Why Would a Private Investigator Call Me?

Many people associate private investigators with non-contact surveillance, but sometimes it can help to disclose the investigation. If a PI is trying to contact you, chances are you know something that could help someone out. With their client’s permission, a PI might want to speak to you for several reasons.

A private investigator asking to speak to you is not necessarily a bad thing, and you might actually be of service to someone else by cooperating. We’ll take you through 12 of the most common reasons why a PI would reach out to you.

1.You’ve Expressed Interest in Hiring a Private Investigator

As someone who wants to hire a private investigator, it’s important to know that they operate much like any other business. It is normal to follow up on client leads to keep operations going. If you use social media or a web form to contact a private detective, they may try to contact you. A trustworthy private investigator prioritises talking to possible clients in detail before starting any work. Giving them useful information about your case is important so they can figure out how to help you best. So, showing interest in hiring a private investigator may be why they are contacting you.

2. You’re Being Sued, Getting A Divorce, or Involved in a Child Custody Dispute

Private investigators are often very important to the legal system, especially when delivering legal papers like subpoenas, family court hearings, or restraining orders. For the method, called “process serving,” the documents must be provided in person by a third party not connected with the case. So, if a private investigator comes to your house or office and asks to come in, they will likely have papers for your legal matters. If a PI asks you to identify yourself publicly, be ready to be given court papers for divorce and child’s custody dispute.

3. You're A Possible Witness

Private investigators work hard to find information for their clients. You could be an important witness if you know something about someone or see something related to their investigation. Your ideas might contain important information that can greatly assist their investigations. A private investigator (PI) will go out of their way to call possible witnesses because they want to discover everything they can about the person they are investigating. So, it’s usual for private investigators to contact you, either by phone or in person.

4. Someone Is Looking For You

If someone is actively looking for you and you’re not on their screen, they might hire a private investigator. It’s important to know why someone is trying to find you, whether it’s a long-lost friend, a family member, or you owe money. Private investigators may be involved in searches like tracing debtors and finding a lost family member that are meant to connect people for various reasons. Clear communication and openness can help you handle these scenarios, protecting your privacy while dealing with any valid concerns or questions from people trying to find you.

5. You Have An Insurance Claim

Private investigators may be called in to check the validity of your insurance claim if you are working with an insurance claim. Insurance companies do this all the time to make sure they have accurate information and stop scams. Investigators may ask about what happened in person or over the phone. Cooperation is very important in this process because clear and precise communication speeds up the claims process.

6. You Work in Law Enforcement

If a private investigator contacts you and you are a police officer, they may have valuable information about ongoing crimes. Private investigators can uncover proof of misconduct without being involved in criminal investigations. They’re doing the right thing by sharing this information with you. If a private investigator contacts you, consider how their knowledge might help keep people safe and follow the law.

7. You Might Be Able To Answer A Question

A private investigator might ask for your help because you know something important to finding the answer to a certain question. Private investigators often talk to people who might know something that can help their investigations. Your help can be crucial in making something clearer or giving it more meaning. It doesn’t matter how small or important the detail is; what you say could make a big difference in their investigation as a whole.

8. You Were Listed As A Reference

If a private investigator contacts you, it’s likely because someone you know has put you in a position that needs to be looked into. You could be a reference, have important information about the case, or be on the list of references for someone being looked into. Private investigators often ask for help to get useful information that can help their investigations. Your support could make a big difference in their efforts to find the truth or get important information about a situation, whether they’re just checking information, getting your opinion, or needing your help with an ongoing case.

9. The Private Investigator Wants To Confirm That You Are At Home

If a private investigator calls to ensure you are home, it could be for legal reasons, to bring important papers, or to set up a meeting. They can handle these issues more quickly and easily with a quick call. There may be more than one reason for confirming your presence at home, but most likely, it is a formality to ensure correct records are kept or to make it easier to do what needs to be done for the investigation or legal process.

10. You're The Subject Of A Background Check

A private investigator may call you because they are looking into your past. This could be because of a background check for a possible employer or landlord. Private investigators often do these background checks because they need information to decide if you are qualified for a job or a place to live. Being open and honest when you answer their questions can speed up the process and increase your chances of a good result.

11. Someone You Know Is Missing

If a private investigator calls you because someone you know is missing, they are probably looking for your help. When looking for a missing person, police search through many public records and, with permission, look through bank and email accounts for possible leads. This might not directly tell you where the person is, but it can put you in touch with people with useful information. Your help is important now because what you know could help find a lost family member or friend.

12. You Owe Someone Money

A private detective maybe calling you about the money you owe to try to recover the debt. Companies that collect bills from people can hire private investigators for tracing debtor services to find people who owe money. Their job is to ensure they know where you are and get information to make the collection process easier. Even though these questions can have different tones, working with the detective can give you a chance to talk about and even solve the money problems.

As we’ve seen, you only really have two choices when it comes to being contacted by a PI: cooperate or get an investigator of your own. You can try to avoid them, but it’s unlikely to work in the long term.

Private Investigations UK never discloses details of your investigation without your permission. Whether you need advice on how to stop another PI from contacting you or you’re interested in starting an investigation of your own, we’re happy to offer friendly, professional advice. Give us a call on 0800 002 0898 for a free 30-minute consultation. Alternatively, please fill out a contact form, and one of our investigators will get back to you today.

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