What Databases Do Private Investigators Use?

Private investigators (PIs) are skilled in tracing, a crucial technique for locating missing persons or lost relatives. Although PIs do not have any legal authority granted by the government, their analytical abilities enable them to gather evidence effectively. They serve both individuals and businesses, offering services like surveillance, social media tracking, and locating individuals. Despite their media portrayal, PIs must adhere to legal and ethical standards, particularly the Data Protection Act, ensuring information is obtained legally. Utilising both digital and physical methods, experienced PIs navigate challenges to achieve their objectives within legal boundaries.

Tools used by private investigators during investigations

Top 6 databases used by Private Investigators:

Private investigators (PIs) rely on a variety of databases to streamline their investigations, making the process of gathering information and tracking individuals more efficient. These private investigator database resources offer access to a vast array of records, from public to proprietary sources, significantly reducing the time spent on research. Here are the six best private investigator databases free and paid, used by PIs:

1. Tracers

It is a go-to resource for PIs and law enforcement, providing access to public records and proprietary data. It is valued for its extensive private investigator database, which is crucial for comprehensive investigations.

2. IRBSearch

This database stands out with over 85 billion records, offering a long-standing solution for PIs. Its RetrievALL system eliminates the need for courthouse visits by providing direct access to a wide range of records. IRBSearch also encourages new users with a free trial and professional development through free training and workshops.

3. TLOxp

TLOxp, supported by TransUnion, offers a user-friendly platform that instantly pulls information from a vast repository of data. This database is known for its speed and comprehensiveness, making it a powerful tool for investigators.

4. IDI

It differentiates itself from idiCORE, a tool designed specifically for verification, location, and skip tracing. It offers detailed insights into connections between individuals, businesses, assets, and more, aiding in complex investigations.

5. Experian

Experian provides PIs with access to a massive database of consumer and business records. This information is particularly useful for financial investigations, identity theft cases, and more.

6. SkipSmasher

SkipSmasher is specialised for locating elusive individuals, focusing on people-centric data without the clutter of irrelevant information. It’s known for competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for PIs seeking supplemental resources.

These PI databases are indispensable tools for private investigators, enhancing their ability to solve cases efficiently and effectively by providing quick access to a wealth of information.

Top 5 Software for Private Detectives:

In the complex world of private investigation, managing and organising case-related data is as crucial as gathering the information itself. Thankfully, the market offers a variety of case management software tailored to the needs of private detectives, enhancing efficiency and security. Here is a look at the top five private investigator software free and paid solutions that stand out for their features and usability:

1. Filevine

This software offers a comprehensive solution for independent private investigators, combining case management, marketing, document handling, and automated billing into one platform. Its standout feature is robust enterprise security, ensuring all data and documents remain secure.

2. Column Case Management

It impresses us with its Automated Solvability Index Matrix (ASIM), a unique tool that calculates a case’s solvability rating based on available information. This feature allows investigators to prioritise their workload effectively, focusing on cases with higher chances of resolution.

3. CaseFleet

This software caters to legal professionals but proves invaluable for private detectives as well. It specialises in creating visual timelines and detailed case outlines, employing a facts-first approach to streamline case resolution. This software for private investigators aids in organising information clearly, facilitating quicker case-solving.

4. Clio

Clio is primarily designed for legal practices but equally benefits private investigators. It covers a whole range of case management needs, from document handling to client management, making the administrative side of investigations smoother and more organised.

5. CaseFox

It serves legal professionals and investigators with a scalable case management solution. Starting with a free version offering essential features, it can evolve into a custom platform with a dedicated server to meet the growing needs of a business.

These software solutions are tailored to simplify private investigators’ daily intricate tasks, from data management to case analysis, ensuring efficiency and security in their investigative endeavours.

Top 4 free best web site for private investigators

PI’s have access to several free private investigator tools that make finding information easier. These private investigator resources are great for digging up details for their cases:

1. Google

This is the top search tool for anyone, including private investigators. Google helps find all sorts of information on the internet. It won’t give out private details, but it is a great place to start looking into a case.

2. Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are full of information. People share lots of details about their lives on these platforms. Investigators can use this information because what is shared on social media is considered public information.

3. Internet Archive

This is like a library for the internet. It keeps old versions of websites. If someone has changed or deleted information from a website, investigators might still find the desired information here.

4. Geo Data Tool

Sometimes, investigators have only an IP address to go by. This tool can show the physical location linked to that IP address. It is helpful for finding where someone might be physically located based on their digital activity.

These private investigators websites are very useful for private investigators. They help gather important clues without costing anything.

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