What Can a Private Investigator Do For You?

The industry of Private Investigation covers many areas. You can hire a private investigator to deal with corporate, personal, or marital problems. A Private Detective works similarly to a police detective, however, PIs do not have the liberty to make arrests or intervene in personal matters.

Typically, a Private Investigator collects data from a plethora of publicly available sources and conducts in-depth surveillance, to fill in the gaps in the story. Once their hypothesis is formed and subsequently, confirmed, they report their findings back to the clients and provide any evidence that is available. Once the client has access to all the information, they can make the decision to plead their case in a court of law.

A Private Investigation firm can help you sort out your problems in the following areas:

Carry out background checks

Private Investigators can collaborate with corporations to ensure that they hire candidates with no criminal record. Private Detectives have access to all public records, which enables them to conduct a thorough background and security check on a particular individual.

Investigate fraudulent activity

Most corporate firms hire a private investigator, so they can discreetly examine any fraudulent activity that may be going on within the organization. With the evidence gathered from surveillance, the client can form a case, and take legal action against the guilty party.

Gather intelligence on competition

Private Investigators are often hired by political firms, as well as by law firms, to unravel any fraud or unethical practices,  which are carried out by the opposing party. This way, they can make a relevant and credible case against their opposition.

Help you find your biological family

If you were adopted, or are just curious about your roots, you can hire a Private Investigator to help you uncover the line of your ancestry. A Private Detective typically uses public records and other investigative skills to find detailed information to help you answer your curiosities.

Assist you in divorce/ child custody cases

In the case of a complex divorce or child custody agreement, having a Private Investigator can come in handy. A PI can discover all the hidden properties, problematic behaviours, and other factors that could help you get a fair divorce/ child custody.

Discover hidden assets

The private investigation industry also offers services in helping clients find hidden properties or financial assets. If your partner or a family member has kept any asset hidden from you, you can take the help of a PI to uncover their secrets.

Confirm spouse/partner infidelity

A Private Investigator can further provide you with peace of mind if you are worried that your partner is cheating on you. In case your suspicions are confirmed, you can file for divorce, or you may move out of your living space.

Find locations and addresses

Private Investigators can also work with debt collection agencies to find the addresses and locations of individuals who refuse to pay back their debt. However, the service of finding locations is not only limited to debt collection agencies, rather you can request a location search, or ask to track a mobile number in the UK, for any individual.

Assist with missing person cases

Missing person cases are one of the fortes of a Private Investigator. You can hire a PI to determine whether the missing person case should or shouldn’t be forwarded to the law enforcement authority.

Reveal fake insurance cases

Fake insurance cases have increased over recent years. Private Investigation firms work with insurance companies to discover if the case filed is valid, reliable, and authentic. This saves insurance firms from having to make large amounts of payouts to people participating in insurance fraud.

Investigate suspicious employee behaviour

Corporate companies that are suspicious of their employee’s behaviours often hire Private Investigators to make sure that they are not being taken advantage of. For instance, Private Investigators can carry out a comprehensive investigation to assess if the employee benefits from a paid sick leave are actually sick. If the illness is being faked, companies would have legal grounds for termination.

A Private Investigator can help you find answers for all the preceding issues. However, if you need to conduct an investigation about an uncommon problem, you can contact a Private Investigator, so they can help you with your individualised case.

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