Why Do You Need a Private Investigator to Prove Infidelity?

If there is a strong voice in your head, suggesting that your spouse might be cheating on you behind your back, a private investigator might be able to help you prove and disprove your suspicions.

This brings us to the topic we are going to explain in this blog, so read on and get yourself benefitted.

Why is a private investigator needed for infidelity cases?

As mentioned above in some cases, a spouse simply needs to confirm their suspicions before the proceedings of their divorce. Otherwise, an accused or guilty spouse might cunningly deny the affair and if they are innocent, they would be left baffled and heartbroken. 

Therefore, an objective observer or witness is needed to clear the air. They can help to provide circumstantial evidence, which is incumbent for the accusing partner to make a well-informed decision about their relationship.

In some other cases, private investigators in the UK and many other places around the world are hired with the intent to offer evidence that could be presented before the court. Furthermore, the detective can even testify regarding what transpired before their eyes. 

In cases similar to these, investigators are required to get evidence that is explosive enough to be legally accepted as evidence of adultery. That is because, in certain kinds of family law cases, adultery plays a huge role in divorce cases. For instance, adultery can be viewed as the individual’s lack of character and responsibility in custody disputes. Similarly, a non-adulterous spouse could be seen as the victim and thus they could be subjected to more marital assets than the cheating partner. Adultery also has a lasting impact on property division based on the provision of pre and post-nuptial agreements.

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Privacy matters

Since nowadays nearly everyone has a cell phone with a camera that could take pictures and make recordings, an individual’s privacy is no more tantamount than it used to be back in the day. These technological times also enable private investigators to compile evidence, while the person under observation believes that they have privacy. 

For instance, by using a large-scope camera, a private investigator can take footage of a couple engaging in suspicious activities. 

Why can’t you hire a friend for the job?

Some people think that instead of paying a private investigator for the job, they should involve their friends to prove that their partner is being unfaithful. However, this is a huge mistake, because oftentimes a cheating spouse is involved with none other than the spouse’s friend!

Even when the person your spouse is cheating on you with is not a friend, they might directly or indirectly disclose the secret. In such cases, even if you hire a private investigator, your cheating partner would know that they are being watched by someone and consequently they would be too careful to leave any trail behind. 

Even your sharpest friend is not a professional investigator, therefore it is unlikely that they would be familiar with laws around stalking someone, monitoring their device, or conducting surveillance. As a result, a friend might unknowingly break the law or get winded up being prosecuted for criminal activities like wiretapping and trespassing.

A private investigator is better than a curious friend

Another reason, why it is recommended that you rely on strangers to conduct the investigation, is because they would be emotionally detached while investigating.  Consequently, the evidence found by the hired detective would be more objective and thus concrete. Furthermore, private detectives have experience recording suspicious behaviours like cheating. Also, they can prepare more reasonable and detailed reports regarding the discovery and they can also testify before the court.

We hope reading this blog has made you understand why private detectives are needed to provide infidelity in divorce cases. Before you hire a detective for your divorce, you should first discuss the details with the consultant. Doing so would allow you to discuss your wishes and concerns with them. Your private detective might ask you for certain information, like where your spouse goes to work and what their extra activities are.

The detective might also discuss the potential duration of the investigation and how much are you ready to pay for the services.

Charges are usually dependent on the services you are interested in. For instance, there would be different charges for social media monitoring, conducting surveillance, and searching the assets.

Furthermore, your detective would inform you if there are any additional charges for tasks like testifying before the court.

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