Private Investigators for Nanny Surveillance

How can you tell if your nanny is taking care of your children? Hiring a private investigator might not be the first solution that comes to mind. Still, parents across the United Kingdom are increasingly calling on our services to put their minds at ease.

How can a Private Detective Help with Nanny Surveillance?

There are many different ways a private investigator can help you to conduct surveillance on your nanny. Although we don’t offer a specific service, it doesn’t differ much from the routine surveillance that we run. We’ll give a quick guide to our thoughts on nanny surveillance and a brief overview of what we can do to help.

Investigating Wrongdoing

Common examples of wrongdoing include theft from your home, taking your children to inappropriate places, and misusing a car you’ve provided. Rarer, but more severe instances of misconduct include verbally or physically abusing your children or using drugs and alcohol while your children are in their care.


Often the tip-off to these kinds of inappropriate behaviours comes from the children themselves, but how reliable is your 3-year-old’s account of things?

A private investigator can help by conducting surveillance to see where your nanny goes and what they do when on duty. They can also install hidden cameras in the living areas of your home and GPS trackers in your car.

Advanced Surveillance Technology

We can install different types of surveillance equipment in your home. If your children are very young, you’ve probably already got a baby monitor to watch your children during nap times. A nanny monitor isn’t much different. A PI can use a small recording or listening device to ensure your nanny conducts themselves well when your children are in their care.

A private investigator can offer you covert recording instruments disguised as ordinary objects, like light switches and alarm clocks. This gives you the best chance of getting evidence of your nanny’s actual conduct.  Remember that you have to make sure that the surveillance is reasonable and respectful. We won’t help you to do anything that we deem unethical.

Do I Need Nanny Monitoring Services?

Some people feel comfortable with the idea of monitoring their children’s nanny, while others don’t. Deciding to conduct a nanny investigation is ultimately a personal decision, and only you’ll know if it feels like the right choice. As long as the devices are placed in your property and vehicles, covert cameras and tracking devices are completely legal.

Pay attention to how your children behave around their nanny. One red flag for a lousy nanny is that your child is particularly fearful around them. If your child refuses to spend time alone with the nanny, then it’s probably a sign that something is wrong.

Of course, depending on your child’s age, this could be for any number of reasons. It’s still best to hire a private investigator to get real peace of mind. It’s no secret that a reliable nanny is hard to come by. You probably don’t want to risk upsetting a nanny who shows up on time, especially if you aren’t entirely sure that they’ve done anything wrong.

Hiring a Nanny Safely

Ideally, everyone would employ enhanced due diligence (EDD) before allowing strangers access to their children. While an extensive DBS check is good practice, it will only reveal past criminal activity. What if your new nanny has never been caught engaging in criminal activity or has unsavoury things in their past that aren’t strictly illegal?

An EDD background check from PI UK will provide a thorough report on a potential nanny. This will include all available information on their personal lives, like their marital history, court rulings, assets, and other aliases they use.

Click here for more information on our EDD packages, including a full breakdown of what the check includes.

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