UK legislation on the use of spying gear for private surveillance

Are you concerned that your property might be getting maliciously targeted or are you worried your spouse might be being unfaithful?

If you’re looking for peace of mind by using spying gear and private surveillance techniques then you’ll prob want to be sure that you’re not infringing upon the law yourself. Be assured you’re not overstepping the mark by understanding the main private surveillance laws in the UK. First of all, you must have legitimate reasons for the use of spying gear and comply with any data protection laws.

Spy Cameras

Using CCTV cameras for monitoring private property is perfectly legal and is your right to make sure your property is secure. Using spy cameras to protect your assets, in general, is absolutely fine, whether it’s using them inside your home or in the workplace to spy on employees.

Notable exceptions for the use of spy cameras would be in changing rooms or anywhere people expect privacy unless there are legal requirements and it’s been authorised by the police.

Vehicle and People Trackers

You are authorised to place a tracking device in vehicles you own as long as it doesn’t interfere with the function of the vehicle in any way. You can place a tracking device on a vehicle you don’t own as long as the vehicle isn’t being used on private grounds that don’t belong to you.

A private investigator can ensure vulnerable people are kept safe by placing a tracker on a phone or possibly a bag as long as they are compliant with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act(RIPA) and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) governing body.

Legitimate purposes for private surveillance of people would be to ensure the safety of children or vulnerable people or to spy on an employee to protect the interests of a company.

Phone Monitoring

To add a recording device to someone’s phone you must be granted a warrant by the Home Secretary. This type of private surveillance is exclusive to institutions like Government Security and Customs divisions as well as the Police.

Computer Monitoring

To add spying gear to a computer you must own the machine. It can be useful for monitoring any content children are using online to keep them safe. It is also effective for business owners to monitor their workforce productivity.

Counter surveillance

Anyone is obliged to use their own private surveillance in order to assess if they’re being spied on unlawfully. You must only use legal methods to ensure your rights are not infringed upon and find out if any surveillance is being carried out on you.

When used ethically private surveillance can be an excellent tool to ensure your loved ones are safe from harm or the safety of your possessions isn’t compromised.

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