tactics Used By Cheating Partner Investigators

When you think of a Private Investigator, the first thing that comes to mind might be cheating partner investigations. Unfortunately, extramarital affairs have been on the rise for quite some time. According to the Office for National Statistics, 35% of divorces in England and Wales are on the grounds of ‘unreasonable behaviour’, most of which is specified as cheating. Given this tragic statistic, it’s no surprise that private investigation companies rely on catching cheating spouses to survive. In this blog, we’ll look at some of our cheating partner detective’s favourite investigation tactics.

Why should you opt for a private investigator?

Investigations are challenging taks for inexperienced members of the public.  Not only do they require time, experience, and money, but they also require safely managing risks. Performing a DIY investigation on your spouse can prove to be emotionally taxing, as well as a potential safety hazard.  In addition to investigating, you’d be required to manage your feelings and evade detection.

Even if you attempt an online investigation, using social media platforms like Snapchat or Facebook, your lack of professional knowledge could cause your unfaithful partner to realise what you’re doing. They might then use same medium to obscure their personal information and throw you off the scent.

Taking these challenges in consideration, many suspicious spouses prefer to hire a private investigator. Doing so uncovers the truth, brings peace of mind, and might even give you a foundation on which to rebuild your relationship.

Let’s break down the best tactics good investigators employ to catch out cheating partners.

Online Investigations

In this day and age, half of life happens online. Investigators are well aware of this, and will make good use of your partner’s online footprint. After analysing the surface information on your their social media profiles, an investigator will start digging deeper. This in-depth examination includes extensive research into your partner’s online connections.  They’ll also conduct powerful online searches to ensure your partner doesn’t have any aliases you don’t know about. In the past we’ve uncovered alternate social media accounts that unfaithful people were using exclusively for cheating.

Tailing the Cheater

PIs use their anonymity to their advantage when investigating cheaters. By renting inconspicuous trade vehicles, they can pursue a cheater with little chance of being detected.  You’d be amazed by how much investigators can find out simply by following someone at distance. Particularly helpful details include the identity of the other party in the affair, where they live, and whether they themselves are being unfaithful. A good PI will record all of this with time-and-date stamped video recordings.

Sophisticated Surveillance

It’s no use attempting to record on a poor quality camera when the stakes are this high. Inadequate footage could prove the investigation to be a waste of both the detective’s and the client’s time. Not to mention that clients could also lose faith in their investigator.

The most important things an investigator considers when choosing their video equipment are image stability and battery life. Having a device equipped with movement reduction technology can help the detective accurately capture everything, even in stormy weather and at night. Likewise, battery life needs to be long lasting. Otherwise, the detective might be at risk of running out of battery at a crucial moment.

Experience Makes the Difference

It goes without saying, but experience makes a good investigator. The best tactic they can employ is building experience by conducting surveillance and  learning from peers. It allows a PI to trust in their judgement and ensures safe, efficient, and professional investigations. 

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