What Is Included in Surveillance Investigations

What Is Included in Surveillance Investigations

Integral to any private investigation is surveillance. The ability and capability to track and monitor a person’s whereabouts or activities without being discovered is essential to present information about their hidden habits and potential untruths. Surveillance that is discovered jeopardises the entire investigation and runs the risk of tainting the evidence presented. So, what types of surveillance can be used and for what gain? This is our guide to three common surveillance types and their uses.

Static surveillance

This type of surveillance entails observation of a location or property, recording the activities that take place in the area, including licence plates or cars and vans. For this type of surveillance, it is essential that the private investigator remains discreet. For example, if a client is aware of fly tipping in a particular area, potential culprits may choose not to break the law when they see they are being observed. This can jeopardise the whole case and result in the criminals evading justice.

Mobile surveillance

Typically more difficult to be caught in the act of this type of surveillance, mobile surveillance involves observing and monitoring the location and movements of an individual or their vehicle. This is often useful in cases of employee fraudulent activity or in cases of matrimonial issues. As it occurs on the move, your private investigator will need to be an excellent driver with an inconspicuous vehicle.

Covert surveillance

This type of surveillance requires a very high level of competence and commitment as the private investigator will need to go undercover within the workplace. Perfect for cases of commercial private investigation, covert investigators will need to gain trust and access to the workforce, listen to workplace gossip and produce evidence from the sources they gain access to.

In summary

There are many types of surveillance involved in private investigation. To find out more about the surveillance options open to you, why not contact us today?

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